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There’s More To The Marijuana Industry Than Growing And Selling Marijuana


small marijuana gardenWhenever I ask people on Facebook or in person what area of the marijuana industry they are trying to crack into, the answer almost always involves growing or selling marijuana. I always point out to them that there are many other ancillary ways to get into the industry, and that maybe they should consider going that route since there are so many people trying to grow and sell marijuana.

Don’t get me wrong, if people have their heart set on growing marijuana or opening a retail outlet, by all means those are rewarding pursuits. I grew marijuana for a long time, and it was something that I could see people making into a lifelong career. Selling marijuana is also very fun, and can be very profitable if done right.

However, both options carry risks, especially risks that involve federal raids, asset forfeiture, etc. Compare that to ancillary areas of the marijuana industry which are completely legal at the state and federal level. Also, if you pursue the right idea, there is likely much less competition out there.

A lot of the most successful people in the industry don’t grow or sell marijuana. Take for instance my friend Justin Hartfield from WeedMaps. That guy has more money than anyone else that I know, even more money than industrial garden owners and successful dispensary owners that I know. He doesn’t grow or sell marijuana, but came up with a great ancillary idea and is reaping the benefits on a level that most growers and sellers can only dream about.

Are you trying to get into the marijuana industry in a way that doesn’t involve being a grower or seller? If so, what area? Are you a potential grower or seller that doesn’t care about how many other people are trying to pursue the same goal? If so, how do you plan to rise above the rest?

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  1. Hey, CBD42, thanks for sharing the success you are having with cannabis. (I mean, I think that’s what you’re saying.) If you need further information, feel free to ask away here on The Weed Blog. :)

  2. I’m posting my thoughts on Cannabis for the first time. I see the medical & moral dilemas that marijuana have presented over for so many years. Medical, because I’m married to a clinical pharmacist & ethical because as a man raised in a religious environment, I’ve been taught to pass on my strong moral values to my children. Married to a woman that is truly dedicated to the ethics of science & being a father such wonderful treasures, I feel that Marijuana is truly the wonder remedy of the past, present & future. So much BS is fed to us through the media & control from the government, it feels a bizarro 1984 novel. All this drug trafficking from south of the border, all this venom being fed to cancer patients and so many conservatives against it, makes you think twice about how negative “it” is being protrayed. Drug trafficking, legalize “it” & incur heavier taxes & you’ll see drug crime go down & this country getting out of debt. Pescribe “it” to cancer patients, or even patients who have arthritis, high bood pressure, whatever, as opposed to all these crazy altered medicines that I can’t even pronounce & you’ll see the benefits immediately. I remeber going through pharmacy school with my wife, wow, it was crazy how the harmfull side effects outweighed the benefits. It was sickening! I can go on & on but I now see now how long my paragraph is getting. To make the story short, I will like to start a career in Cannibis & I do see there is an amazing future in it. I welcome all feedback as I will also post this on other Cannibis & Marijuana themed web sites. I appreciate your time for reading & God bless.

  3. Check out iBake Denver… the only private members only headshop with areas available to consume on site! In fact, the only retail space I know of in the United States where one can socially consume cannabis, in a members only setting!

  4. Charles: thanks for your input, but this is not the disorder in question. I have an extremely rare connective tissue/skeletal disorder called Morquio’s Syndrome, Type B. The continuous degeneration of all surfaces which rely on cartilage is caused by the lack of a chromosome responsible for the proper metabolism of kerato-sulphates, resulting in mal-formed joint surfaces. Fragile bones collapse at an early age, and unless surgery is performed, the likelihood of spinal collapse with attendant organ compaction is pretty high, especially in the first decade of life. Digestion and breathing are severely affected, oftentimes being the major cause of death. When I was younger, the infant mortality rate was about 95%; it is better now. At 65, am the oldest in the world, but it is no picnic.

  5. CannabisContent on

    I love this post! It’s important for people to understand that cannabis isn’t just growing, selling or using an herb. There are dozens of ways to get involved, support this burgeoning industry and grow their own shares in the “Green Rush.” For me and my spouse, writing web content for dispensaries, cooperatives, seed banks and other ancillary businesses is the best way to contribute.

  6. Charles S. North on

    LoL, these advertisements by distributors freak me out, first thing I think is cops. LoL, I’d never buy from a source from a comment on an article on the internet, too public. Be careful, them cops are dangerous.

