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The Top Ten “No On I-502″ Scares That Didn’t Come True


washington state marijuana legalization i502I have been going over some of my older writing when I found a stash of articles debunking the scare tactics of the No on I-502 campaign in Washington State.  Recall that most of these opponents were pot smokers themselves and many of them beneficiaries of the medical marijuana status quo who were using dispensary proceeds to campaign against legalization.  Here are ten of the fearmongering predictions that failed to materialize:

1) You’d better hope some redneck cop with an attitude about stoners doesn’t pull you over on the way home.  Or worse yet, sit there waiting to shoot hippie fish in a barrel as they leave Hempfest, just pulling ’em over as they leave…

As a matter of fact, King County Sheriffs did mount an enhanced DUI patrol for the Seattle Hempfest, beginning on August 16 and running through September 2.  They ended up stopping and arresting 292 people for drug and alcohol DUI.  The prior year over the same time period, before I-502 passed with its 5ng/mL DUID law, cops nabbed 374 people.  Looks like the hippie fish are swimming quite well or the sheriffs are lousy shots.

2) …as far as carrying around an ounce of marijuana and not being concerned with arrest? Unless you bought that ounce at a state-licensed store, you’d still get busted.

Nobody in the State of Washington has been arrested for holding less than an ounce of marijuana, even though no state-licensed stores exist yet.

3) If you took Emery at his word and happily passed what you believed to be that gloriously legal joint to your buddy — after all, Marc Emery said it was OK! — then you’d get your ass busted for “distribution.”

As far as I am aware, nobody in Washington has been busted for joint-passing distribution.  I saw thousands of such distribution crimes happening in the open in full view of police at Hempfest.  It may have happened somewhere, but that distribution law existed before I-502.

4) If that bag in your pocket contained a crumb over 40 grams — not that unusual for some of us — you could be busted for felony possession.

Since 40 grams was a felony before I-502, that seems irrelevant.  What isn’t irrelevant is that I-502 forced cops to re-train their drug dogs to not alert for marijuana, since it is no longer contraband, which has doubtlessly benefited people holding over 40 grams.

5) God help you if you accidentally pass the joint to a minor, by the way…

It seems strange that proponents of what they call “true legalization” were defending giving joints to kids; however this, too, seems not to have materialized in any manner greater than it existed before I-502.  I’m sure there were plenty of intermingling 14-to-25-year-olds at Hempfest, but I didn’t see any arrests.

6) It would take away the rights of individuals to cultivate their own medicine.

Every patient who was cultivating marijuana as medicine before I-502 is still doing so after.  Recreational consumers can’t grow their own, but they couldn’t before I-502, either.

7) The Feds have made it clear they will intervene if states enact legalization measures. Do we really need more raids and negative attention for cannabis?

The Feds have just recently made it clear that they will not interfere in state legalization measures and it appears that non-interference may carry over to medical marijuana.  The Feds are working to undercut mandatory minimum sentencing and anti-drug banking regulations to help the marijuana industry.  They only made these moves because of states enacting legalization measures.

8) [I-502] Will increase the cost of medicine by 50 percent to 75 percent.

Washington State still has some of the lowest prices for an ounce of quality marijuana in the United States.  Estimates of the recreational costs of marijuana exceeding $17 per gram once pot shops in 2014 got a lot of media coverage, but few people actually read the report.  That $17 per gram estimate is based on both the processor and the retailer taking a 100 percent (double your money) mark-up.  When BOTEC, the firm making the estimates, used the average 31 percent markup found in a liquor store, they came up with an estimated $7.46 per gram, putting the price of an ounce around $210 – about what it costs on the recreational black market in Washington now.

9) I-502 maintains current criminal penalties for adults under 21 while imposing a new zero tolerance DUI law.

Right, people under 21 couldn’t use marijuana before I-502.  As for the zero tolerance DUI law under 21, how did all those under-21 tokers manage to drive away from Seattle Hempfest and escape the enhanced DUI patrols, since 82 fewer people were arrested for DUI as we mentioned in point #1?

10) When people understand how states cannot create laws that conflict with federal laws, they will realize that all Washington state will be left with if I-502 passes is the DUIC and the right to possess 1 ounce of Cannabis, 16 ounces of food products or 72 ounces of infused liquids.

“Gosh, is that all?” said recreational cannabis users in 48 other states.  Just the legal right to possess cannabis and a per se DUID statute better than eleven other states’?  As the feds, faced with a state conflict to federal laws, are helping to enable those laws to function?  As fewer people are being arrested for DUID?  And as we await next year’s FBI Uniform Crime report to learn how so many fewer Washingtonians got arrested for marijuana possession?  Gee, what a terrible outcome we’ve all suffered from not heeding the predictions of No on I-502.

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About Author

Executive Director: Russ Belville has been active in Oregon marijuana reform since 2005, when he was elected second-in-command of the state affiliate, Oregon NORML. After four years with Oregon NORML, Russ was hired by National NORML in 2009, working as Outreach Coordinator and hosting the NORML Daily Audio Stash podcast until 2012. Since then, Russ launched the 420RADIO marijuana legalization network and is the host of The Russ Belville Show, a live daily marijuana news talk radio program. Russ is also a prolific writer, with over 300 articles posted online and in print in HIGH TIMES, Huffington Post, Alternet, The Weed Blog, Marijuana Politics, and more.


  1. NORML is a joke on

    Seems ridiculous to celebrate the success of an initiative that hasn’t been implemented yet… This article did give me a chuckle though. Especially now that RCW 69.51A is being gutted with I-502 “reconciliation” being the main argument in favor of doing so. Wait, this *isn’t* funny anymore.

  2. Donivian DeMar on

    I would also like to point out that before I 502 the DUI limit for ng/ml was 0 now at least it is 5 – not that it makes any sense or is based in real world study.

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  4. And if they could get it to actually taste and smell like peanut butter cups, I would think I was in heaven (and I probably would be). My preferential ratio would be something like 80% THC and 20% CBDs. Sure wish the local dispensaries I frequent tested for potency (or anything else). It would be immensely helpful to have that information for my medicine. Cheers!

  5. Oh I am far from a saint. I do good deeds. I’ve done some very not-so-nice things. Not sure I make a ‘habit’ of either…

    I have noticed an increase in the number of high CBD strains… some say very low THC (I figure less than 5%) while others say average THC (I figure greater than 5 percent to a max of 15%)… it is nice to see. For me the THC does some of the things I benefit from, and CBDs do others, and they tend to augment each other. I doubt I would want a 100% CBD strain or a 100% THC strain.

