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The Strongest Marijuana Legalization Campaign Team In The Nation Launches Initiative In Oregon


new approach oregonOregon’s marijuana legalization efforts have been well documented by media outlets around the country. As I’ve said many times, Oregon should have joined Colorado and Washington in 2012, but national donors dropped the ball for one reason or another on Measure 80. I have stated over and over that if Oregon had a better initiative on the ballot, even without national campaign donors, it would have passed. Or, if national donors had donated even 1/5 what Colorado and Washington had to work with, it would have passed. Even with no money, and a poorly written initiative, we were within 3 percentage points of victory.

While some people outside of Oregon determined Measure 80’s failure to be a sign that Oregon wasn’t ready for legalization, people inside of Oregon knew the truth. Whereas Colorado and especially Washington compromised with very strict rules and regulations in their initiatives to get them approved, Oregon allowed UNLIMITED possession and cultivation amounts. So a campaign with virtually no money and no limits came within 3% points of victory…I would argue that it’s not a sign Oregon wasn’t ready – it’s a sign of how close Oregon was. Draft a better bill and/or get some national donors, and Oregon will will easily in ANY year the initiative is ran.

Luckily for Oregonians and marijuana supporters nationwide, Oregon has a better initiative AND national donors gearing up for the 2014 Election. Yesterday my friends at New Approach Oregon officially filed a marijuana legalization initiative aimed at the 2014 Election. I’m telling you right now – this is the strongest campaign to legalize marijuana currently operating in the country, and has the best chance of passing. Before people outside of Oregon try to bash on Oregon’s 2014 efforts, consider the following, per The Oregonian:

The Drug Policy Alliance, which is tied to billionaire currency trader George Soros, last month gave $50,000 to New Approach.   Peter Lewis, the chairman of Progressive Insurance Company, gave $32,000 earlier this month.

People like the Drug Policy Alliance and Peter Lewis don’t just throw their money anywhere and everywhere. They have been working with New Approach Oregon behind the scenes for awhile now and recognize that there is a strong campaign team in place and that victory will be ours. The Drug Policy Alliance helped us greatly during the 2012 Oregon Attorney General race, which we won despite most other national organizations refusing to help us out in a meaningful way. Just as the Drug Policy Alliance helped us win that vital race, so to will they help us legalize in 2014.

You can read the full initiative at this link here. Things to note are that there is home cultivation allowed (unlike Washington), possession limits are higher than both Colorado and Washington, and there are no new DUI provisions – none of that 5 ng nonsense. We are all still holding out hope that the Oregon Legislature will either pass HB 3371 or refer it to voters, but if not, we are ready to proceed forward with the initiative. We will not tolerate foot dragging and delay tactics by the legislature. Whether or not the Legislature steps up is anyone’s guess. Per The Oregonian:

Rep. Peter Buckley, D-Ashland and a supporter of marijuana legalization, said he thought there was a 50-50 chance lawmakers would refer a measure to the ballot.  He argued that this approach would produce a better piece of legislation, but he said that it is still a controversial issue that many lawmakers don’t want to touch.

The Oregonian, Oregon’s largest media outlet and long time opponents of marijuana reform, has published multiple articles calling for the Legislature to step up. It was a shock to the entire Oregon marijuana community when those articles dropped, since it was different than what we have seen from The Oregonian for so many years. However, it’s a sign that marijuana legalization in Oregon is inevitable, and the Oregon Legislature should realize this. The ball is in their court to produce their own bill, but it won’t be an option forever. As the 2014 Election draws closer and closer, New Approach Oregon will continue to ramp up it’s efforts and continue to raise donations inside and outside of Oregon. We have the strongest legalization campaign team in the country right now, and we will be victorious!


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  1. acceptance, enjoyment, enthusiasm, the three energy frequencies of present moment awareness. love the way things are unfolding. oh yea, I HATE COPS! i actually look forward to death of cops, not because i hate cops, cops are contributing members of society but because they enforce pot prohibition. thats the reason. WOW!!

  2. To clarify: look at the definition of ‘marijuana extract’ in relation to Section 57. If the extract is produced using vegetable glycerin then it isn’t defined as ‘marijuana extract’ and production, possession etc. is allowed.

