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Tickets Are Still Available For The Women Grow Portland Chapter Summer Social


women growThe funnest times I have ever had at Oregon cannabis events has been at the Portland Women Grow chapter events I’ve attended, hands down. The amount of enthusiasm and excitement at their networking events is like nothing I have ever experienced before at events in Oregon, industry related or otherwise. Everyone at the event is the head of a cannabis company, works for a cannabis company, or is trying to get into the cannabis industry. I was able to confirm the babysitter for Friday night, and plan on attending their event this Friday with the wife and Jay Smoker. It’s Jay Smoker’s birthday Friday, and even if he tries to fight it, I’m fairly certain I can peer pressure him into coming out, because it’s going to be a celebration atmosphere.

This event will have some stellar networking opportunities, but it is also going to have BBQ’d food, wine, beer, a funk band, and there’s even going to be a consumption tent sponsored by The Weed Blog. I plan on being in that tent early and often, and I plan on consuming some of Oregon’s finest. As far as I know there are still tickets to the event, but that they are running out fast, as they always do for Portland Women Grow chapter events. If you have already been to an event, then you know what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t been to one of their events, you are really missing out. There is simply no other organization that empowers and educates talented women in the expanding Oregon cannabis industry like Women Grow does.

If you can’t make it to the event, you can still keep up-to-date on all things Portland Women Grow chapter related, including their upcoming events, by texting WGPDX to 420420. Below is more information about the event, via Eventbrite:

Please join our Women Grow Portland Chapter for a summer social event!

This event is our first social event and will be done so in true summertime backyard barbeque fashion!  We will have barbeque catered in and self serve beer, wine, and water.

Dove Driver, a local Portland funk band, will be there playing music from 7-9 p.m.  Check out their amazingness here www.dovedriver.com

Also, The Weed Blog will be sponsoring a consumption tent!  There will be several different methods of cannabis consumption offered, and attendees may bring their own as well. Identification will be checked at the tent, so please make sure to have that on hand.  The tent is for adults 21 and up only.

There is absolutely NO PARKING available at this venue.  Women Grow Portland Chapter has set up a shuttle to run from Riverdale Grade School for the duration of the event. Please plan to park at their parking lot and take the shuttle to the venue

There will not be a formal programming portion of this event.  This event is designed for us to enjoy the beautiful Portland summer outdoors and get to know each other better.  This event is for adults 21 and up only, please.  We hope to see you all there!



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  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Relax. The ladies are essential to RE-legalized cannabis. After all, the hype and hysteria have always surrounded female cannabis flowers for NO good reason. Reality is more simple: “The women got the men like a puppet show….That’s right! Women are smarter than men,” according to Bobby Weir, co-founder of The Grateful Dead.

  2. Still waiting to see their credentials…how many are college grads that got better than a 2.0? Do any of them have actual education that is pertinent to what they are doing? What is their average IQ like, are they all very smart people- the ones who should be calling the shots? Do they work more and harder than most other people?

    Or am I to believe that being on top requires nothing better than average other then being fun and having $?

  3. Sunnie Day Sanchez on

    Sounds like a great time with great people. I can feel the greatness right now/meow!

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