    It’s kind of like peanut butter cups.

    But I see no reason that with planned breeding and good genetic examples one could not breed a strain that was over 40% THC and over 40% CBD. THAT would be a strain I would like to try!

  6. In regards to cannabis producing effects on different sides of the spectrum, I just read an old article about this very thing. You may already know this, but as they built up the THC levels in cannabis, the CBD levels were decreased in the process. (I’m speaking generally, of course.) And it is the CBDs that work alongside the THC to balance the effects so that paranoia, etc. is minimized… I get the feeling that the plant should be bred with high levels of both THC and CBDs to get the best effect (and to decrease negative mental effects). I wonder if it is even possible to have high levels of both sides of the coin, as it were, and if growers just didn’t think the other CBDs were important. Growers have been focused only on the THC in the past, but maybe this is changing. If scientists are able to tell growers the specific effects of important CBDs, then medicine can even be tailored for certain conditions. The scientific research could not advance fast enough for me… As far as bad habits are concerned, I don’t think we need to get all lawyerly and drill down on definitions for a rhetorical question. I was just checkin’ to see if you are human or saint. Anyway, I don’t expect you to confess your secrets to me :-)

  7. No problem, glad to provide info.

    Bible actually has the deity saying to use cannabis:

    Genesis 1:29.

    As for bad habits that depends on your definition of ‘bad’ and of ‘habits’.

  8. Are you suggesting that hippies making money under cannabis prohibition, a true crime against humanity, is a good thing? Cui bono?

  9. I believe pain can shield you from some addictions, which is good, but you get a high tolerance level as a result, which is bad. I’ve never come across a person who has no addictions. Are bad habits counted as a type of addiction and, if so, tell me you at least have some bad habits… As for the negative side of cannabis, I admit that I have not seen a lot of it, but I have seen some. Although I have never felt paranoia when smoking pot, other people have and it can become quite concerning. (To pot smokers it seems to be funny when users get paranoid, like when drinkers get drunk.) And yet on the positive side, it helps people fight addictions to hard drugs. It seems like it is producing effects on different sides of a spectrum. I guess I will leave it to the scientists to figure out…. I think I’m still going to disagree with you about “vices,” but when it comes to cannabis, the good so overwhelmingly overshadows the bad that legalization is a given… And god said, let there be light, and let there be people to enjoy the light, but when the light gets too bright, let there be cannabis. And Yul Brenner said, so let it be written, so let it be done. :) Great talk, by the way, thanks!

  10. This is such fascist fucking nazi propaganda. The ONLY fucking reason they made this bill was so Bill Gates and other rich faggots will make money off of something Hippies have been doing for decades. They took away one of the last things we still had. And don’t let that lies above fool you, they’re busting more people now than they EVER did before pot got “legalized”. So it’s legal to have up to an ounce, but it’s not legal to grow it or sell it? Oh, that’s right, I just pulled this ounce of bud out of my ass.

  11. Agreed we seemed to be at cross purposes.

    I understand what you are talking about… those who are psychologically addicted. My point is with cannabis there are only the psychologically addicted as cannabis lacks the basic chemical makeup to be physically addictive.

    So my point is that if someone is psychologically addicted it has nothing to do with the subject of their addiction; it is all on them/

    With legalization a tiny portion of the money spent currently on cannabis/hemp prohibition can go towards treatment for such psychological addiction to cannabis, without them (as now) having to admit to criminal activity… like those who seek help with the actually addictive substances such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, et al.

    But my issue is when this is turned around so as to claim that cannabis is ‘addictive’ and ‘dangerous’ because of this, which is complete BS.

    In my own case I never addict, even to things that are highly addictive. Been on narcotic pain killers by prescription, never had to detox to switch when the docs wanted to try something else… things like methadone, oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, etc. Even when I quit a 3.5 pack/day cigarette habit there was no withdrawal. Shrug. But as a student of the sciences I understand addiction even if I never addict. I know the significant differences between physical addiction and psychological addiction. I just dislike seeing cannabis/hemp being maligned as ‘addictive’ when it is not.

    So I am not claiming to be ‘stronger’ than anyone else.

    To those who do get psychologically addicted and who are not ‘strong enough’ to avoid or break such an addiction, there should be treatment available. I would even make it free or at least means tested.

    Falls into the question are a group of couch-locked ‘stoners’ that way because of cannabis, when cannabis is used by millions without that result, or are those who are, naturally, couch-locked ‘stoners’ just predisposed to using cannabis or any number of other substances?

    I say in the case of cannabis most ‘negative outcomes’ falls into the latter case. They would have been (as I have heard them referred to many times) ‘just directionless layabouts’… who will use whatever substances they choose but that is the result they are, consciously or subconsciously, looking for.

    I am more than willing to accept the bad with the good, re: cannabis, but honestly I have yet to see any such ‘bad’. As far as treatment goes I think we are on the same page in that we agree that treatment, hopefully free, will be available as much as it is available for tobacco and alcohol (and other) addicts, be they physically addictive or psychologically addictive.

    We just should avoid saying things like ‘cannabis is addictive’ when the science shows it is clearly not.

    And I am all for fully researching cannabis once legal… who knows what else we may learn about it!?

  12. Yeah, it seems like we got off the subject. Or I did. You’re talking about addiction and that cannabis is not addictive. I’m saying that just about anything can be addictive. You’re talking about chemical addiction and I’m talking about addiction in general. Since addiction has been criminalized, I’m not sure we have a complete understanding of it. Or if we ever will. But where we may differ, I think, is in the belief that IF a person is just strong enough, they can overcome addiction. I don’t believe that is the case for everyone who suffers from addiction. And just like you have cannabis lovers who only get positive benefits, I think there will be some people on the other end of the spectrum who only get negative effects. I’m not saying this is a large number of people. Just that they probably exist and that should be recognized. I don’t think cannabis should be limited in any way, just that we should have a complete bucket of knowledge so people can make their own choices. And if we don’t acknowledge the bad with the good, we will be just like the government’s propaganda machine.

  13. Well, individual freedom should be protected, not violated, by laws. Personal freedom should be as non-impacted by laws as possible, with public safety being an issue that might justify such curtailment, but only to the minimum level needed to accomplish the public safety goals.