  3. Look at those in relation to the definition of ‘licensee’ and also examine Section 6. Home grow and possession of extract is allowed subject to limits.

  4. Unfortunately, New York is one of those states that doesn’t allow voter-initiatives to make the ballot, no matter how many signatures you may gather. The only way NY’s laws can change is through the state legislature.

    Currently, New York state has three bills in the state legislature for medical cannabis. SB 1682, introduced by Senator Velmanette Montgomery (D). SB 4406, indocuced by Senator Diane Savino (D). Both have been sent to the Health Committee and carried over to next year for consideration. And Assembly Bill 6357, introduced by Assemblymember Richard Gottfried (D), and *APPROVED* by the NY State Assembly 99-41, has been recalled by the Assembly for amending, but is also carried over to next year for consideration.

    Three bills is a lot more activity than most states see. There is a lot of public support for medical cannabis in the Northeast, and NY is no exception. Honestly, all you can do, personally, is find out who your state Senator and Assemblymembers are, and contact them as a constituent to support any/all of those pieces of legislation. If they say they will not support them, let them know you’ll be supporting a candidate who will in the next election cycle.

    And be sure they understand you HAVE Crohns — this is a real issue for you.

  5. Plz help me, I’ve been diagnosed with Crohns disease for about six months and sober from all opiate pain killers and other narcotics for seven years. I live in NY and of course getting my “medicine” isn’t legal….who do I contact? Is there already a NY initiative started and if so how does it look for NY? If I could just move to a legal state I would but I am stuck here at least til 2016.

  6. How would law enforcement be able to tell if you possessed a cannabis edible or just homemade muffins (with icing)? Are they going to drive around with a testing kit from Walgreens?

  7. Forget about new approach you should support the oregon cannabis tax act which allows you to make hash and has a higher amount of cannabis one can posses 24 ounces as opposed to eight and twenty four plants as opposed to four

  8. Just looking this over and I’m wondering about the home growing rights. I don’t really see them defined but section 56 leads me to believe you can. Also the no extracts line may ruffle a few feathers. It seems some law enforcement consider that butter, cookies, tinctures etc. Looking forward to seeing this pass!!

    SECTION 53. Mature marijuana plants.
    (1) Except for licensed marijuana producers
    and their licensee representatives, no licensee may possess a mature marijuana plant.
    (2) No licensee may sell a mature marijuana plant.

    SECTION 56. Homegrown marijuana in public view prohibited
    (1)No person may produce, process, keep, or store homegrown marijuana
    or homemade marijuana products if the homegrown marijuana or
    homemade marijuana products can be readily seen by normal unaided vision from a
    public place.
    (2) A violation of subsection (1) of this section is a Class B violation.
    SECTION 57. Homemade marijuana extracts prohibited.
    No person may produce, process, keep,or store homemade marijuana extracts.

  9. Immortal Illumined on

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!…

    I read articles like this and the PRIDE in my great state grows by the second….i’ve been smoking legally for 20 years now, wow, long live California….2 decades ahead of this backwards country, that is so scary….

    RIDE ON MY FREEDOMS1!!!!!!!!!…America’s War on Drugs Is a War on Americans

    the strongest campaign team? lol, that’s my norcal crew, please

  10. ““Marijuana flowers” means the flowers of the plant Cannabis family Moraceae.”

    What? Is this some new subspecies? According to Wikipedia, Moraceae refers to the mulberry or fig family. Sounds like they’ve come up with a brand new definition of marijuana that does not involve cannabis.

  11. Scott Sherwood on

    Thanks for the update Johnny, Always interested what the other “MMJ Free States” are doing. Oregon along with Nevada one of the few states where a MMJ card is accepted from any state.

  12. It seems like when you add more money and donors, movements can go off the rails. And yet you can’t operate without the money. People have to make a living. And I guess you can’t operate within the political system without threatening to throw people out of office if they aren’t on board. My goodness, it’s a snake pit. :(

  13. This act bans making your own hash, and bans possession of it if you didn’t buy the hash from a shop.

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