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TIME’s Red Border Film: “A Journey For Oil” On Medical Marijuana For Children


time magazine marijuanaI was contacted by the nice people at TIME who informed me that they created a new documentary about medical marijuana and children. I haven’t had time to watch it yet due to my work schedule, but I encourage readers to check it out and leave a comment below this article with your reviews. More information about the documentary:

Today TIME releases the Red Border Film– “A Journey for Oil,”a short documentary looking at the quasi-legal, science-free world of medical marijuana for children. The film, along with an extensively reported piece by TIME’s Kate Pickert, are now on Time.com. http://time.com/pot-kids/

Pickert writes, “About 100,000 U.S. children have intractable epilepsy—a treatment-resistant category of the disease characterized by uncontrolled seizures—and for some of their parents, medical marijuana has gained a reputation as a wonder drug. Fueled by success stories on Facebook and family blogs, these parents are acquiring marijuana through quasi-legal and illegal means, giving their children a derivative oil low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes psychoactive effects, but high in cannabidiol (CBD), one of the hundreds of other compounds found in the plant. And yet there is little science about the safety or efficacy of treating children with CBD.”

Amanda Reiman, manager of the marijuana law and policy unit for the Drug Policy Alliance, tells TIME, ”All of a sudden you have these parent groups, which traditionally you’d think would be in opposition to any kind of liberalization of marijuana policies, and they have become the biggest advocates in favor of access.”

Pickert also writes, “[P]arents admit they are, in effect, experimenting on their children. Some of them do so with a doctor’s help, tracking how the compound interacts with other drugs and measuring progress over time. But just as often, it seems, parents are going it alone…. Although many of the parents who spoke to TIME insisted on anonymity, none refused to be interviewed. In the absence of medical guidance or research, these parents swap tales and experiences on Facebook pages and online discussion boards, eager to share miraculous stories of how their children and families have been transformed by CBD.”

Watch the film here: http://ti.me/1uHiNjg
See the full package here: http://time.com/pot-kids/

Red Border Films is TIME’s documentary filmmaking unit and interactive digital platform, featuring deeply reported films by TIME journalists and photojournalists.


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  1. It’s a very scary thing to see a child subjected to any drug. But that guy was right, he was already using medications that could kill her. Marijuana is a safe option. These people are very brave and have my support.

  2. The parents just prove that marijuana worked for them. If my children was ill I would try anything.

  3. Yes, but what to do? I’m no less guilty than you for pointing at the faults and the faulty people, but we must somehow do something – educate people and do research to support that education. There were some touching moments in the video, but there were also moments that opponents could (and would) point at to support their damned firmly entrenched stance against. And calling them out in a voice of anger and frustration will serve only to further entrench them. It won’t cause them to reassess their opinions – which is what we need. And that’s because of the culture of divisiveness that comes from the very top of our country’s leadership. Everybody has to be white or black. You have to be on one side or the other and hate your opponents. That just sucks so bad. Somehow we have to find and share compassion where our political leaders are incapable. We’ve got to do it ourselves.

  4. Marijuana, despite it being Schedule I, has had more research dedicated to finding the “bad” aspects of its use, aside from the historically attested use dating back thousands of years ago The research has came up with little to no “bad”. The criticism is always the same. “We need more research”. The research is there. Here are some of the faces of the numerous people who claim that marijuana helps them in some way. It is non-toxic and hasn’t killed anyone. None of the same could be said about the “well-researched” “traditional” medications that do little to nothing to help the ailment and have numerous (sometimes deadly) side-effects, many of which are discovered years later. The pharmaceutical companies can afford lawsuits from the deaths and side-effects caused by the drugs they sell, because they’ve already sold billions of dollars worth. The only difference between them and drug dealers is they have the FDA to back them up.

  5. Its obvious in the documentary who the real experts are at this point in time. And how clueless the children’s hospital is about marijuana as medicine, thanks to the war on drugs and the federal government.

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