  14. I am not sure I understand what you mean by “Can’t we agree that neither of us has enough of an understanding of the
    brain to categorically say that the strength of personal responsibility
    can always trump the chemical reactions in our brains?”

    All I am talking about is that cannabis is not physically addictive – it lacks the basic chemical makeup to be addictive. In cases of psychological addiction that is on the addict, not their chosen obsession.

    So not sure where you are going with ‘strength of personality’ trumping ‘chemical reactions in our brains’.

    Can you elaborate in context?

  15. See, I don’t mind some rules and regulations. That’s what good science is based on. And I don’t think laws should be based primarily on what’s best for individual freedom.

  16. Thanks for the advice on paragraph spaces, but it appears I don’t have the capability to utilize this transcendent technological advance. Symbols will have to do. Well, shit. It looks like my keyboard doesn’t have a paragraph symbol. (I suppose I should join Twitter so I can learn to communicate my thoughts in 140 characters or less…)
    As I was reading your post, I began to compare sugar to cannabis. And, in that way, I can see your side of the argument. In fact, I started chuckling as you began to win me over… almost. Even with my extensive reading on how pain signals zoom around in our bodies, I still have a limited understanding of what’s going on in the brain. Even though I watched every program in the Charlie Rose Brain Series, there was a lot that went over my head. Taking all that into account… Can’t we agree that neither of us has enough of an understanding of the brain to categorically say that the strength of personal responsibility can always trump the chemical reactions in our brains? If we just try hard enough. Isn’t that what your side of the argument is about?

  17. As for spaces hitting the Enter key twice at the end of each paragraph usually works for me. In cases where hitting Enter closes the post try Shift-Enter instead.

    There being sex addicts does not mean that sex is addictive – it means the sex addict has an addictive personality disorder.

    Because there are slackers who use cannabis does not mean all who use cannabis are slackers, and just because some with addictive personality disorders take cannabis use to unhelpful extremes does not mean cannabis caused this. It is caused by the addictive personality disorder.

    It is DSM-IV that describes the disorder of physiological addiction, not I.

    No pretending required. Cannabis is clearly safer than water. Drink too much water and you can die. People have done so. The LD-50 for cannabis is about 750,000 0.9 gram joints of high quality bud consumed by a single person in under 15 minutes. Not a very likely occurrence.

    As to the percentage that have issues with cannabis, they need to care for that themselves or seek help. They do not get to deny the rest of the population just because they should not partake. Just like because some are allergic to peanuts this does not mean peanuts should be illegal (so they aren’t).

  18. Well, let’s talk about vices. Sex is not bad for me (thank goodness) but being a sex addict would be bad for me. Smoking marijuana is not bad for me, but sitting on the couch all day smokin’ pot would be bad for me. As chronic pain patients, medicating with cannabis is SO much better than opioids that yes, I can see how you would determine that it can only be good for you. I never said and don’t feel that cannabis has ever killed anyone. But I’m going to suppose that there is a percentage of the population that may not have a positive effect from THC. That would cover people with addictive personalities, sure, but it also might cover people with very sensitive brain chemistry. (And I wouldn’t describe addiction as a “personality” trait.)
    Let’s not pretend that cannabis is as healthy or as benign as, say, water. Of course I’m not leaving out the possibility that within the next decade or so, scientists may figure out that cannabis IS as healthy as water. We’ll have to wait and see.
    And someone please tell me how to insert spaces between my paragraphs!

  19. Actually I tend to use ‘wicked’ to refer to good. Kinda like ‘awesome’.

    In what way is cannabis ‘bad’ for me? It is about the most benign plant on the planet. It has never killed a user anywhere ever. It lets me live without having to zombie myself with hard narcotics such as methadone and oxycodone that I was on under prescription for severe chronic pain.

    So tell me again how cannabis is ‘bad’…

    Too much cannabis to be harmful? The LD-50 is about 750,000 joints (0.9 gram each) consumed by one person in under 15 minutes.

    I think you can figure how many times that feat has been accomplished, right?

    The only mental harm would be possibly psychological addiction (cannabis is not physically addictive) but that is an issue with the addictive personality, not with the subject of their personal obsession. So it could be their vice, but that does not mean it is a vice generally.

  20. Yup… I also remember Oregon’s far more expansive and less odious bill nearly passed with 47.5% despite being left out in the rain on funding. Had the national funding sources given the M80 campaign as much as they gave to the I-502 campaign, M80 would have passed as well.

    So stow the smugness. We will pass OCTA 2014 next year and then your sad little legalization with pale in comparison. 24 ounces, not 1 or 1/4. Grow your own if you want; 6 flowering plants and 18 starts, per person, at a time. And Oregon does not have per se DUID… it has an impairment standard, which is infinitely more reasonable.

    I see no purpose in playing your little word games. Say what you meant to say or prove that you are the illiterate buffoon I tagged you as. Your choice.

  21. Let me play devil’s advocate… In day-to-day vernacular, a vice is something that’s bad for you. Could be bad for you physically or mentally. So you could use the word “wicked” to mean bad, which comports with your definition of vice. As a general rule, too much of anything is bad for you. So, is too much cannabis bad for you, either physically or mentally? Could it be a vice? Sure, I think so. Of course, it’s not one of my vices. :)

  22. That’s what I said. I thought it was dumb they said industrial hemp was illegal federally considering it is ALL illegal, even the recreational market they are trying to set up LOL

  23. Ha Ha, The word know is exactly the word I meant to type, but in my excitement,and rush to type it out quickly I left out a word.

    Now I will leave it up to your dumb ass to try and figure out that word.
    Oh by the way. Do you remember last year when I 502 passed by over 55% you remember that day don’t you dumb ass lol. Tard.

  24. To grow, yes – but wouldn’t it be properly classified as hemp after harvest? Even on a federal level, cut hemp is legal to own, process, distribute.

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  26. That’s part of what he was saying, and something no one disagrees with. The main thing he was saying is the DUI provision was for political considerations.

  27. Good points. We were all that stupid kid at one time. Now we hope that those same idiots don’t wreck legalization for all of us old timers.

  28. You do not just add 25% three times to get the tax rate.

    You failed to add any mark up and profit to the figures. Here is a more accurate calculation, doubling the price at each level as “Based on average retail mark-up practices.”

