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The Weed Blog Is Coming To Vegas Next Month!


las vegas medical marijuanaIt’s official – Jay Smoker and I have booked flights and hotel rooms in Las Vegas for next month. We will be arriving in Las Vegas on the night of the 10th, and will be there until the night of the 13th. Jay Smoker has driven through Vegas, but has never actually hung out there. I have family in Vegas, and I can’t wait to visit with them. It’s a very exciting time for the cannabis industry in Nevada right now, with dispensaries now open. Dispensaries in Vegas sell to out of state medical marijuana patients who have a valid card and ID from their home state, and I can’t wait to check some of them out.

The big reason why we are traveling to Vegas (and why I’m posting about it) is because there are a bunch of cannabis events occurring at that time. The 4th Annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo (hosted by MJ Business Daily) is taking place November 11-13 at the Rio in Vegas. Jay and I will be at that event for sure off and on while we are there. The ArcView Group is holding an investor forum November 9-10. I think by the time we get to town the forum will already be over, and I’m not sure if the public is allowed to attend that event, but when we get in on the 10th I’m hoping to link up with some people that were at the forum to hear how it went.

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is putting on a 5th anniversary banquet at the Linq Hotel and Casino in Vegas on November 11th. I’m pretty sure Jay and I will be at that one to celebrate America’s largest cannabis industry trade group. The cannabis industry has made some amazing strides over the last five years, and NCIA has been vital to that progress. Women Grow is putting on a kick-off event for the Marijuana Business Conference on November 12th. I have only been to Women Grow events in Portland (all amazing!), so I’m excited to see what a Women Grow event is like in another area.

MJIC is putting on a Marijuana Investor Summit in Vegas on November 10-11. That event is taking place at the Westgate Convention Center in Vegas. We will absolutely be stopping by that event. I have been talking a lot to the people at MJIC lately, and they have a vision that I think is better than a lot of other investment entities.

There is A LOT going on obviously during this time, and if you are trying to get more involved in the marijuana industry, or if you are like Jay Smoker and I and just want to have a great time attending cannabis events, this time period in November is going to be amazing. I hope to see people there! If you run a dispensary or garden, or some other type of marijuana industry business and want us to stop by, shoot me an e-mail at johnnygreen@theweedblog.com. Please realize in advance that Jay Smoker and I consume cannabis on an epic level, so if you aren’t into that type of thing, you probably shouldn’t hang out with us, or at least be OK with it!


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  2. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks for the inspiring update, Johnny! I do hope you and Jay have a safe and fun trip. Clearly, the cannabis industry is coming alive again out west. Meanwhile, here in the Dark Ages of New York, cannabis “enthusiasts” of any kind are still routinely scorned, derided and discriminated against. In rural areas everywhere, the helicopters (estimated cost to taxpayers of $700 per hour just to fuel & maintain) are aiding state and local police agents as they wrap up their annual hunts for cannabis growers. Several upstate cities, desperate for jobs and long-term economic opportunity, are descending into violence and chaos as authorities widen their whole war against all drug traffic (NY’s anti-marijuana spending alone, every year, is estimated to cost about $500 million). Dozens of lifetime residents have been forced to flee this borderline fascist Empire State for legal access to medical cannabis out west. Indeed, I won’t hold my breath waiting for New York’s blatant repression of cannabis commerce to finally end.

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