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There Is No Room For Violence At A Pro-Marijuana Rally


420 denver shooting violence marijuana eventThe Shooting In Denver On 4/20 Does Not Represent The Marijuana Movement

I was so happy when I found out that I was going to Denver for April 20, 2013 to attend the High Times Cannabis Cup. I was also excited to participate in the rally at the Denver Civic Center. I was in attendance last year for the rally, and it will always be remembered as one of my favorite moments of my life. Seeing so many people expressing their First Amendment rights through a peaceful gathering was inspiring.

This year I was at the Cup the entire Saturday leading up to 4:20, so I was not in attendance at the rally. I was actually running back to my hotel to get more marijuana when I received a call from my friend who informed me that shots had been fired at the Denver Civic Center rally. My heart instantly sank, I started thinking about how I hoped everyone was OK, and starting also thinking about how the mainstream media would portray the rally shooting. It was the first rally after marijuana had become legal, and I know marijuana opponents were already trying to find anything and everything that they could to portray the day in a negative light.

Unfortunately, some idiots that don’t represent the marijuana community had to ruin it for everyone. It sounds like the people that were injured are going to be OK, which is obviously a good thing, but the marijuana movement no doubt has a black eye that it will have to deal with. Who the F brings guns to a peaceful rally? There is no place for violence and/or weapons at a marijuana rally or other event. Period. Everyone is there to have a good time. What a sad thing. It sounds like the suspects that did it are still at large. It’s not everyday that I urge people to cooperate with the police, but I would like to see these guys apprehended because their actions were dangerous and harmful to the people they injured, as well as to the image of marijuana in general. Below is a description of the suspects from Examiner.Com:

Police are searching for two men who fired shots during the 420 Pot Rally the Denver Post reported on April 20. According to a tweet from the Denver Police one of the 420 Rally suspects is a black male wearing a black and white checked shirt. In another tweet from the Denver Police, a second suspect in the 420 Rally in Denver shooting is a light-skinned black male, approximately 6-feet tall and 180 pounds wearing a gray hoodie, black pants and a Caroline baseball cap.


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  1. Of course you thinks it’s plausible. That’s what comes with altering your consciousness from reality.

  2. True – had it been a soccer match in Europe or Britain – drunken hooligans would never have left the field till everyone had been beaten to a bloody pulp.

    How come there are no “stoner hooligans”?

  3. Theives are are poison to any good event. We as a community must eliminate any tolerance for a theif in our midst. The negative fallout is ammunition for the prohibitionist politicians to paint marijuana black and blue and use it against me and you. And the ignorant theives run away not knowing or caring the harm worse than stealing they caused.

  4. I totally agree. We were mellow peace loving generation and it cannot be replicated in today’s world of high crime and gangsters. I was lucky enough to grow up with the best generation that ever existed. 57 years old here.

  5. I agree. The people that have most to lose from legalization are the street gangs and dealers.

    So they go to the rally to cause trouble hanging on the edges of the rally as it spilled out into the streets so they can make a quick exit. If they wanted to kill someone they would have, but pop’n a cap in someone’s leg is typical modus operandi of a street punk bitch. I suppose that when alcohol prohibition ended there was much of the same going on. Karma is the equalizer, they will suffer the fate of their own actions.

    Rest assured that gun violence cannot change the constitutional amendment that made legalization of cannabis possible. The best solution for something like this is to not give it any further attention.

  6. DavidTheExpert on

    We could solve dozens of problems at once if: the government diverts the billions of wasted dollars spent on the war on drugs into cracking down on illegal guns instead. There’s no need to change gun laws or violate the 2nd amendment, just crack down on people who own guns illegally. Remove all of the violence of the drug war without touching the drugs.

  7. This is bad news I’m sure but it will only be believed as a connected issue by those that are against the movement already. Those who still believe the 50 year old propaganda told to us back then.

    By the fact that thousands of out in the open stonners ran away proves that mj does not make one violent. So that argment was solved right there, and the vid is the proof. If mj did make one violent then those gangsters would of been in for some serious crap in that crowd by the pics I seen. Lol

  8. We hid behind a dumpster and think bullets hit the dumpster we used as cover. The massive heard of people trying to get out was more terrifying than the shots themselves!

  9. Yeah, of the 1000’s of people in attendance, not one person or a group of people had the opportunity or felt compelled to tackle these scumbags and delivered them to the events private security of the 100’s of donut chomping, overtime pay receiving cops that surrounded the place ???

  10. I heard this was the end result when these scumbags failed in a robbery attempt. Heard that second hand. Can anyone confirm what led up to this senseless act of violence ??

  11. Torch Onepercenter on

    It sounds to me like it might have been a setup. Didn’t anyone get a pic of these guys? Sadly tho if it was not a setup they sound like a couple of gangbangers who have no SENSE to begin with!

  12. Set up? Agent provocateur? With all the cell phones there, why didn’t anyone follow them while calling 911? There were many cops at the event. Really, they just let them walk away?

  13. no dought a criminal upsrt he is losing money because of the legalization of marijuana. what a selfish gesture. i wish the main stream media would take this as proof of the tyoes of people who innocent people have to purchase a peaceful herb from when its illegal…

  14. I am 62 years old so in my mind marijuana will forever be associated with hippies and a mellow, peace-loving vibe but a new generation has embraced the weed. Pot is an integral part of the hip-hop and rap world — you almost never see Snoop Dogg without a blunt — as are weapons and violence. Times have changed…

  15. There are violent and dangerous people who smoke marijuana, just as there are violent and dangerous people in any group of people. The laws keeping marijuana illegal just increase the number of violent and dangerous people in the group. Just as the laws against alcohol, prohibition, created a decade of extreme violence in this country. It is not the marijuana, it is some of the humans that are violent and the prohibitions on marijuana that attract some violent and criminal humans.

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