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The Ultimate Marijuana Bust


operation frozen timber

Operation Frozen Timber Changed The Marijuana Scene Forever

Operation Frozen Timber was the most significant marijuana bust in American history. Although it is not the largest (a bammer operation in Arizona takes that title), it certainly had the largest affect on American marijuana supplies. Operation Frozen Timber was a 2 year investigation involving helicopter pilots flying TONS of BC marijuana from the Canada side to the Washington State side (see the attached story). You can read the story for all the dirty details, because what I am interested in is the after affects on American marijuana policy and the marijuana industry.

Back in the day, most of the super nugs on the West Coast originated in Canada. Some in California might try to argue that they have never let Canada weed infiltrate their state, due to the awesome weed that is grown in Northern California. I am going to have to ask those people to put their pride aside. Northern California produces a significantly smaller amount of ‘super’ nugs, even to this day, when compared to Canada in the late 1990’s to 2006. ALL of the BC nugs were grown indoors, and although they weren’t uniform ‘super’ across the board, EVERY nug I saw from Canada was superior to the outdoor I see coming up from California now.

In this time period that I refer to as the ‘BC era,’ the farther north you went on I-5, the better deal you got. So if you lived in Eugene you went to Portland, if you lived in Portland you went to Seattle, or if you were really smart you just skipped everything and went straight to Seattle no matter where you were at. The weed came in heat sealed bags, with mysterious numbers written in the corner. I remember the best weed always had the number ‘5’ in the corner. I’m not sure why they chose that number, but I know I was really excited every time I saw it on a heat sealed bag.

Things changed in 2006 DRAMATICALLY. Everyone I ever knew up north went out of business. They didn’t know why they were so unlucky finding anything, until I explained to them what Operation Frozen Timber was about. At the time, these people figured it would pick up, as there HAD to be many other routes across the border. The last four years have proven them wrong. I literally have not seen 1 piece of BC weed since that bust. Many have tried to pass their weed off as BC super thunder, BUT I AM NO ROOKIE. I can sniff out a BC bud from a mile away.

So what are the effects on American marijuana policy? Although law enforcement essentially won the war on the Canada border, it has resulted in a nightmare they could have never imagined. Instead of smugglers doing risky operations over international borders, ALMOST all of the weed on the west coast originates in the ‘State of Jefferson.’ This is the area of Southern Oregon and Northern California, where marijuana activity has exploded since Operation Frozen Timber. This is much worse for law enforcement, as every state on the West Coast now has medical programs, and it is much more difficult to regulate than ever before. Now instead of BC bud on the West Coast in spurts, I-5 is flooded with outdoor weed that comes in turkey bags all year long. NEVER, and I mean NEVER have I seen super nugs come in a turkey bag…Not in four years. I’m sure there are super nugs in this area, but the locals keep it for themselves. The only thing that gets out to the masses is the outdoor ‘fake dank.’

The end result of Operation Frozen Timber is a system that is more broken than before, way crappier medicine for the weed fans, a problem that is growing exponentially, and a government that now has virtually no options but to maintain the status quo. I have done a lot of research on marijuana over the last decade, both academically and in my daily life, and I can honestly say that Operation Frozen Timber was the most significant bust in American history. If anyone doubts that, just go get a turkey bag of medicine and see if you aren’t convinced!



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  1. Chillin on the b.c. bud.

    Dang it, Seattle during the 90’s. Pull out of the slip in the Seattle Canal, heading north through the Juan’s. Up into Van.

    Made a shitload of hauls. Never once got hung up with the Coasties. Retired at the time and it only took 5 years of running to get it done. 30 years in the U.S. Military and the funds were not cutting it. Bought a Grandy out of Westport and refitted her for runs. Damn I miss that 40 footer! What a boat.

    The B.C. Bud lives on with Bubbles and Cheese in L.A., Sealed Labs, grown from SEED. Hydroponics is the ticket! Yeah, them boys at 2headshydro know that strain very well. Hit em at gmail.com and if you are lucky, very lucky, they may help you out like they did me.

    Long live the B.C. Bud! Thank the Chinese for that one. And Bubbles and Cheesy.

    One which was there.

