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There’s No Excuse For Marijuana Stores Selling To Underage Customers


marijuana compliance checks underageI have written a couple of articles now stressing the importance of marijuana stores checking EVERYONE’S identification before they sell them marijuana. The entire world is watching the industry right now, and every misstep is magnified several times over by opponents and the media. That’s why every time I read about a marijuana store selling to a minor I kind of fly off the handle a bit. There’s no excuse for not carding everyone.

Yesterday there was a lot of sales that occurred in Oregon. I read one media report of a 55 year old guy getting quite upset that a store wouldn’t sell to him because his license was expired. The law says you have to be over 21, and that it has to be proven by valid identification. That guy’s license was expired, so they wouldn’t sell to him, and I’m 100% OK with that. No one customer is above the industry, and the industry is not above the movement. Something as simple as making one sell to an underage customer can be something that opponents parade in other states during campaign season to try to scare voters. No one sell is worth that risk.

Sadly, during the last round of compliance checks in Colorado seven businesses sold to underage customers. Clearly that’s seven too many. Per 9 News:

Since legal sales of recreational pot began in 2014, sting operations rarely resulted in underage sales. The first round of stings last year resulted in zero violations.

“We are disappointed,” said Lewis Koski of the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division in a statement. “Up until now these compliance checks have been a bright spot for the industry.”

Koski said that these busts reduce the industry’s overall compliance rate statewide to 92 percent.

-The Herbal Cure 985 S. Logan St.

-The Healing House 2383 S. Downing St.

-Pure Medical Dispensary 505 W. 40th Ave.

-LaContes Clone Bar 105 E. 7th Ave.

-Herbs 4 You 20 E. 9th Ave.

-Mile High Green Cross 852 N. Broadway St.

-Higher Expectations 1332 S. Cherokee St.

I do not like writing about this stuff. I have always hated highlighting the same stuff that opponents will eventually be highlighting. If you own a marijuana store, do your part and card EVERYONE. If a customer has a problem with it, explain to them that a small inconvenience for them is what ensures 100% compliance for the industry, which will down the road help other state efforts to legalize marijuana. And if they still don’t get it, feel free to refer them to me. I will repeat it one last time, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MARIJUANA STORES SELLING TO UNDERAGE CUSTOMERS.

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  2. Cherry-picking? I chose the main definition as presented by Google. That’s the top choice because that’s the word’s common, accepted use:


    I could have used the second definition, the one you seem so attached to, but I usually shy away from archaic uses. It’s hard to take people seriously when they sound like Dickensian street urchins.

    No, I wasn’t trying to derail the argument. I don’t disagree, but I don’t really care, either (I’m over 21, obviously). But I was pointing out, maybe in an overly-snarky way, that attempting to add gravitas to your argument with language you can’t use comfortably undermines your point.

    Speculating about a person’s sex life, on the other hand, now that’s a winning debate strategy.

  3. It is just smart business until the feds let up. Why risk any fuck up? Seems like obvious precautions is all. I suppose it could be misconstrued as hard lining and ridiculous, but I have yet to see anyone complain while in the dispensary, regardless of the circumstances.

  4. he is saying….with legalization..you at least get people checking ID’s…yes there will be some issues where it get’s missed…but under prohibition..every sale teh ID check is missed…

    so which is better..stay illegal where no ID’s are ever checked or what we have now where 95% of ID’s are checked before the sale??

  5. M. Simon – while yes regulated like tomatoes is the ultimate goal…there’s no way on earth you can think that’s where we would start…

    the prohibitionist propaganda worked waaaayyy to well to think that we would go from Schedule 1 and the war on drugs immediately to regulated like tomatoes…but yes that can be a in the future goal for sure…

  6. Your obvious cherry picking of definitions is an outrage. You lost face and it’s time to admit it.

    verb (used with object)


    to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock:
    to flout the rules of propriety.

    verb (used without object)


    to show disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff, mock, or gibe (often followed by at).

    Since what’s left of your reasoning abilities need to be guided, how about this improvement you effing pettifogger: “to flout, fluster and repress the young.” Does that fill in the gaps, plug the hole in your head?. Your nitpicking over the nuance of words is a base and desperate attempt to derail the main argument. You lost both the battle and the war. Hard to imagine a guy who spends his free time as some type of poorman’s grammarian actually gets laid.

  7. There is no excuse for insufficient numbers of armed government agents to keep the people in line.

    We should handle it the way we handle toxic poisons like drain cleaner. And especially liquid drain cleaner. Oh? Wait. Never mind.

  8. If we had more government agents with guns checking up on things the movement would be considerably safer. They would never spoil the movement.

  9. More government agents with guns is the answer. Think of all the prohibition agents who will be out of work otherwise. Think of their children.

  10. You shoulda been around for the smoking banana peel craze. Still can’t figure out why that was never banned.

    And I don’t get why the government allows over the counter sales of super hot peppers. What if a child gets a hold of a jar full?

    There is no age limit for drain cleaner.

    We have a family friend who regularly overdoses on water. Near death experiences. And yet you can buy a swimming pool full of water with no regulation.