    By way of example:grower sells 1 unit for $1 to processor $1 x 25% tax ($.25) = $1.25

    processor doubles price and sells 1 unit to retail shop $2.50 x 25% tax ($.62)= $3.12

    retailer doubles price and adds I-502 tax 1 unit $6.25 x 25% tax ($1.56)= $7.81

    Total price: $7.81-$2.43 (total I-502 taxes paid)=$5.38 price without taxes
    Total overall tax rate for those in the marijuana industry= 31%

    Add state retail sales tax: 7.81+ 6.5% state sales tax ($.50)= $8.31
    Total tax paid: $2.93 Pre-tax cost: $5.38. Overall retail tax rate with I-502 and state retail sales taxes= 54%

    Just taxing at 25% at each level with no mark-up goes like this: sell for $1 and there would be $.25 tax. You would sell at $1 again and pay $.25 tax. And finally, a third time, sell at $1 again and pay $.25 tax. However, you will notice that at all three steps, the business person takes a $.25 loss! And how would you suggest making up doing business at a 25% loss on each sale? Volume? However, I-502 does not allow for marijuana to be sold at below cost.

  29. Its taxed 25% at 3 different levels – it’s written in the initiative. Read it. Plus a standard sales tax. There’s nothing I said that’s inaccurate old man.

  30. One of the best things to come from I-502 is no longer having to have arguments like this.

    As I recall there were three states that attempted to legalize in 2012. Two won. One didn’t. I wish your state the best next time. And if you are involved in helping to get it passed, I wish your state a double helping of luck.

  31. “Would you make the above claim? Of course not.”

    Of course I wouldn’t. But then again, I do not support in any way the per se standard, so I need not make that claim.

    Then you admit there is no credible scientific basis for a PER SE determination of ‘impairment’ based solely upon the 5ng/ml per se standard?

    There is no roadway carnage caused by cannabis use and there never has been. So where do you get your ‘statistics’.

    And last I checked guilt of some crime was supposed to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, not by ‘statistical analysis’.

    So in what way do these per se standards not violate the US Constitution as amended?

    “FYI, NAW states that “Scientists should continue to study the
    relationship between marijuana use and driving impairment” and then earmarked I-502 funds for this specific purpose.”

    Fat lot of good that does anyone harassed by this per se BS in the interim. Why not do the actual, unbiased, studying and THEN, if the findings credibly support a per se level implement THAT level, whether it be 5ng/ml or 400ng/ml? Hmmmm?

    “In regard to your original claim, “It was a number pulled out of a
    polling firm, not a scientific laboratory,” I provided evidence that
    your statement is baldly false.”

    Actually you did no such thing. You have yet to present ANY *credible* evidence supporting a per se limit of 5ng/ml. Even your own cite says they are guessing and their findings are inconsistent.

    You consider ‘inconsistent’ findings (which is much more serious in scientific circles than in common speech on the street) to be a legitimate and credible basis for a per se standard?

    Are you sure you comprehend what a per se standard means?

    What if a cop just arrested a young black man off the street… the man has done nothing wrong but ‘statistically’ most young black men are criminals so this would support a skin color basis for a per se standard? You would support this? If not then why do you support it being done against cannabis users with the baseless per se standard?

    “As for my awareness of the scientific method and correlation vs.
    causation, I believe they mentioned that in one of my two masters
    programs and my class in statistics and practice of social research courses.”

    Seems you didn’t learn as much as you think you did.

  32. In what way is cannabis a ‘vice’?

    noun: vice
    immoral or wicked behavior.”

    In what way is cannabis ‘immoral behavior’? Please be specific.

    In what way is cannabis ‘wicked behavior’?

    Are you aware that the bible supports cannabis use? Genesis 1:29.

    Lean on vices, eh? You mean like you clearly lean on religion?

  33. Are you claiming that you have CREDIBLE science that *proves* that in every single person on the planet, that the .08 blood alcohol level IS, not might be, not should be, not we hope is, but IS *at least* impaired? Remember, correlation does not prove causation.

    Would you make the above claim? Of course not. For some people impairment is below .08 and for some it is above .08. The determination of the level is based on statistical analysis. And the thing about statistics is this: they say something about people in general, but nothing about anybody in particular.

    But laws are made for the general population and is the way a per se (by itself) law works.

    The figures for marijuana use (Grotenhermen) show that under 5 ng, in general, people are actually safer drivers than no marijuana use. After 5 ng, statistically there is a significant correlation with a rise in accident rates.

    FYI, NAW states that “Scientists should continue to study the relationship between marijuana use and driving impairment” and then earmarked I-502 funds for this specific purpose.

    In regard to your original claim, “It was a number pulled out of a polling firm, not a scientific laboratory,” I provided evidence that your statement is baldly false.

    As for my awareness of the scientific method and correlation vs. causation, I believe they mentioned that in one of my two masters programs and my class in statistics and practice of social research courses.

  34. The DUI was added to allay fears and increase the chances for passage as it is a genuine issue for many voters, and it was accepted because it was attached quid pro quo to legaizaiton.

  35. Are you claiming that you have CREDIBLE science that *proves* that in every single person on the planet, that 5ng/ml IS, not might be, not should be, not we hope is, but IS *at least* as impaired as they would be with a BAC of 0.08? Remember, correlation does not prove causation.

    Nothing you have presented suffices.

    Let me know when you think you can manage it. You ARE aware of the Scientific Method, right?

  36. My statement is not bogus on any level.

    I said CREDIBLE science, not more Reefer Madness government propaganda.

    All that sheet showed was desperate overreach.

    Correlation does not equal causation and all of what was on that sheet was speculation at best.

    Disproof of their lying BS:


  37. We’re not talking “adjusted” – I do that all the time. The only way I could pass a pee test is “Positively”. I’m talking “Fucked Up” stoned. The “Wasted” I used to do as a 17 yr old kid – I’m 52 now and appreciate the difference. Kids don’t know when to quit. They smoke till it’s all gone – or they fall asleep – whichever comes first. In most instances – that’s not “responsible consumption”, but that’s just being a kid. While enjoying the human “right” to indulge and medicate – I also accept the “responsibility” to NOT endanger the lives of other people while wielding a 4000 lb SUV deadly weapon. Yes, I do know the difference between driving with greater attention – and slower while being “adjusted”, and being reckless. Know your limits. That’s hard to do when you’re still a kid. I was a kid till I was 35. Most are. A wife, kids, a car, a bike, a house and a job doesn’t make a person act in a mature way. Maturity does. Unfortunately it only comes with time. You can’t borrow it from your friends – hell – they’re not mature – that’s why you hang with them. If you liked hanging with mature people – you’d hang with your parents and their friends. Did you just cringe at the thought? Unfortunately we don’t know how to get it till we’ve got it. Look – I was 17 (once) with the motto – “I may grow old but I’ll never grow up” and “always forward – never straight”. I’ve been there – thinking there’s no such thing as “just a little high” – gotta get wasted! Now I’m proud to be a “light-weight”, and save my weed money to move away from this screwed-up state of Arkansas and Dustin McDenial’s refusal to ok a vote drive for medical or rec legalization. – No offence meant – happy toking Nick.

