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Tips For Avoiding Getting Caught Growing Marijuana


marijuana grow roomAre You a Smart Marijuana Gardener?

While you may think your system is unbeatable, the chances are that you may have missed something. Germinating cannabis seeds is indeed illegal and unless you live in a country where it isn’t, you need to never forget it.

The tragedy of this is that you probably grow just enough for yourself and aren’t harming anyone with your private (probably indoor) garden packed with your favourite strains. The police possibly won’t see it this way, so you are best to do all you can to hide what you are doing and stay smart!

Here are some of the most common reasons why growers get caught. Avoid these and you should stay out of trouble…


While I’m not saying you can’t trust your friends, I always suggest that you tell the absolute bare minimum of people about what you’re up to. You may be able to keep your lips sealed, but you can’t control what your friends do and they may accidentally let it slip to someone who will then go on and inform the police. Keep it secret, keep it safe!

Shop Surveillance

Some of the materials used to grow cannabis flag up on some shop monitoring systems. Online grow shops tend not to keep records any more so you should be safe there, but if you walk into a supermarket and buy certain items, particularly in bulk, you may find the cops at your door based on this information.

Sniffy Visitors

If you live where your grow room is, you will get used to the smell. But if a television engineer, a meter reader or even a pizza delivery driver gets that unmistakable whiff, they can grass you up in no time.

Photo Developing

And finally, one which is often over looked by growers and cannabis seed fans everywhere; people who work in photo developing places have a legal responsibility to inform the authorities if they spot anything that looks illegal. You standing in front of a white widow forest in your front room, smoking a giant spliff, may just grab their attention.


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  1. I am new to growing medical marijuana and someone told me to “top off” my plants so they get bushy and grow more buds…when do I do this?  After the new plants have 5 or 6 layers of leaves?  Is this even true?  Any advice or help would be appreciated greatly as I have to grow my own and cannot afford to buy it.Please send any tips or advice as to how to grow the bushiest and most productive plant.

  2. Great tips.  It is also important not to arouse suspicion when your buds are coming and going from your house.  Cops can search your house if they bust you in your car, so it is important to carry your weed in odor proof packaging.  My company Gro Gro Gadgets makes a smell proof bag called the Black Magic Odor Barrier Bag. This bag is the best thing out there for convenient and discreet bulk storage of the stinkiest dank. These bags are as smell proof as vacuum seal, but they are way easier to use and more convenient to open and close. We have successfully tested these bags with dogs and raccoons and bears, and even in a hot car. Dont believe me? Think I am just peddling some cr@p product? Why not test one for yourself? I will send a free medium size Black Magic Odor Barrier Bag to anyone who wants one (in North America), leave a mailing address on the contact form at my website GroGroGadgets.com, and don’t worry, the shipping is as discreet as the bag.Thanks for indulging this shameless self promotion- give me a break, Im working here (bubble, bubble…cough, cough)

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