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The Ultimate Stoner Sandwich Shop


cheba hut logoIf You Like Sandwiches And Marijuana, Then You Will Love Cheba Hut

When Ninjasmoker first moved to Eugene, he told me about a sandwich shop that I had to try out. ‘It’s called Cheba Hut, and you’re going to love it. Let’s walk over there and smoke this on the way’ I remember him saying. Ninjasmoker refused to tell me anymore, despite my repeated attempts at getting more information. When I arrived at the building, I noticed that the logo was very ‘420 friendly.’ When we went in, I looked at the menu, and this is what I saw:

cheba hut menu

My favorite sandwich is the B.L.T., which is referred to at Cheba Hut as the ‘Kush’ sandwich. The ‘Dank’ sandwich is definitely dank (pizza sub), as is the ‘White Widow’ sandwich (chicken ranch). All of their beverages are referred to ‘cottonmouth cures’ and every store has local items referred to as the ‘Secret Stash.’ Check out Cheba Huts menu for yourself by clicking this link.

By the time the whole experience was over, I had sent roughly ten picture messages to my friends from the Cheba Hut, and had thoroughly explained to the staff three times how great I thought their place was. They assured me that they hear it all the time :) With such a great idea, it’s hard to not shower them with praise each time I go in. I love marijuana and I love sandwiches. Cheba Hut is my mecca in Eugene.

“At Cheba Hut, we have an old school way of doing business,” says Scott Jennings, president and CEO of Cheba Hut. “For us, it’s all about the interaction, not the transaction. I believe this is the reason we have been so successful. Our quality of product, excellent service, and unique atmosphere is what keeps our customers coming back for more.”

Well done Mr. Jennings, well done indeed! Check out Cheba Hut locations here. Find out how to start a Cheba Hut in your area here. Make sure to check out Cheba Hut on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!


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