  38. Well, the blame on that lies with Gregoire with her letter to them seeking “clarification.” But you’re right about the difference a few years make. Heck, in the difference a few weeks can make.

    “You can never stand in the same river twice.”

  39. AaronKightlinger on

    “The commercial medical cannabis industry was under fire before I-502,
    see (SB 5073) If you’re that interested in really understanding our
    situation in Washington, you can do some research.”

    And interestingly enough, when that Bill was on the Governor’s desk, US Attorneys from Seattle & Spokane threatened the prosecution of any state employee who worked to implement it, fanning those federal preemption flames that were licking at the feet of some supporters of the No on I-502 campaign. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2011/apr/21/medical-marijuana-bill-passes-senate/

    Fast forward to 2013, only a few weeks ago, at least one of those US Attys, Jenny Durkan, announced that while the federal government won’t pursue charges against WA & CO commercialization efforts, WA’s medical cannabis laws are “untenable” without the very regulations they helped shelve in 2011! http://www.seattleweekly.com/home/948671-129/medical-marijuana-502-state-regulations-announcement

  40. AaronKightlinger on

    notSpicoli seems to indicate that he feels WA’s per se DUID law is indeed less-than-desirable. He seems to be suggesting that CO’s permissive inference DUID law is more reasonable, which I would have to agree with.

    Permissive Inference > Per Se

  41. AaronKightlinger on

    “It seems strange that proponents of what they call ‘true legalization’ were defending giving joints to kids”

    You’ve never defended “giving joints to kids”, or distributing tinctures to them? Cute little kids, suffering from cancer and used as campaign mascots when their story is convenient? These stories have often helped humanize the medical cannabis movement in general, and you’ve benefited from it, so why the sudden change of course? It all seems so self-serving on both sides, really.

  42. Why do the drug warriors complain? They got their 5ng/ml scientifically indefensible per se limit.

  43. For instance, an intractable pain patient could test off the chart for cannabis and still be perfectly lucid. Some would say it is better to drive under the influence of marijuana than under the influence of chronic pain. And don’t we all need a little more patience out on the road? :)

  44. “Ha Ha I support know one. I just think your a dumb ass.”

    Way to go full irony… you support ‘know’ one, yet call someone else a ‘dumb ass’?

    Project much?

  45. Yeah, make the medical users sacrifice for the rec users. How nice.

    And the 5ng/ml limit has no credible science showing that EVERYONE who tests at 5ng/ml or above is as legally impaired as they would be with a 0.08BAC. They pulled their number out of their rectum and ran it through polling, as if scientific fact is ever determined by polling the public.

    Why was it absolutely required to have this indefensible per se limit in the WA bill? Why was it absolutely required for the CO legislature to pull a bait and switch passing 64 without the DUID BS and then slapping the per se DUID limit on after the election?

  46. Just because your bill passed in no way shows a single bit of credible science that supports the 5ng/ml limit being equally or more impairing than a 0.08BAC FOR EVERYONE.

    It was a number pulled out of a polling firm, not a scientific laboratory. It has zero credible science supporting its claims and conclusions re: impairment.

  47. Show me the credible science that backs up the 5ng/ml level as being as impaired as 0.08BAC that justifies a per se standard FOR EVERYONE.

    They pulled the 5ng/ml number out of their rectum… there is no credible science supporting it.

  48. Actually the CO legislature did a bait and switch.

    64 passed without that DUI BS but immediately after it passed that 5ng/ml limit was slapped onto CO users.

    Very uncool.

  49. I still do not trust the 5ng/ml. There is ZERO credible science showing that EVERYONE (the basis for a per se standard) that tests at 5ng/ml is impaired to the point of a 0.08BAC person.

    Being in Oregon where we take growing our own seriously our initiative in 2014 will allow growing and possession limits for recreational users the SAME as for our medical cannabis patients. 6 adult flowering plants, 18 immature plants and up to 24 ounces of bud, hash, BHO, whatever. Per adult 21+. And no 5ng/ml BS ‘per se’ limit. In Oregon we just have an impairment statute. If you are in fact not impaired you will have nothing to concern yourself over.

    But we will see how things go. I liked 64 in CO better as there was no 5ng/ml BS per se nonsense but what happened the second 64 passed? You got it… that scientifically indefensible limit was slapped onto CO users as well. Bait and switch.

  50. The tax rate is 75% and than an extra 10% sales tax and potentially even extra if there’s a city tax. Don’t try to fool us with your 55% bullshit, old man.

  51. FYI, the overall tax rate is about 55%–not 75%. (To get the tax rate in the 3 tier system you don’t just add the rates together as that does not account for price mark-up at each level.)

    Washington is not Colorado. One significant difference was your state already had a regulated, medical cannabis system upon which to build. We’re both engaged in an experiment and it’s too soon to declare one better than the other.

    The commercial medical cannabis industry was under fire before I-502, see (SB 5073) If you’re that interested in really understanding our situation in Washington, you can do some research.

    Congratulations on your success in Colorado. We were very happy at Washington NORML to support your efforts in overthrowing prohibition–one state at a time.

  52. Ummmm… A64 did not have the DUI limit in it, this is true…. but we still got saddled with the same standard, through our lovely legislature.

  53. lets see here……………..

    I-502 you could possess up to an ounce with zero penalty.
    Before I-502 you would pay hundreds of dollars in fines with the possibility of jailtime.

    I-502 you could buy marijuana in a store as an option.
    Before I-502 your forced to rely on the black market to get marijuana,

    WIth the DUID laws. If you were driving under the influence before I-502 you would still get a DUI. I cant imagine how this law is somehow worse than the previous law. Sometime you gotta make the political move and sacrifice so you dont get a backlash. I-502 isnt perfect but by voting NO on it, you end up with the old law remaining which is a million times WORSE.