    If we don’t have enough government think of all the enforcers who will be out of jobs.

    BTW alcohol regulation never limited my ability to drink like a fish at age 15. It just costed a little more. And I had to watch for cops.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  11. If you are old enough to by bubble gum you are old enough to buy cannabis.

    It worked for heroin before the beginning of Prohibition in 1914.

    No more taxed and regulated than tomatoes.

  12. The way to get regulations enforced is by having armed and dangerous police with bad attitudes enforcing the laws.You can never have too many police or too much regulation.

    No more taxed and regulated than tomatoes.

  13. I hate it when people leave out motivational justice. And attitude justice. And recreational justice. And friendly justice. And herbal justice. And subliminal justice. And entropic justice. And etherial justice. And macro justice. And the most important of all ice cream justice. Without all the millions of kinds of justice there is injustice.

    No more taxed and regulated than tomatoes.

  14. well looks like the moderators didn’t like my stern reply to you…so let me tone it down by saying…

    LL – good luck trying to move the legalization movement and industry along..while advocating for no age limit on use..that’s a real winner…

    no one is arguing that cannabis is safe, it’s safer than water, but you can’t be serious if you think legalization nationally has a snowball’s chance in H@!! of passing without an age requirement…18 being the bare minimum and 21 is more likely to be palatable to all the housewives and old people that need to be swayed to get it passed…

    Second don’t presume geography has any bearing on knowledge…that’s childish..

    Third – as for your Lincoln quote…pot meet kettle..your statements showcases your lack of knowledge or grasp of the reality of this movement and industry…

  15. That’s an overly broad definition. It’s not used to simply say “I mock you”. It’s more nuanced, suggesting that someone shows disregard for a concept, i.e., “Teens have been flouting the age limits by using fake identification.” This is more accurate:

    :”Flout; verb:
    Openly disregard (a rule, law or convention).
    ‘These same companies still flout basic ethical practices’
    Synonyms:defy, refuse to obey, disobey, break, violate, fail to comply with, fail to observe, contravene, infringe, breach, commit a breach of, transgress against; More

    But then, nuanced language doesn’t seem to be your forte.

  16. oh..sorry I didn’t realize I was talking to Steve DeAngelo or Keith Stroup…my apologies…

    So enlighten us LL,,what the fuck do you know, you sanctimonious asshole!!

    Tell me why my statement was flawed other than your straw man…if you are old enough to join the army bullshit…I don’t disagree that at 17 you are likely as mature as you will be at 18…but you are showing your ignorance by not admitting you have to have a age limit of some kind…even if we can all agree that cannabis is far less harmful than even aspirin…you are going to have a hard time getting it legal nationwide if you are advocating for kids under 18 to just start firing up bongs..that’s just stupid and shows you don’t have a clue about how politics are a social movement gets things done…

    So tell us really…you are 17 and just butthurt you can’t legally buy in a “free” state right??

    Regardless of your age..you are apparently not very smart about this movement..and your statements prove that….

    geography does not dictate knowledge…so don’t assume just because someone does not live in a legal state they don’t know what the score is….

    For someone who seems to think he’s got it all figured out..you sure have made some awfully dumb statements regarding cannabis politics and the legalization movement…

    I challenge you to try your little hey if it’s ok for 18 years old it’s ok for 17 year olds…hell might as well let my 8 year old take a huge dab..who cares..
    try that on anyone who actually is responsible and wants the cannabis industry to survive and thrive and become a viable industry..and you should get the same reply I gave…

  17. “No one here said a teenager smoking a joint is evil.” That’s a strawman argument, since the actual quote was: “. . . but *buying* and smoking a joint at that age is evil???” Emphasis on buying as apposite to the discussion, your flimsy tactic was to shift focus away from the central point, that being someone at 16 buying a joint at a dispensary is a horrific crime against humanity and must be stopped at all costs, along with high dudgeon posturing, and alpha male chest-thumping.

  18. “A licensed dispensary selling to under 21’s hurts the legalization movement” in what way? On what grounds? All over the country? Or just in states that have made 21 the cynosure of responsibility and not 18. You mean we must show our irrational masters that we are big boys and girls now? and not to spoil it?

  19. saynotohypocrisy on

    No one here said a teenager smoking a joint is evil. A licensed dispensary selling to under 21’s hurts the legalization movement, that’s the issue. I’m not interested in having the right of adults to use cannabis held hostage by the issue of ‘underage’ use.

  20. Ok. So you’re just a wannabe. An armchair tactician from Texas of all socially repressive and backward places. Since you have no real experience with dispensaries or rec shops you, as Lincoln famously said, have opened your mouth and removed all doubt” about your understanding. Seriously, what a rube.
    Motivation: social justice.
    Underage kids? You call 17 a kid but 18 an adult (who, incidently, isn’t old enough to buy a joint legally anywhere. But can join the army at that age and kill as many people as on foreign soil as possible)
    Why don’t you grow a pair and move to a Cannabis Free State?

