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There Are More Medical Marijuana Doctors In Minnesota Than There Are Patients

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Minnesota has one of the most controversial medical marijuana laws in the country. The list of qualifying conditions in Minnesota is much smaller than most other states that have legalized medical marijuana. Also, Minnesota does not allow home cultivation, and medical marijuana cannot be smoked. Minnesota gave a virtual monopoly to just two companies that are responsible for providing all of the medical marijuana for the entire state of Minnesota.

The limited program has resulted in very low patient numbers. In fact, there are more medical marijuana doctors registered in Minnesota than there are patients. Per the Star Tribune:

One month after legalization, there are still more doctors than patients enrolled in Minnesota’s medical marijuana program.

As of Friday morning, there were 250 patients and 334 health care practitioners enrolled in the Health Department’s Office of Medical Cannabis.

Even so, patients eligible for the program have struggled to find doctors willing to help them enroll. Those who do make it into the program are facing rising prices for a medication that’s not covered by any insurance.

“Guess banging my head against the wall will not move the wall,” said Duane Bandel, who has AIDS — one of nine conditions the law says entitles him to try medical cannabis — but has been unable to get his doctors to fill out the paperwork for the state.

Minnesota should be an example for other states to not follow. All patients should be able to use medical marijuana if they find relief in the plant. All forms of cannabis should be allowed to be consumed. Until Minnesota drastically improves its medical marijuana law, there will always be a black market, and there will always be patients who are forced to go without medicine, which is obviously unacceptable.


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  1. Are you all still looking for a doctor? Our clinic is looking into starting to do the evaluations if there is enough interest. We don’t have it listed on our website yet, but you can call if you are interested.

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  3. Not yet. But the Bluejay strain that came in the mail box 5 days ago is really helping me sleep well without waking up every hour in pain. 100% indica. 4 to 1 cbd x thc.

  4. Me-25 years of M.S. from Minnesota. If you know of a doctor, please message me. Some guy in Colorado gets my money and I’d rather support Minnesota. Ha ha

  5. John Schmidt on

    So I’ve heard all the bitching but I want to know how we’re going to change this

  6. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I fully agree, Doc Deadhead. Here in New York, which is equally controlled by cannabis “haters,” the state Department of Health just issued one of 5 licenses to Dr. Kyle Kingsley from Minnesota, who is heading a NY company called Empire State Health Solutions. I give the man a LOT of credit for being so eco-friendly with his greenhouses. They will utilize natural sunlight and efficient LED lights, as well as collected/filtered rainwater and geothermal power. Dr. Kingsley’s cultivation plans are quite impressive. Yet, the man also HATES what he calls “cannabis enthusiasts,” those who smoke regularly for recreation, and he repeatedly tells local media that cannabis plants will not live up to the “hype” for medical purposes.

  7. stellarvoyager on

    “Minnesota gave a virtual monopoly to just two companies…” It’s called a duopoly.

  8. Doc Deadhead on

    The politicians have to understand that if they try to regulate too much it just sends us back underground.

    There is an entire underground supply chain ALREADY in place that has been proven to exist even with the Government’s horrible ‘war on [the people] drugs’.

    When they started over regulating the Medical Marijuana program it sent a message to the black market….GO TO Minnesota!

    This is what happens when the legislative body legalizes Medical Marijuana instead of by the ballot by the people.

    If we leave it to the politicians then this is all we will get. A nightmare solution provided by haters.

    Legalization by the people, by the ballot.

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