  54. I didnt expect a conservative, pro gun, low tax, family values state like Colorado to legalize marijuana.

  55. I live in Colorado. my state’s activists weren’t stupid enough to think that no home grow, a 75% tax rate and a dumb DUI was necessary. I’m happy. In WA it seems like the medical industry is under fire, the state’s own consultant thinks the tax rate is too high to compete with the black market, and someone growing a single plant so that they can possess their ounce is as illegal as they were before. it’s a shame some peoples conservative and stupid opinion led to such an amazing opportunity to be passed up to get a better law passed. it’ll be many years before wa has home grow.

  56. Look at polls for both states in the years leading up to the election. When asked basically the same questions, Washington continued to have the same percentage of support for legalization as Colorado. It would be ridiculous to say that Washington voters wouldn’t of approved Amendment 64.

  57. Actually, it’s not simply “convenient” that I “have access to the facts”. I’m one of only two (at least that I’m aware of) expert witnesses in Washington state on DUID cases. So it’s obvious why DUI attorneys would be contacting me and why I would have this information when the general public, including the press, would not. I also run the largest patient organization in
    Washington State….and that puts me in touch with the “network of marijuana consumers” as well.

    Being from California, you probably haven’t been paying close attention, the LCB has now pushed its predictions for store openings out to “June or July”. They just didn’t say which year. Last year they also said “June or July”. They have not met a single deadline that they’ve set for themselves since this process started.

    Now they’re trying to adopt their rules without filing a proper SEPA and they’re claiming that there are no environmental impacts whatsoever from planting a new crop and starting a new industry…so they don’t have to do an environmental impact statement. Unfortunately, that case is in the Courts already and the court is not buying their story.

    They have been ignoring the Open Public Meeting Act, even according to their own assistant AG, and they’re in court over that one. Now the “Marijuana Working Group” that they’re part of, is holding secret meeting to determine the fate of medical cannabis patients. They claim that they aren’t subject to the states’ OPMA…so now they’ve been sued over that.

    Once they finalize their rules, whenever that may occur, and start handing out license, where will these business locate? Seattle will likely have stores, but nearly every other city in the state has passed moratoriums or bans against I-502 stores. Even Pierce County, the home to Pierce County NORML, has a moratorium.

    The LCB is not taking action legal against these cities and counties. They aren’t likely to. So if you get a license to open in Yakima or Vancouver, how are you going to open one of these “legal” stores that are not “legal” in those cities? Are you going to sue them? As I read the law, you’re going to have very little luck forcing the cities to enact zoning for these stores. I-502 was a little squishy on this issue. I can tell you that we sue Kent to keep an access point open there and we’ve been in court for a year and a half already….and there is still no resolution to the case. Well, there is one resolution….the access points there are all open and there are no 502 stores open there. Once you file a suit to get your 502 store open you’re in for a very long, very expensive, ride. Your attorney will love you when he gets that big check every month….for the next couple of years. If you were foolish enough to believe the LCB time schedule last year, maybe you even went out and purchased, or rented, space…..that you’ll now be paying for for the next couple of years…while you’re making zero income.

    Then when, and that the big one, you get open and you find that you’re going to have to sell marijuana at two or three times the black market price, you’re going to find that no one is willing to pay those high prices and that they’ll continue to buy from where they’re getting it right now. Does anyone have a tough time finding good quality marijuana right now? Would you switch to a state store for the privilege of spending three times as much for it? And would you really drive all the way from Yakima to buy your $500 ounce in Seattle? REALLY?

    The LCB can’t compete with the black market….that’s what their research and their “expert” consultant told them….and they even paid Botec to do a white paper on it. You can look it up on 420Leaks.com. They also can’t get rid of the black market….the government has tried, unsuccessfully, for decades now, right? The only way they can possibly complete is to get rid of that ridiculous tax structure….but the legislature refuses to do that. Until they do, none of these stores will be able to compete.

    So I-502 is a year behind schedule and still no stores in sight….not even a single license so far. The LCB has been plotting to get rid of medical and holding secret meeting to do it. They think that the patients of Washington will just roll over and take that screwing without a fight….BOY…were THEY wrong! They will have the fight of their lives on their hands. And if they finally wipe out medical, they will have just made us part of the black market they can’t get rid of…so what did they win?

    Get back to me when the first store opens and let me know how this all turns out for you. In the meantime, just keep buying all your weed on the black market….and don’t get caught driving….or you’ll have to hire an expert witness :-)

  58. Just in case you weren’t aware of it, Washington is not Colorado. What worked in Colorado would not necessarily work in Washington. If you can’t acknowledge differences between states, your judgment is warped from the get-go.

    It takes a big person to admit they were wrong. – I guess they are no big people in the anti-I-502 gaggle.

  59. So far the rules on Medical Cannabis haven’t changed. The patients under 21 need to be served. There is a place for both Medical and Recreational Cannabis.

  60. This is a question to which I am hoping to get an answer, not a blast of rhetoric: if a super high CBD strain tests out at less than 0.3% of THC, wouldn’t it legal to sell anywhere since it is not marijuana per se?

  61. >>>”I can tell you that the DUI defense attorneys that I know are getting swamped with per se DUID cases. This is currently the ONLY indicator that anyone, including Russ, would have to determine if the incidents of per se DUID’s were increasing.”

    How convenient. Only you have access to the facts. LOL! – There are plenty of other indicators, of course. One is the network of marijuana consumers. If this were happening to a large degree, the word would be out.

    >>>”He’s predicting the retail cost of marijuana in the stores that show no signs of even opening any time in the near future?”

    That’s just loopy. We are four months away from the day everyone, including the feds, is preparing for. There’s no stopping this now. The bus has become a steam-roller – all thanks to the initiative you were mistakenly against.

    >>>”our prediction that I-502 was designed to kill off medical in this state is absolutely coming true”

    It wasn’t designed to do that, but naturally, a radical change like re-legalization will affect the marketplace. The falling prices will certainly be good for medical consumers. Current dispensaries will just have to adapt or fade.

    You are on the wrong side of history. You should get over your denial.

  62. Didn’t think you dare answer the question.

    And I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about….”reputation in court?” You’re tripping as usual.

  63. As I thought you could not ignore me sarich. I have already made my point hundreds of times online during the actual campain, I dont really need to do it again. The bill passed, so my group was successful – that is all that matters to me. Now, before we discuss credentials, how about we acknowledge your denial of speaking priveleges at hempfest ’12 due to your reputation in court?

