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The Travel Joint Wants To Fund Marijuana Refugees


medical marijuana advertising ban outdoor denverThe Travel Joint, the world’s leading cannabis travel-booking source and leisure site, is on a mission to assist those who can be helped by medical cannabis but aren’t receiving the medicine they need because of outdated laws in their home state. Dubbed “The Cannabis Refugee Program,” The Travel Joint is now accepting applications from families that need financial assistance to relocate.

“Uprooting a family and moving to a new state is never an easy task, which is why we want to help Cannabis Refugees as much as we can,” said The Travel Joint CEO Brannon Zimbelman. “Families should never have to choose between the health of their children and a job in a state where access to medical cannabis is prohibited. We look forward to the day that programs like ours are no longer needed because cannabis will be legalized on a nationwide scale.”

Utilizing social media, The Travel Joint will announce one family a month that were chosen based on a list of criteria ranging from severity of illness to financial need. The Travel Joint hopes to have surplus of aid coming in from outside businesses so that it can support each family for a 3-month period and make the transition as smooth as possible. Our goals are to find them comparable if not better jobs, resources and communities.

Families that are interested in applying and corporations interested in partnering on The Cannabis Refugee Program can do so by emailing contact@thetraveljoint.com.  Individuals interested in donating to help the families can do so at http://www.gofundme.com/cannabisrefugee. Currently a portion of any purchase made on TheTravelJoint.com goes to fund the Cannabis Refugee Program.The Travel Joint has partnered with highly trusted individuals and organizations in the cannabis industry, including cannabis chefs, growers, doctors and more to provide information for its leisure content and services to cannabis aficionados. The Travel Joint features a wealth of information that anyone can access for free including Cooking with Cannabis recipes and reviews of cannabis strains. The articles are in an easy to understand format for anyone that may be new to the cannabis lifestyle.

The Travel Joint reminds all travelers to be aware of local laws in regards to medical and recreational cannabis. For more information, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter & Instagram and visit http://www.TheTravelJoint.com.


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Johnny Green


  1. I need a guide to help me.  My 19 yo daughter and I are leaving Florida this Thursday to travel to Colorado.  I. Am a single Mom.  I have located a job in Berthoud and an apartment in Loveland. I need to get my daughter medical marijuana asap.  She has suffered intractable epilepsy since a car accident the day before her 7th bd.  She has been in every medicine there is and suffers life threatening reactions to them. She suffers upwards of 50 seizures daily, and over 10 different types of seizures.  She is inoperable as all four quadrants of her brain are involved. She couldn’t finish school, she has no social interaction.  I am her best friend.   Miami Children’s Hospital threw her out at 16 in the middle of her weeklong evaluation because I asked repeatedly about medical marijuana when they determined she was not a candidate for brain surgery.  A year ago, she was the worst she had ever been.  She had no quality of life.  The seizures were constant and exhausting.  They were taking a toll on her organs, her memory, her.   I began her on a 6 month supposedly legal trial.  It was for 50/50 oil.  Within 2 weeks, her seizures were cut down by a third.  As we experimented with different strengths, she wound up down to a few seizures a day. That ended when the caregivers went to jail. Without anything,  She has been deteriorating ever since and we have been planning our escape from Florida.  She also has now been diagnosed with Lupus.  We are driving a 16′ rental truck and towing the car.  I am terrified of what the trip will do to her with absolutely no medicine to help her. We have hopefully just enough $ to get there.  We did a gofundme and raised 3100. I just had a garage sale and raised 180.00.  We have never even been to Colorado.  I did everything by phone. We leave behind her elderly, grandfather,  her brother,  sister, brother in law, a niece and nephew. Anyway, i just want to make sure i can get her on meds with as little delay as possible once we arrive. Can you help? Thank you.  

  2. Whyiowa4medical on

    I am a medical cannabis refugee and it feels exactly like I am, so I contacted the site with my and my wife’s stories. They do not have the application process ready yet, but the end of June will be their go live date. As I got nothing but a repeat of the home page when I clicked Cannabis Refugee Program I suspected my privacy had been compromised. Thankfully, this was not true and they contacted me within an hour. It seems, as many have given up, I will be receiving the very first application. So, I am helping them help me as I am applying with Indiegogo for a crowdfunding start for the somewhat unique business I have in mind. As a medical professional (out of work) I know no doctor would ever prescribe a drug that the law says may not be used in public. This tends to isolate patients and raises the crime rate among recreational users (which my research proves there may not be near as many as we may think as cannabis has been proven a powerful preventative). So Johnny, these are the terms we must be thinking in terms of and I have plenty of help once I get to Portland. I have even spoken with the river cruise liners, comedians, and rock bands who will be happy to perform at a cannabis club where only 21 and older users may congregate. This removes the potential of “objectionable odors” that are written into the law!!!

  3. Kudos to the Travel Joint for this. It’s a damn shame people have to be refugees in the first place. Very hard to leave established friends, work and mostly family. Many tour companies will do what they can to help a patient re locate so make sure you give them a call ahead to see how they can help.

  4. Marilyn Mauerman on

    Wondering if I have an Arizona medical marijuana card, can I use it in another state that allows medical marijuana?

  5. Fantastic! It’s always great to hear news that there are folks trying to make things better – anyway they can!!!

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