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This Weekend: Check Out The Panels At The FREE Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit


virtual cannabis entrepreneur summitThe first ever Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit takes place this weekend. It’s a completely free (yes, FREE!) event that will be live streamed over the internet, and is being put on by Green Flower Media. If you like cannabis, you will like this event which will feature dozens of 22-minute presentations by leading cannabis industry experts. All types of topics will be covered, from tips on how to get a cannabis industry license to the future of the cannabis industry and many things in between.

The event is going to be live streamed on the internet (again, for FREE!), so you can view it from the privacy of your own home. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks now, and I’m so excited that it’s happening tomorrow. In addition to the individual presentations, there will also be some very good panels taking place during the event. The topic of one of them is ‘How To Create Better Cannabis Content That Builds Your Brand And Following.’ The participants of that panel include Joel Milton from Baker, Holli Alberti from Healthy Headie Lifestyle, and one of my favorite people to follow in the cannabis industry, Alan Brochstein from 420 Investor.

I have been following Alan for awhile now on social media, and he’s honestly one of my favorite follows out there because he speaks the truth. There is an ethics problem in the industry, whether people want to admit it or not. I get that ripping off band-aids is not profitable in the cannabis industry, but it’s absolutely vital. Alan tells it like it is, doesn’t hold punches, and calls people out that are harmful for the industry. I respect that beyond words, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say at the Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit.

Another panel, ‘How you can help change cannabis laws’ is another panel that I’m looking forward to watching. One of my all time heroes, Amanda Reiman from the Drug Policy Alliance, will be participating. Like I always say, the industry and reform movement cannot be separated. Without activism, there would be no industry. This is a panel that I think every current and aspiring cannabis entrepreneur should watch. You will be hard pressed to find someone that is more of an expert on the topic than Amanda Reiman.

Below are other topics that will be covered at the event. Signing up for the event is easy, and can be done at this link here. Again, it’s completely free, and will involve 22 minute presentations from true cannabis experts in addition to the panels. Tell everyone that you know:

  • “The Future of Cannabis”
  • “5 Crucial Investment Lessons From One Of The Most Prolific Cannabis Investors In The World.”
  • “What are the real licensing opportunities in emerging cannabis markets?”
  • “Designing your perfect pitch – Hitting notes cannabis investors need to hear.”
  • “How to protect yourself and cannabis from the inevitable entry of big pharma and big agriculture.”
  • “How to find your unique niche in the cannabis industry.”
  • “How to build a cannabis products company the right way.”
  • “How to open up more and better distribution channels for your cannabis products.”
  • “How to avoid the most costly legal mistakes that happen every day in cannabis business.”
  • “Why it’s the right time for entrepreneurs and executives to enter the cannabis industry now.”
  • “The technology and software you need to run a highly efficient and compliant cannabis business.”
  • “The data about what cannabis consumers are actually buying at dispensaries.”
  • “Better, faster, easier ways to operate a fully compliant cannabis company.”
  • “Follow the money: The 12 sectors of the cannabis industry where investment dollars are going.”
  • “Business lessons learned from one of the world’s largest cannabis cultivators.”
  • “The wide-open business opportunities in Hemp.”
  • “Budtenders: 7 things they should know about patient care but often don’t.”
  • “Online marketing strategies to grow your cannabis business and build your brand.”


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  1. This summit was worth exactly what we all paid for it.
    While I didn’t expect any sort of top-level consulting advice to be broadcast over the internet for free, I did expect this to be more substantive than Business 101 for High School Freshmen.

    Many of the speakers were just laughable, ill-prepared and completely befuddled by the many technology problems the summit experienced.

    And the jargon was flying, boys and girls; I thought if I heard “pitch deck” one more time, I might vomit.

    Lots of that jargon came from wise sages of twenty-something who opined, for example, that no one needs an actual business plan anymore, just a good “pitch deck.”

    Then there were the geniuses from “DOPE” magazine who made the laughable claim that they are trying to change the image of cannabis culture.

    That’s exactly the magazine title I would pick to achieve such a goal.

    All-in-all, I have never seen a shoddier event that was supposed to be professional, and aimed at creating a professional market.

    Steve DeAngelo’s crocodile-tears speech was especially laughable, as he is supposed to be some kind of cannabis guru. His platitudes and insultingly obvious observations would make me afraid for the future of the cannabis industry, if I didn’t know that real seasoned professionals from outside of hippieville were quickly taking over the market.

    The host – some Ira Glass wannabe – was especially annoying, as was all the self-congratulatory cheer-leading that he did.

    Add to that the absolutely insipid commentary and non-stop self-promotion from the viewers, and the entire thing was a dismal failure, to me.

    And, yes, I endured all 16 practically insufferable hours of it, hoping that there would be at least one shining moment.

    There was one, and it came from Reggie Gaudino, a scientist who presented the topic of plant patents.

    Francis Prizner also delivered a professional and engaging twenty minutes.


    Don’t worry skoallio or Trollallio, whoever you are, your kind including the prohibs will be running for cover once people in the Cannabis reform movement find out groups like No2Pot, Project SAM, Parents Opposed to Pot and etc endorse abuse, btw enjoy that remaining time is left, evidence is mounting that Kevin Sabet’s Project SAM is nothing more than a entity for Melvin and Betty Sembler

    New info on two individuals in California who are in the anti Cannabis movement and who are connected to Melvin Sembler

    For those who do not know Paul Chabot, his website mentions he is endorsed by Melvin Sembler

    Carla Lowe and Scott Chipman of CALM (Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana/Cannabis) based in California is also connected to Melvin Sembler

    “Among other things Straight and some Straight officials should have been charged with child abuse, torture, violations of human rights and civil liberties, false imprisonments and fraud. Certainly Straight and its officials should not be setting national drug policy. Yet, as previously mentioned, Straight Foundation, under its new name, DFAF, is one of the sponsors of the upcoming DATIA workshop. In fact, besides DFAF, the list of workshop sponsors include: Institute on Global Drug Policy (a division of DFAF ) [4], International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse (which is directed by Calvina Fay who is also the director of DFAF), the Legal Foundation Against Illicit Drugs which was formed by Calvina Fay of DFAF, Carla Lowe and Joyce Nalepka (of Drug Free Kids: America’s Challenge [5]); Drug Free Kids: America’s Challenge; and Save Our Society From Drugs which was formed by DFAF’s Betty Sembler.”


  3. Charts? You mentioned charts, but I don’t seen any camera phone pictures. You’re slipping.

    I know you watch oil prices, but have you seen the price of homes in Colorado? If no one wants to live near anything cannabis related, then why has real estate after full legalization become such a seller’s market? In March of 2015, prices for single-family homes went up by a record 10% just that month. In January of 2014, the average price for single-family home in Colorado was $305k. Know what it is as of April 2016? The average price for a home in Colorado is now $371k, according to the Colorado Association of Realtors. If your presumption was right, the prices would have dropped, not increased. The market has been described as “record breaking.”

    In this case, you’re not just wrong, you got it completely backwards. Maybe you should delete this comment like you did the last one.

    So here we are. Again. You’ve been proven wrong. Again.

    So tell me — why do you troll TWB? What does this behavior do for you, precisely?

  4. Do something to get rid of the stigma. Most voters still see legalization as a lesser evil instead of something good. Cannabis NIMBY is off the charts. No one wants to live near anything cannabis related. Its always the shittiest areas where dispensaries are built, equivalent to landfills.

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