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The Weed Blog Is Four Years Old Today


Marijuana CakeFour years ago today The Weed Blog posted its first article. It was a very simple time. I had recently graduated college and couldn’t find a job, and Jay Smoker was in between jobs too. I had spent the last several months telling Jay about the marijuana law cases I had studied in college, about my predictions about the upcoming 2010 election, and how it would be cool to start a marijuana blog that focused a lot on reform and activism.

Jay and I would spend hours and hours talking the toke everyday back then, and Jay would always urge me to quit talking about what a cool blog would look like and actually put some action behind my never ending rants. One day he asked for my credit card, we paid $80 for hosting and a URL, and The Weed Blog was born. I will never forget the day that we got our first viewer that we couldn’t identify as a friend. We had an audience!

Zoom forward four years and The Weed Blog is still around, which blows my mind. There have been so many times in the last four years that we almost flew off the rails and closed up shop, but somehow made it work and we are still churning out articles and helping spread information and activism. The last couple of weeks I have woken up everyday feeling tremendously lucky to be where I’m at today as far as blogging goes.

I have made so many friends over these last four years, have worked with so many campaigns and activists, and have had a front row seat to watch the cannabis revolution progress – all I can say is thanks! Thanks to our readers, thanks to friends of the blog, thanks to contributors, thanks to people that share us on social media, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I will make all of you a deal – keep showing us support, and we will keep doing what we do. Sound good?

Keep fighting for reform, keep spreading the culture, keep celebrating the victories, keep getting up after defeats, and keep toking my friends!


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  1. The Weed Blog as i wake & bake.starts the day out right, maybe i will have some time to spend here again tonight! LOL thanks for all the hard work and great information, and providing us a place to make friends and frenemies

  2. Closet Smoker on

    This is one of my favorite blogs to read everyday. I look forward to the day when even I can come out of the closet and proclaim proudly to all, “I am a cannabis consumer, and I like to get high responsibly!”
    Until employers accept cannabis consumers, (at least mine) I will be the Closet Smoker.

  3. The Weed Blog has provided the best and latest information on the goings on in the cannabis community. Keep up the good work, because there’s still a lot of it to do. Here’s to The Weed Blog and here’s to good friends on this site.

  4. Happy Birthday !!! I’m glad you’re here and I read your blog every day. I’m also an advocate/activist for Cannabis and Hemp legalization. I would love to talk to you in depth about Nevada and legal Cannabis.

  5. I’m thrilled for you! Happy Birthday and please keep up the great work you do. I know blogging is a labor of love, and also know that so many millions of bloggers are in it for self edification. Not you dudes, and it shows. Education is the key to many things and your dedication to this principle is apparent.

  6. Happy Birthday Weedblog! Thanks to everyone that works here. This is the first thing I read each day. Keep up the good work.

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