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This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful For Marijuana Activists


happy danksgiving thanksgivingThis is the fifth Thanksgiving since The Weed Blog was created, and I’m more thankful this year for hardworking marijuana activists than ever before. Had you told me on Thanksgiving 2010 that there would be four legal marijuana states and Washington D.C., I would have been blown away. Those victories obviously wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the extra hard work of dedicated marijuana activists – especially volunteer marijuana activists.

As you sit down with your families today, and no doubt eat way more than you should, make sure to reach out and thank a marijuana activist. Send them a text, or a tweet, or a Facebook message, or even go old school and give them a call. Let them know that they are appreciated, and that you are thankful for them. Thank them for the work they have done in the past, and for the work that they will no doubt do in the future.

Most marijuana activists that are volunteers don’t get appreciated nearly as much as they should, so by reaching out to them to let them know you are thankful for them and for their work, it just might be the encouragement that they need to keep going. Being an unpaid marijuana activists is hard, trust me I know, so I want to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart!

2014 was a HUGE year for marijuana, and there’s a lot to be thankful for. I want to specifically thank Travis Maurer, Leah Maurer, Sarah Duff, Anthony Johnson, and Dave Kopilak  for leading the Oregon campaign to victory. I also want to thank everyone else that worked for reform during the 2014 campaign in Oregon. It’s because of your efforts that I no longer have to live in fear, which means more to me than words can express. Thanks to every other marijuana activist in America and worldwide for your efforts! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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  1. I’m not so sure folks like Brooke Gehring are helping the cause. What the heck was she thinking when she quoted this talking about backyard gardens. “I guess as an industry, I worry that people will overproduce, and the people that overproduce and don’t have an outlet to be able to sell it, they might consider the option of selling it outside of the regulated market,” she says. This woman is in the industry!!! She hurts the cause more than helps in my opinion.

  2. Say….I want to be an activist! I write letters but am rather isolated…hard to believe, in California. I’m going to attempt to fix that soon. Suggestions? Where my efforts needs to be directed? Right now, I’m working on curriculum for those new to cannabis as medicine as my area of interest is integrative medicine.

    In other words, natural remedies other than “Big Pharma” if possible via education of choices: Ayruvedic, Chinese, Herbs, Nutrition, Contemplation, Meditation. The teachings of Gabor Mate, MD, William MD and Kristen Courtney, Todd Mikuriya MD, and all those in the biz of developing strains and on the cutting edge of the medicine [with few, if any, side effects and no contraindications, no reported deaths, either, I might add]. I love the Weed Blog. It’s how I’ve learned much of what I’ve learned in the last 10 months. Books, [You Tube and Articles]

    ‘Nuff said!! Thank You!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Johnny. Ending cannabis prohibition in Oregon has been decades in the making, taking so much work and time from so many people. Thank you and the Weed Blog for spreading the truth every single day. It is so great that we were able to pass a sensible policy that is already benefiting people’s lives and will improve the lives of so many. Charges have already been dropped and reduced in both Multnomah and Clackamas counties and I am aware of a specific case where a felony possession charge that would have brought jail time has been reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time or probation. Looking forward to years and states with more freedom and equality and so thankful to do my part.

  4. Everyone should look at the website of LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.They are current and former members of Law Enforcement, DEA, FBI, Customs, Prosecutors, Judges, and the former heads of the DEA’s of other countries and people like MI5 (the Brit’s FBI)
    Starting many years ago, they realized that the “War on Drugs” was actually Prohibition all over again with all of the same problems that it had the first time, and they speak from experiences that only people who have been in Law Enforcement and seen the harm its misuse can do to society can.

    They deserve the appreciation of all Americans for taking a brave stand on the biggest moral issue of our time, long before it was fashionable.

    Throughout America, police departments have a policy of not invading or arresting middle class Marijuana users. Now is the time to first extend that practice to Americans of all income levels, and most importantly, to end Prohibition once and for all.


    My particular passion is for Cancer patients. I’ve seen too many people die of Cancer, and dying of Cancer sucks — ask anyone doing it.

    The white house comment line is (202) 456-1111 and you can email the President at whitehouse.gov by going to their website and clicking on “contact us”

    You can find your Senator and Representatives on the web and they have phone numbers and email as well.

    Email them tonight and call them first thing tomorrow.
    Then call the NYT, WP and every other major newspaper.

    Every minute an American dies of Cancer.
    And its a horrible way to die!

  5. Thanks for weed blog.I look forward to it every day.A nice clean information source.Straight up essy to access and relevant info on many diffrrent levels.Im thankful for your site.

  6. I’m passing this around with some effect:

    The Prohibitionists are involved in mass murder. The Reagan-Bush administration tried to suppress the finding that cannabis is effective against cancer. You can look it up. Of course the Democrats did nothing when they had a chance.

    Cannabis cures cancer. Cancer kills 586,000 Americans every year. Every Prohibitionist is complicit in mass murder.

    Pass it on.

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