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There Are Still Several Hundred Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Los Angeles


los angeles medical marijuanaWhen Jay Smoker and I started this blog in 2010, there were ‘more medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles than Starbucks locations.’ For some reason back then, the media loved to measure the number of dispensaries in an area against the number of Starbucks locations. I guess it puts it into perspective for Starbucks consumers or something. Anyhow, since 2010, there has been a crusade against medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Hundreds have been closed, but for everyone that is closed, it seems that another is opened, or the ‘closed’ dispensary just moves to a new location. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has launched a crusade on illegal dispensaries, announcing this month that his office has shuttered more than 500 cannabis businesses in roughly two years.

“It’s 514 now,” Rob Wilcox, Feuer’s director of community outreach and engagement, said on Monday. “It’s tremendous progress … you’ll see less and less of them week by week.”

Feuer’s agency estimates there’s only “a few hundred” left that the city needs to shut down until only the 135 allowed by law remain operating under the requirements of Proposition D, the regulatory ballot measure city voters approved two years ago.

But those in the city’s MMJ industry tell a different story.

“He said he closed 500 dispensaries, but he doesn’t say a word about the 600 that opened after that,” said Yamileth Bolanos, who runs PureLife Alternative Wellness Center, which qualifies to stay open under the 2013 law.

At this point closing dispensaries in Los Angeles is largely a game of whack-a-mole. There’s simply no way that the City of Los Angeles can shutdown these medical marijuana dispensaries for good. Los Angeles has a lot of medical marijuana patients, and limiting the number of safe access points to 135 is unreasonable. I know that Proposition D passed, but it seems to be largely symbolic at this point.



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  1. On the bright side, one can always go to Find My Bud to discover new medical marijuana dispensaries nearest to them within even a few miles radius from their home. Especially in Los Angeles, just type in your zip code and its as easy as 1-2-3 to order cannabis online.

  2. Don’t worry, “tax and regulate” will do away with these evil unregulated fronts for selling drugs. Less options, higher prices, and more taxes.

  3. Johnny oneye on

    500 shops close 1000 open
    how much time ,money is spent trying to regulate ?
    18 years later , nothing
    The only pressure on the city council is the greedy ICO shops trying to control market and some crazy dude from eagle rock screaming “the sky will fall”
    Prop d was a poison pill for most shops ,availability of brick n mortar
    locations is very limited
    500 ft from residential areas?
    The chart showed little to no spaces
    available at 500 ft
    so the idiots voted in 1000 ft
    Starbx should have to go through
    such ridiculous zoning
    CVS has thousands of stores filling oxycontin scripts all day
    Cannabis is safer than tap water!
    safe and affordable access is the goal of prop 215
    Not sure what the city’s reluctance to
    come up with sensible zonig is but
    It appears the people who voted NO
    are the people making regulations
    with special interest groups leading
    The charge
    The people in LA have the balls to open shops and invest in this industry even when
    “Hostile ” lawyrrs and LEO opposes
    regulation,legalization, distribution
    The one councillor who supported cannabis is retired or to Ill to continue
    What now LA?

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