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This Cop Lost A Friend To The War On Drugs. Now He Wants To End It.


The ‘War On Drugs’ Has Failed. The Time For Reform Is Now.

Neill Franklin was a commander for the Maryland State Police Department. He saw the War on Drugs turn his home town of Baltimore into a desolate place and take the life of his friend Ed. Watch to see why he believes enough is enough.

This is part of the SafeKeepers video series produced by the Beyond Bars campaign and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).


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  1. Agreed, except that… Not only the politicians are addicted to money!

    Also,Why simply consider yourselves as citizen of a country when corporations are more powerful than the establishments known as government?

    Why people should do something as part of a fraction when it is obvious we are part of a whole?

    Why consider yourselves different from the rest of the world population?

    There is no human greater than the other, there is no country greater than any other, there is no resource better than any other. There’s only different human perceptions of their environment, different policies according to the local environment, and different resources to sustain every species on earth.

    The day you, Americans, realize that you are no better than anybody, that your country is no greater than any other, and that the resources you use are no better than any other, maybe you will finally become that city upon the hill, maybe.

  2. There’s NUMEROUS stories such as this. It’s the pot politicians that are ADDICTED to the $$ they receive for OPPOSING the Legalization of Marijuana. Police Depts. have equipped themselves like Special Forces Military operations to KICK in frontdoors of SICK people, and put their KIDS on the ground with an ASSAULT RIFLE trained on their 8 y/olds HEAD because Mom & Dad decided to smoke a weed before they went to bed? That’s how LUDICROUS this has become. WHY do our Police Depts REQUIRE an Armored Personnel Carriers, Bradley Fighting vehicles, etc… It’s a bunch of MUSCLE HEADS with a GOD COMPLEX and UNLIMITED SUPPLIES OF Drug War money to play GI. JOE with on a 32 yr.old DISABLED Veteran in a WHEELCHAIR and shoot him 72 TIMES. It’s UNBELIEVABLE and until WE do something about it as CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY, IT WON’T STOP!

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