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Tickets Go On Sale Next Week For The High Times Cannabis Cup In Pueblo, Colorado


I went to the High Times medical cannabis cup in Denver in 2012, and again the following year after recreational marijuana became legal. Both of those Cups were held at a venue called the Exdo Center in Denver. It was a beautiful venue with a lot of unique characteristics that made it a very fun place to attend a Cup. I had attended Cups in other states, but the Cups at the Exdo Center were particularly awesome in my opinion.

In 2014 and 2015 the Cup was held at a different location, a place called Denver Mart. I have never attended an event at that venue. When High Times applied for a permit to have the event at Denver Mart again, it was denied by Adams County officials. Per The Cannabist:

But after a couple well-attended but legally contentious years at the Denver Mart, an expo center in unincorporated Adams County just outside of Denver, commissioners unanimously said no last week to the event’s 2016 permit. A number of law enforcement officials warned the commission that there were too many people sampling too many cannabis products openly at past Cups.

“From a safety perspective, I have serious concerns about this event and this venue,” Adams County Sheriff Michael McIntosh told the commission.

After getting turned down for a permit in the Denver area, High Times appears to have found a location near Pueblo, Colorado. It’s a venue called ‘The Yard’ and looks like a very large venue, which is good because there’s likely to be tens of thousands of people attending the event. According to High Times’ page for the event, tickets go on sale next week. The High Times Cannabis Cup in Pueblo will take place April 16-18. You can find out more about it, and purchase tickets, at this link here.

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  1. I have 1 room, king size smoking at Motel 8 for April 16-17th. DM me with best offer by April 1st.

  2. O ya and, AHHHHH Your lil piggy slave masters didn’t like you getting to high last time, now they had to slap your lil rist and sent you on your high toe bootlicking sheepself way!

  3. Hahahah Wow! In sh*t kicker Pueblo! At least, I would think about going down there though, now that they’ll be less idiots from Denver showing up, it might be pretty cool!

  4. Charles hammer on

    pot smokers should unite they would be a politicial power house and no politicians can get in their way .

  5. If you are traveling to the event realize there will be no rooms available.

    The motels fill up in Pueblo on a normal weekend let alone 30,000 extra folks needing a place to stay.

    Call now, you might get lucky for the next couple days.

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