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The Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic


Want To Fix The Synthetic Marijuana Problem? Legalize REAL Marijuana!

Citizens of the World,

Since the middle of the 20th Century we have been deprived of access to legal cannabis, leading to many noticeable negative consequences including the increasing cases of cancer, the increase in incarcerated citizens, and the increased cost of healthcare. One of the less publicized aspects of marijuana prohibition though, is the fact that it has in no way lowered the demand by society for what this plant provides: chemical comfort.

DEA drug schedules

While marijuana remains illegal, it also remains one of the least dangerous substances know to humankind. There is not a single recorded death from it in all of history, due to the fact that it is physically impossible to overdose on. However, man-made “alternatives”, although legal, cannot be said to be as safe at all.

Synthetic marijuana is sometimes sold as “legal bud” and other times under the guise of household items such as incense and bath salts. Many of these products, which go by flashy names like K2 and Spice, are labelled Not For Human Consumption, but are sold solely for that purpose anyway. These are substances are designed to create an effect similar to smoking weed, and are put out on the legal market without regulation, nor certification of safety. These substances have led to many health problems, including heart attacks and the tragic “zombification” of users, as was seen in Miami this past Memorial Day. Unfortunately, because they are legal while natural marijuana is not, they are very accessible. They can even be ordered over the internet, and are advertised for in a very misleading manner.

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People who use synthetic marijuana are citizens that wish to be law-abiding, who do not deserve a detriment upon their health for doing so. The fact of the matter is that this situation shouldn’t exist at all, we should not have individuals faced with the decision of legal/harmful vs illegal/safe. It is an unfair and immoral choice to force on consumers, that completely undermines the purpose of the free market.

prohibition failed

During Alcohol Prohibition, there existed an atmosphere conducive to crime and a general disregard for the authority of law, which exists again today. Marijuana Prohibition is why the Drug Cartels are selling a safer product than the one available in the store. Cannabis needs to be legalized, simply as a matter of public health.


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  1. I am a Mother of two and I smoke it! I have for 6 months! I am having memory issues! I think I will try to quit……………that is what worries me!

  2. I hate that synthetic stuff. My friends smoke it a lot and one of them now has no memory capabilities. Another freaked out and was hospitalized. And another is beginning to lose all memory. They had me try it twice. Once I wound up in the hospital almost instantly and the second time I almost didn’t wake up. They should just make the real stuff legal already. We all know its gonna happen soon enough anyway.

  3. Respectfully, I visit this site but I think it’s time to change your vernacular.

    This story is misleading readers to believe that so-called “synthetic
    marijuana” is a relative of organic cannabis, and that does a disservice to our entire community.

    The fact is, this drug was
    synthesized by a Clemson University professor, and paid for by the
    National Institute on Drug Abuse. Why would our own government create
    Frankenstien’s Pot and unleash it on society? The government created
    this scourge, they named it, now they must own it.

    As a proud
    member of the cannabis community, I’m becoming very disturbed by the
    media’s insensitive and demeaning use of the term “synthetic marijuana”. There are enough states now that have enacted some sort of cannabis reform legislation,
    medical marijuana or decriminalization, that we are not the “fringe element”, rather a sizable minority group in
    this country and in many states. And like persecuted people before us,
    blacks, GLTB, and women, we’ve had to endure a constant barrage of cultural stigmatization simply
    because of who we are.

    That is no longer acceptable and I would appreciate it if you would refer to legal herbs that have been
    sprayed with a man-made compound as a “synthetic drug”, or “NIDA
    poison” because this crap has nothing to do with cannabis. If it’s
    synthesized in a lab it can not be cannabis, only god makes that!

  4. No way I would indulge in the synthetic products. The reason I first started smoking cannabis in college was because of the research I performed showed it wasn’t all that bad. It’s sad that people will die because of the synthetics that wouldn’t be around if cannabis was legal. They are never going to take away the demand and people will continue to create more harmful alternatives.

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