  2. Back then it was AA, A and AAA.. Mainly was trainwreck, ak47 and or Bc big bud.. Those days are gone

  3. I want heat-sealed bags with the number 5 in the cornor… But here in New England we love our VT and ME buds… The indoors we get over here is friggin crazy… Id love to test out cali buds… But u West Coasters need to check out our backdoor booda… Its sooo good and yummmmmmmmmy….

  4. dude, if you havent seen any ‘super nug” come from northern cali, your looking in the wrong spots. try going to shasta county sometime. IF and i do repeat IF you know where to go (any town up to 30 miles around redding,especially east) you can find true 1 hit shit, no ifs ands or buts about it. theres a suprerstrain that was locally concieved called “purple martian”, and ill virtuaully guarantee if you can find some ( or the genetics, as seeds for this strain are only available from the cultivator, and thats if your tits are big enough and you know how to use everything else you have…LOL…clones do float around though once in awhile in the medical MJ community) it will be the absolute best smoke you ever had. anyway, go east young man, and prosper, and bring your pipe

  5. indoor before bc on

    Cut UR Hair >

    Why? So the whole money making prison industry in this country can continue to support a bunch of low life weasels that can’t get real jobs?

    Pull your head out :)

  6. I wish every marijuana dealer in America was sitting in the same cell as the pieces of shit that were flying that poison into my state.

  7. East Coast Stoner on

    I remember seeing an episode on TV about some kids from Manassas, Virginia that were bringing hundreds of pounds in the late 90’s from Seattle. All of the weed in evidence was heat sealed with weird numbers in the corners. It’s really ironic that this discussion is going on the website, kinda trippin’ me out…

  8. 20 years ago there were few seed banks around , high times magazine had run some ads on skunk #5 , Northern Lights was OG at the time .
    the greenhouse strains were early in development at that time.

    The sealed bags made there way to the east coast , ny
    wholesale 5500.00 US per , couldnt get enough
    very consistent , the demand was always there

    It might have come down through the montreal side .
    Not sure

  9. Like I said, there was no NL, just ‘5’. And rarely was it the same strain. I vividly recall getting 4 lbs one time, and each pound was different. Three of the them were SUPER and had a ‘5’ in the corner, the other one was GOOD and had a number ’41’ in the corner. I always assumed there were a bunch of grow sites, and grow site ‘5’ had the greenthumb working there. But who knows, it’s just speculation.

  10. but don’t get me wrong, there is some real good pot in nor cal, just there is also some crap. BC was the same way, if you tried to bargain shop you would get stuck with weed that wasn’t dried right or was premature or some other corner cutting crap. Either way you always gotta check.

  11. Northern lights #5 maybe? Ive heard of that strain before but if I remember right it wasn’t neccesarily the same strain everytime but it was always real real dank. The markings were always real crytic, could mean anything really. I always pictured huge werehouses with dank stacked to the rafters….

  12. I’m not quite following you. NL#5? That is just as mysterious to me as ‘5’. What does the NL stand for? I never, ever, saw NL#5, just the ‘5’. If you could clarify this, you would be answering an age old question down here in Oregon. I look forward to your reply.

  13. I just want to say first that I dont even smoke anymore but everybody I know does, but I was wondering why I never saw those nugs anymore. My brother has his card and he keeps gettin his weed in those turkey bags LMAO, and it all smells like shit. Everybody complains about it.They should start having quality control, on what people put out, no more of this wanna be good weed shit. Like I said I dont even smoke and it still pisses me off.

  14. never mind that request…I know who it was now…and this was the bust that took out the UN gang…the assholes that were snuggling just as nuch coke as well as gunning people down…they got what they deserved…

  15. I remember when I used to smuggle (small amounts) of Seattle weed UP TO CANADA (eh?) back in the mid 80’s…

    If anyone knows the names of the people busted I’d like to know – please email me @ seattlelivemusic@gmail.com (I had a Canadian friend a few years ago asking if I knew anyone that wanted 500lb lots – that they had a helicopter – and it was only $1000 US funds per lb. I had to decline as that’s about 498 lbs more than anything that anyone I know would want…

  16. Wow Johnny, you totally hit this on the head. I have a lot of family and friends up here in BC, and they are hurting. Since that bust, there is almost no ‘great’ way to get the produce to the I-5 market. Talk about a recession.

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