  64. Smoking and driving?
    I mean ok.. maybe if you dropped the blunt and decided to bend over to pick it up travelling at 70mph on a freeway. (I guess anything is possible)

  65. Well Jay….why don’t you just admit that you have absolutely NO WAY of knowing what the “Marijuana Working Group” is planning to do to the medical cannabis law? So who’s expressing an opinion based on total ignorance of what they have planned for changing the medical law in January? That would be you, I believe.

    And I dare say, you are highly unqualified to talk about the DUID law. If you’d like to compare your “expert” credentials with mine, go right ahead….but you certainly won’t win that battle because you HAVE no credentials, so again you’re talking out of your ass. Put up or shut up dipshit.

  66. And No one should drive stoned – need impairment standards for this one.
    Are you kidding me?
    A stoned driver is an attentive driver.
    I would love to take that stoned driving test they gave that girl… There is no way I would hit a cone, although I might drive at a slower and safer speed.
    Since when is driving slow and cautious against the law?
    The stoners aren’t the only ones in trouble, my grandmother is in trouble too if that is the case!
    Now I do admit that some of smokers could be late to the show. It is quite possible that they have not spent their entire lives partaking illegally – however now that it is legal it might be there first time.
    I would advise strict warnings about first-time users as with any medicine side-effects might occur. These include the giggles, an extremely dry mouth, a strange fondness of funyuns, the inability to control laughter, extremely glossy eyes (which is actually very good for you!)
    This could be a fun project – let’s figure out the side-effects warning for first-timers haha!

  67. The no on I-502 crowd was 100% right that Washington didn’t have to settle for such a shitty law. During the whole campaign the pro-502 crowd said that the bill had to be so conservative to pass, and that the Colorado law would fail because they didn’t take their approach. However, Colorado approved their law with the same % of votes, yet they got HOME GROW, no terrible DUI limit, no ABSURD TAX RATE, etc.. It could be years before Washington fixes their law – it would have been better for them to wait a couple years and get something better.

  68. I have a lot of respect for Russ and what he does. But I did not like this article. Anything else you want to get off your mind coinspinner? Any other advice for us traitorous confused bizarre people ? I hope that’s not what you assume about everyone when they don’t agree with YOUR opinions.

  69. Never mind u did answer. I apologize. Got a little ahead of myself. Soon there will be stores…interesting. haven’t even been legal sales yet. But your right it’s all so much better now that we haven’t had a chance to see how it’d all going to go…

  70. I’m not a crowd I’m one person.and I’m not trying to fear monger anyone haha hilarious term. And I speak for all true stoners who want to supply themselves with medicine legally and not pay someone else to do it. I have my opinions. I didn’t like the article. Thought it was still kinda early to be posting something like that I understand the bigger picture as you see it. I’m looking at it from a different perspective..and the one question I asked was avoided. Are there legal sales and stores open yet?

  71. The Feds memo stated they wouldn’t interfere as long as it wasn’t a criminal organization – but by their own definition all people involved – pot smokers – are involved in a criminal enterprise, and therefore have no protection from a memo designed to deceive.
    I would love to see the same law passed where I live in stone aged Arkansas.
    Thanks for the article – it will be good to see how the stats play out over the coming year. Then it will be clear just where the law needs amended. And No one should drive stoned – need impairment standards for this one.

  72. Just ignore the neigh sayers here. There are about five remaining no on i502 people left, some of them including steve get-sarich-quick, arthur west of-the-truth, and poppy sidhu(who?), and since they lost they continue to act like kids. Nothjng in the law spells doom for patients. Unless some make reckless choices like smoking and driving.

  73. You are obviously having big city bias.

    1. News reports stated that there were at least 130 green DUI charges pending as of the first 45 days or so since I-502 was implemented last December. And that was just from the few districts that reported. Also, the state did not have enough DREs to implement the new PER SE law. As of about a month or two ago, those officers have now been trained. Seattle is also trying to pass DUI laws because they don’t want to lose revenue to the state. Also, the DUI law has changed like 3 times over the past year, so everyone has to be re-trained whenever they do. I know from talking to attorneys that they number is rising.

    2. There are no state licensed stores and no state licensed cannabis sales. No tracking system in place for there to be a comparison between black market and legal. Plus the rules have not been finalized, so this one is still wait and see. And there have been arrests…are you telling me you talked to every juridiction in the state of Washington? Because we won’t know this stat for another few years when the state produces those numbers for us, or an activist makes them do it sooner.

    3. People attending the Gorge for concerts this year…not last year…were charged with distribution for passing joints. Stiil too soon to know since we don’t have crime stats yet.

    4. Still too soon to know since we don’t have crime stats yet.

    5. Still too soon to know since we don’t have crime stats yet. And using Hempfest as an example of how the rest of the state acts is not realistic.

    6. As a direct result of I-502 and the rules making process, my home town of Lake Forest Park, on the North border of Seattle, has declared a PERMANENT BAN on collective gardening. My town is only one of well over 60 different cities and counties that have declared outright bans or rolling moratoriums. In other words, my wife and I are not allowed to collectively garden since it only requires two or more people to be a collective garden. I will be speaking at a city council meeting about this fact tonight, btw.

    7. The feds did not give a green light. Go back and read that memo and the follow up from the local federal attorneys on what their plans are.

    8. Way too soon to make this claim since they haven’t even licensed a single grower yet and the final rules are not in.

    9. Again with the big city bias. Hempfest is not the norm in our state. And still, no crime stats to back up any claims at this time

    10. Once again, not a single grower, producer or license has been issued, so that is exactly what we have right now.

    I hope it all works out. I hope people make money beyond their wildest dreams. So far, all I have seen is attacks on medical and reducing access.

    Here’s something else I just learned today in an email from the LCB’s comptroller, Mike Steenhout. I was asking him about low THC, high CBD strains and if they would be allowed in an I-502 world.

    “if a super high CBD strain tests out at less than 0.3% of THC, it wouldn’t be allowed on the recreational side”

  74. Ha Ha I support know one. I just think your a dumb ass. And you just proved it with your comeback :) lol dumb ass!
    p.s I have wanted to have this conversation with your dumb ass since, you know, that day last year when Washington passed I502 lol yeah you remember that day right? :)

  75. Who said medical cannabis patients want the rec. user to sit in the back of the bus? If they had actually put a REAL legalization initiative on the ballot, it would be hard to imagine medical patients NOT voting for it. Instead they gave us a screwed up decrim bill and more laws that made cannabis ILLEGAL….especially the per se DUID….and three more per se laws in this last session. That puts recreational users at risk as well, but they didn’t bother to read it, or if they did, they didn’t understand the per se DUID laws are the new approach to the “war on drugs”. You can own an ounce….as long as you don’t put it in your body. And we sure don’t want to have to prove you’re impaired (when, in fact, you’re not) so we’ll pass a law that makes you guilty of DUID, simply by having the THC in your body. And they just FUCKED everyone under 21. If you’re under 21 and EVER give a dime to NORML, you believe in a facility for the criminally insane. You don’t help fund the people who are perfectly happy to support laws that will fuck up your whole world.

