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Tips For How To Roll The Best Marijuana Joint


How To Roll A Marijuana Joint

By Aarr Kellz, Spaceship Earth Farms

There are many ways to roll a joint, but I have found this to be a tried and true method that seems to work every time, and leave my joints burning smooth and evenly.

Materials That you will need:
-1 gram of ground cannabis.
-1 1-1/4” Rolling Paper

In this picture, Mama Meemers uses a little bit of ground Geoffery and a RAW hemp paper to prepare a joint. I used orange zig zags for years, but prefer unbleached hemp papers, as I think they are a healthier alternative, and it’s is why we choose them over anything else.

best marijuana joint

Ok, start by grinding up your bud. I love using a coffee/herb grinder to complete this task. You can find a decent one such as the one in the picture at stores everywhere, or online for as little as $10.00. These are great, and if you breath into the lid before you grind, you can catch a lot of keif, which can be used to to sprinkle in the middle of your joint.
best marijuana joint
Once you have your herb ground up, prepare your rolling paper for insertion. Meemers here, likes to do a final inspection to make certain there are no stems or seeds. When you sprinkle the cannabis into the rolling paper, you are going to be tempted to place the majority of it in the middle, and not on the edges. This is usually what causes joints to appear pregnant, or look kind of like a whale.

What you really want to do is sprinkle some cannabis in the paper, and spread it so that it is gathered on both sides, and less in the middle. This way, as you roll, it will spread out more evenly and come out straight like a cylinder.

Begin rolling with the index finger and thumb of both hands, making sure to tuck the weed in as you roll. Once you have rolled it all the way to the edge, wet the end of the paper (we use our tongues) and seal. Next, wet your lips and insert the entire joint into your mouth being careful not to let it touch the inside of your mouth or your tongue. Then grab the end of the joint and pull it out of your mouth, allowing the saliva on your lips to gently coat the paper. Be careful not to pull the paper across dry lips, as it may tear. Once you have wet the joint, set it down and allow it to air dry for a minute or two. Often referred to as baptizing, this process allows the joint to have a more even burn and have less of a chance of running or canoeing.

best marijuana joint
Now it’s time to light up!

Joints are great. They can be shared, hidden in the brim of a hat, behind an ear, and even eaten to made disappear! Get to rolling and make some new friends. :)

best marijuana joint

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  1. Agree …. When I watch someone start to roll on the table I say, give me the tray I’ll do it!

  2. I’m with ya bro, I can roll factory cigarettes with a single wide zig zag and may even trim off a little of the 1.0 if I feel like it …..

    But try this trick, take a smoke and cut the paper with a razor along the glue line …. Then dump out the tobacco and roll one with that small paper and no glue!

  3. You’re lucky! Been rolling for decades with only moderate improvement. Once in a while I get factory roll but that’s before stoned. Lol

  4. And if you roll will anything other than just your hands then you can’t fucking roll…period.

  5. Seriously you think you can roll lol… I can roll a joint in under 5 seconds that looks like a factory cigarette and won’t run… without even looking. There is no secret just break it up properly and create your own method that fits you… and one thing that’s kind of stupid is people saying a pregnant joint is perfect not true to prevent that just simply put a pile of herb under each finger and a lot less in the middle when you start rolling and it will fix itself, if anyone thinks that they can beat me I am up for it I won’t say challenge lol but you get the just of it.

  6. Ugh… with ya there, please don’t drool all over it! If I’m close to someone (as in would share a plate of food with them) I don’t mind *as much* but casual buddies.. nope. “Uhhh, you can have the one you just drooled on, I’ll smoke my own” >.>

  7. Pretty sure there was THC in my genes as I was conceived, my mother can roll a joint in each hand at the same time and they come out perfect -.-‘ I … cannot do that. I use a rolling machine, because I like a nice even joint and I did not inherit that particular talent. RAW makes both an organic hemp paper and the unbleached linen (brown) paper. The hemp ones are lighter, and .. softer? They can tear easier, not bad, but enough to notice a difference from the others if you make it fat. The linen brown ones are my favourites, no taste and they hold together pretty well.

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell what size roller to use for what size papers, 79mm is what I use for 1.25″ papers.

  8. yelnick mcwawa on

    got to be one of the worst looking joints. keep on trying remember practice makes perfect

  9. Good thing i already know how to roll very very well ’cause I learned nothing here. Completely wetting a joint is for nOObs!!!

  10. that whole baptizing would get you punched where I grew up, esp. is it was som1 else’s weed you were “baptizing”. if you don’t mind slightly wetter than normal j’s, try the backwards, or 1- layer joint. start with the glue edge facing you, on the end of the paper you’re going to tuck under(instead of like normal).roll and tuck as normal,being careful not to crimp the edge as you tuck(you want the glue on the inside, facing out) then when its rolled and tucked, use water(not slobber!) to soak through the paper layer,sticking it to the glue, and tear off the remaining flap. smoke less paper!

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