  21. I am confused by people’s logic on this issue. 7/30 stores in ONE sting operation in ONE city in Colorado. There are ove 500 pot shops in Colorado that have gone 2.5 years with ANY issues. Mean while in Baxer county (just a single county mind you) there were 30 liquor stores out of compliance selling a MUCH more dangerous substance that could potentially kill a person. This is being sensationalized by the news like always! PLUS, wasn’t the idea behind legalization that we would be able to regulate it if there were problems like this. I mean how is letting an underground cartel that NEVER checks IDs run the game a better strategy? This system gives us a way to identify when there is an issue and do something about it. Unlike the underground market were this stuff happens ALL the time. If you ask me, the chance to intervene at the point of sale like is being done here is PROOF that legalization has in fact succeeded.

  22. Well unless they legalized cannabis in Texas without me knowing…I’m still working at the job I have for the last 10 years..which is unfortunately not in the cannabis industry…

    So are you defending dispensaries selling to underage kids?? Are you trying to say that the industry would benefit from continued bad compliance with requiring and ID to sell??

    I’m just trying to figure out what the motivation is for your reply??

    Or are you just not smart enough to understand logic?

  23. A bunch of gibberish. You sound like you work in the cannabis industry with you “no brainer” brochure-speak. Fess up, which dispensary to you work for?

  24. I’m sorry why is common sense so damn hard for people to see…??

    easy solution..NO ID..no purchase…simple..

    Does a police officer just make a judgment call on your legal status to drive when he pulls you over? No you have to produce a license or their is consequences, you get a ticket..the biggest problem with this new industry is the consequences for failing to check licences for all of us and how that can be used against the industry by prohibitionists, FAR.. outweigh any discomfort caused by demanding a license be produced by everyone, regardless of their
    “perceived” age to buy cannabis… anyone who can’t see this..such as the 55 year old guy from the story..are the kind of consumers the industry just does not need…

    We constantly talk about how cannabis is so much safer than alcohol…well if so..that heightened safety should also come from how we as consumers and those in the industry regulate it’s use and sales..

    The cannabis industry can only benefit from having a perfect or near perfect record when it comes to conforming to the regulation we all have been fighting to have applied to cannabis for 40 years..and not allow those in the industry to get away with providing fuel to the engine of prohibition which has been running for the last 80 years…

  25. Actually there is a very good excuse to sell to underage customers: 21 is an unreasonable age and was created by prohibitionists for the sole purpose of flouting the young. 18 is better but in terms of human health any age after puberty is morally acceptable to obtain and use cannabis. You can drive a car, a potentially lethal weapon capable of killing a score of people at 16 but buying and smoking a joint at that age is evil???? Get real Johnny Green et al. you just want to suckup to LE and the prohibs in legislatures. You feel that too much truth will spoil the gains cannabis activists have made.

  26. “simply carding everyone that comes through, no exceptions. They carded a little old lady who came through and she was clearly in her 60s.” You sound like Gestapo agent routing out Jews. A great thing when everyone has their papers in order! Sounds like a pleasant calming environment not based on greed and power (not).

  27. We need to break a major taboo about cannabis: it’s safer for children
    than sugar and television. Would you rather have a teen zonked on
    cannabis than the speed marketed for ADHD? Which would really cause
    long-term problems for the brain?

    Also, there is no evidence whatsoever that cannabis harms the human
    brian at any stage of development. Smoke inhalation can cause anoxia but
    is not necessary for cannabis ingestion and has nothing whatsoever to
    do with cannabis. Claiming cannabis causes lung problems is a fraud.
    Smoking any kind of biomatter can cause lung problems. Daisies, tree
    bark and butterflies not excepted.

  28. My corner store I just recently purchased from, Microgrowers Guild Eugene Or, is simply carding everyone that comes through, no exceptions. They carded a little old lady who came through and she was clearly in her 60s. Good for them for simply doing what must be done to ensure compliance. Those that are interested in seeing this movement succeed will understand and be ready to participate in whatever way they can.
    On a side note, The Blue Dream I purchased to assist me in sleeping was knock-my-socks-off-full-night’s-rest excellent.

  29. No excuses…simple as that. Don’t let greed and incompetence spoil the movement. Everyone…get with the program. Card your customers. Zero tolerance…please. America is watching us.

  30. Lets get real here. I understand the problem of letting employees make judgements about age. But that can be managed. There is no reasonable way someone under 21 us going to look like the 55 year old who was refused due to an expired driver’s license.

    I’m in my late 60’s, and look my age, and I was carded exactly once in WA (out of dozens of purchases), and that was on Day One. Silliness even then, but I understood the early paranoia. They do card my 35 year old daughter when we shop together, but she looks younger than her age.

    Same as with buying liquor. Nobody cards me. But she always gets carded. That’s the kind of judgement that’s easy to apply.

    By the way, the violations were discovered with specially trained “secret shoppers” who are younger than 21 but look and act a little older and are trained to be engaging, experienced weed customers, thus building false confidence with the store clerk. But no excuse for a shop not to card anyone close to that age.

    One size does not fit all.

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