  7. Charles S. North on

    Sounds like you have a neurological disorder. There is a class of drugs that cause this and the symptoms come in a variety of misery. The doctors have a very difficult time in diagnosing it. Neuroleptics or as they call them now, anti-psychotic meds, like seroquel, haldol, risperdal, etc. If you have had any meds like that then you should read up on Tardive Dyskinesia, Dystonia, Akathesia.

  8. Where might a highly intelligent scholarly type who is also life-long disabled, oldest in the world with an extremely rare connective tissue disorder that is both incurable and which causes episodes of intractable pain? Through most of these years, this herb has been more helpful in directly addressing pain and depression episodes than ANY pharmaceutical.

  9. Quite a few people in FL are working with Unitedforcare.com with the lawyer John Morgan to get Medical Marijuana in FL We have enough signatures to get it on the ballot but we are working until Feb 1 to make sure they are all Florida Registered Voters. They know once they start checking some will have signed it and not be registered so we are getting a lot more then we need! Go to unitedforcare.com and see if there is anyone in your area doing it and get some signatures and help us out!!

  10. Blue Line protection Group on

    I am the CEO of Blue Line Protection Group. We provide security and protection for the entire marijuana industry from seed to sale. we only work in the marijuana industry and I have hired nothing but former military and law enforcement. We are trained to the highest level to protect the industry from organized crime activity and any other types of contingencies which may occur in a cash only business and where the product has such a high dollar value on it.
    Business ha been extremely successful because we can provide services that your cookie cutter security companies cannot. Was proud to be part of the historic day on Jan 1st. We have been receiving national attention and we continue to grow as the front runners in the marijuana security industry!

  11. Charles S. North on

    I am developing two neighborhoods of 196 houses total. Each house will have a built in grow room and area for the prep. I also have one apartment complex being built right now that has a grow room in each. Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow their own meds to see how it all works and get some benefit from the holy weed. Another great opportunity would be to make private clubs where users can go eat, smoke and play/watch sports etc. in the privacy of a members only club allowing access to indoor use with in a social setting. Another business would be legal support for those who violate the mmj laws with DUI, possession and the lighter cases with a paralegal service catering just to the ganja crew. Open your brains, tell your laziness its not there and get up and prove to the feds that ganja is a blessing and healing of the nations.

  12. I bought into a company called Mediswipe on the banking and complaint side of MJ and MMJ ticker symbol MWIPD

  13. This is an exciting time for Marijuana Business. A lot of comments seems to point to:

    – Edibles
    – Quality control

    What else is out there?

    I sell Vaporizers online and have been seeing sales rise over the last few months which shows that there is an openness coming from all areas in the United States. I love what’s happening, and will continue fighting for Federal legalization in the United States and Canada! Stay green, friends!

  14. DrBud Greengenes on

    Move your Husband and your TAX Dollars to a state that will allow him to Medicate as needed w/safe meds

  15. I would love, love, love to start up a quality testing lab. Purity is so important and high quality meds will always be needed even when the whole country goes legal. For now I’ll continue to educate people who don’t even know what they don’t know about weed, in person and on my blog. Educate the masses!!!!

  16. DrBud Greengenes on

    My Products “Quality” will always sell its self….I have no desire to be the “Sutterhome” of MJ….I content being a small Pvt. “Winery”so to speak

  17. Jayson Scandroli on

    i Just want to get help and give help.. i have no interest in making money. I just want to work for my medicine. Its truly the only thing that’s keeps me out of the hospitals.

  18. I want to get into edibles, possibly opening my own pot bakery. I also have other artistic etc interests in the business that I cannot discuss here because I fear my ideas being stolen.

  19. BrownBuddhaBakery on

    I don’t grow or sell but I bake :) It’s been an excellent way to provide patients in need with discreet medication. It’s tasty. I use old school, time tested recipes and people really love them and frankly I love what I do so its a win-win.

  20. I wish i could grow down here in Jacksonville, FL but to sell. Just for my husband and I. He has a serious disease that requires a lot of pain meds and i deal with migraines and bad anxiety every day and would love to get off my meds. But no one so far down here has been able to help us out, hopefully soon we can find someone!

  21. ZenMaster McBongRips on

    I want to specialize in processing cannabis. Edibles, concentrates, etc. Processed cannabis, both for pleasure and for medicine, is my favorite!

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