  76. Our pediatric Cancer, seizure disorder,TBI’s and the rest will no longer be eligible for medical cannabis thanks to the 502 implementation of the age requirements for Rec. Not to mention that with 502, tinctures, oils topical’s are now going to be considered concentrates and are not allowed (with 502 cannabis is NOT medicinal)~ I never said Rec users shouldn’t be allowed, I clearly stated Prohibition is wrong and cannabis is safer. I am all for closing the flood gates between cannabis and our prison system. But again, if it comes down to patients verses rec users~ I will side with patients ~ Quality of Life is more important. Frankly, there is no reason other than greed and corruption why we can’t serve both. It could have been done right if people would have worked together and they actually went out into the community and asked the PATIENTS~ . But then, I am biased as I have spent my entire career in the Health care field and have lost patients to pharmaceuticals and have witnessed the many benefits cannabis has brought to my former patients. If you understand 502 as I do, it appears that the only thing people will be able to obtain from Washington State Pot Shops will be the flower~forcing Medical patients not only smoke or vaporize, but to once again go on the black market for their oils and tinctures where once they had safe access to tested medications. This is an atrocity that after 15 years of medical cannabis being available to all sick regardless of their ages to now only those over 21. Our children are 100% dependent on we adults to protect them~ explain how their being forced to go back on those harmful dangerous poisons so that others can get high benefits anyone other than Big Pharma?

  77. You say that patients shouldn’t be denied Medical Cannabis. Fair enough. But Rec users shouldn’t have to sit at the back of the bus and that’s where some medical marijuana advocates want them to be. I don’t want medical marijuana users to be denied anything, but rec users don’t want be subject to the black market and suffer legal sanctions while some folks have “safe” access. That’s discriminatory and un-American. Kennedy and Lincoln both said that you can’t be half slave and half free. Yes, I have lived and experienced the wonderful benefits of medical marijuana, so I do have a clue. I support freedom for all, not just for some. I thought that’s what the marijuana movement was all about, but sometimes I wonder when I read posts like yours. Some people don’t even smoke weed and support cannabis freedom. How ironic that some consume weed and want prohibition to continue. And why are you down on people getting high? What makes you better than anyone else just because you happen to use it medically? I thank Radical Russ for his service in the pursuit of cannabis liberty.

  78. We all agree that Prohibition is wrong, Cannabis is safer~ But Patients should not be denied Medical Cannabis so that Rec users can abuse and get their high on~ There is a DIFFERENCE between medicinal and recreational~ and unless you lived it and experienced it, you have NO CLUE. Pediatric patients should not be denied cannabis because of the 21 and over legislation that BIG MONEY pushed through. Not the patients, not the collectives, it was the GREEDY, Money hungry attorneys and Collectives that were in for the money. None had patients well being at heart~ You want to know the Truth about 502~ stop reading and listening to people in it for the money, and talk to the Collectives that give compassionate care and meds to the dying patients. This is all going away so that others can get HIGH! Patients were stepping stones and nothing more!

  79. Why would anyone rebut it. Russ has no clue what he’s talking about…as usual. He’s just there to defend the I-502 Trojan Horse. Truly….what does Rectal Russ know about per se DUID laws? He didn’t bother to tell you that there’s no way that you can track arrests for driving under the influence of cannabis…none! The Washington Traffic Safety Commission can’t even do that…so I’m pretty sure Russ can’t.

    I’m certified in the same National Highway Traffic Safety Administration programs for Field Sobriety Testing and the DRE program (Drug Recognition Expert) as the Washington State Patrol officers. I’m an expert witness in DUID cases. I can tell you that the DUI defense attorneys that I know are getting swamped with per se DUID cases. This is currently the ONLY indicator that anyone, including Russ, would have to determine if the incidents of per se DUID’s were increasing.

    By the way, if you have a choice between a possession charge for an ounce of marijuana and a driving under the influence of drugs charge…. do yourself a favor and take the possession charge. At least that one can be removed from your criminal record. In Washington a DUID will stay on your record for the rest of your life.

    The rest of his bullshit, as usual, is all conjecture. He’s predicting the retail cost of marijuana in the stores that show no signs of even opening any time in the near future? Good luck with that one, jag-off!

    And our prediction that I-502 was designed to kill off medical in this state is absolutely coming true, but Russ should probably keep his mouth shut about that one till January…he doesn’t have room for any more feet in his mouth than he already has there already.

    And, no Russ, you won’t goad me into a ridiculous argument over these issues. I don’t duel with unarmed idiots.

    Steve Sarich
    Cannabis Action Coalition

  80. Right on Russ. No it wasn’t perfect but it was some progress…. And maybe the catalyst for more states to do the same in 2014. As states decide to regulate and tax cannabis, and more states legalize medical cannabis, I hear Oregon is having a Governor’s race and a ballot measure for gay marriage…. Peeps should come outta the woodwork to vote…. That makes Oregon ripe! I’m no political expert but common sense would tell me to put personalities aside and get behind whatever reasonably sensible measure…. We just don’t have the luxury to wait. The drug warrior’s won’t set idle while we wait.

  81. Russ, I’m surprised the “No on 502” crowd still show their traitorous, confused faces any more. I’d be slinking away in shame and denying I was ever part of that bizarre group.

  82. You total god damned fools, the world is stumbling over themselves to legalize now that CO and WA have done so.

    You are totally missing the big picture, and probably the small picture as well. You’re embarrassment is just beginning.

  83. So… let’s see…

    You couldn’t possess before – now you can
    You couldn’t buy before – soon you will
    You couldn’t grow before – you still can’t

    Yeah, that sounds terrible.

  84. Ha fear mongering. Dumbest article iv ever read. Haha. Slit of dispensary owners I knew voted yes. You shouldn’t assume. And its not about what we couldn’t do bedore. We couldn’t grow our own before but this so called legaliAtion won’t let us grow either? Why? This was done wrong ..

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