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To All My Liberal Friends: Marijuana Is The New Swing Vote


vote for marijuanaWritten by badweather

I’ve fought along side you on many and varied issues over the years. As many of you know, I am not a liberal. I’m not a conservative either. What I am is a free thinker. I don’t believe people are so horrible that we can’t govern ourselves and I believe strongly in the human capacity for cooperation. I lean to the left so the company I’ve kept has always been democrat and liberal.

I worked for ACORN for five very difficult years right up until the end. Sometimes 16 hour days and 4 hours of sleep. I lost my brother to suicide in 2008 while I ran a voter registration drive employing 400 people and registering 24,500 new voters in Indianapolis. Indiana, as we all know, is a very conservative state, which has voted democrat in a presidential election only three times in its history. We were significant players in getting Barack Obama elected. So I’ve earned your attention on this matter in my opinion.

I’ve put aside my issue of marijuana legalization for three decades and worked on social and liberal issues but the time has come to work on ending the war on drugs and in particular the war on Marijuana.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a saying: “It’s not the words of your enemies you remember, but the silence of your friends.

In the last year, I have been ramping up for the push to legalize marijuana in Illinois. For some reason my liberal friends are silent on this. Why?

Instead, Rand Paul is vocally in support of ending the drug war, or at least decriminalizing it. Is this what you want? Republicans to take up the mantle of legalization and rise to power on a wedge that will increasingly show democrats to be just as politically clueless as republicans?

But still, our democrat friends remain silent.

This is not right. Two states have voted to legalize Cannabis! Marijuana is the new swing vote. It’s time for liberals, and democrats to jump on this change. Don’t let republicans turn this into a wedge issue.

Allowing the police state to rise on the back of the war on drugs was a huge mistake. We could have fought harder, or remained less silent but for 40 years, we’ve been bashing hippies instead of admitting that we have been right all along. And my liberal friends have been silent. And the democrats are just as bad as republicans when it comes to every significant policy other than social issues. Barack Obama has only legalized and “legitimized” the indiscretions of George W. Bush much like the difference between Caesar and Augustus in ancient Rome. Barack Obama, though a member of the “Choom gang” whose sole purpose was to smoke pot together, has prosecuted more medical marijuana growers from states that have legalized than George W. Bush ever did. So of course, the hippies get tossed under the bus again by liberals, and democrats. Why?

Let me say this again: Weed is the new swing vote. Don’t continue making this same mistake, support our cause and help us stop the war on our medicine. Most of us would rather support the obviously socially progressive attitude of democrats, but are appalled at them ignoring the legalization of marijuana.

Stop remaining silent, it’s time you got in this fight.

Right now there is a legislative session break in the Illinois Legislature during which time we need to raise money to help our efforts lobbying Illinois legislators and push them in the right direction. Please consider making a donation to Illinois NORML today.

Please consider sending a donation to NORML, or the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, or Americans for Safe Access to assist in lobbying efforts of people like myself who need marijuana for medicinal purposes. All four of these organizations do excellent work and are essential to our success, have been working for years, decades in some cases, and are extremely effective ways to help. Even a small amount counts.

Talk to your friends, let them know you support ending the war on drugs. Forward this message to them and ask them to get involved.

Marijuana is the safest, most therapeutic plant ever discovered according to DEA administrative law judge Francis L. Young.

It’s time to heal our planet and cannabis is a huge part of the medicine that we need both in environmental, economic and medical theatres, this plant, cannabis hemp can restore a sustainable economy based upon nature rather than petro chemicals, repairing our economy at the same time we heal the earth and our bodies.

Every day I read something new and exciting about some new therapeutic benefit of marijuana. What do you read every day about alcohol? Tobacco?

Many new things have come to light about cannabis, it’s a potential cancer cure / cancer prevention, is being looked at for it’s anti-Alzheimers potential, as well as its potential to treat and prevent diabetes. It is really the only non-toxic drug known, has never killed a person, is non-addictive because our bodies need it, and use it to modulate our immune systems, memory, and many other systems in the human and in fact all mammalian bodies. Because our bodies actually need cannabinoids, it stores itself in our fat cells. Drugs don’t usually do this because most drugs are toxic and must be eliminated quickly because of that. Not so with cannabinoids, and they derive their non-addictive nature from this fact.

Please take the time to look at the information I have gathered at several websites I personally maintain, get educated and get involved.

Small Marijuana Growers United and HempSaves.net

Do not remain silent anymore. This is a natural liberal issue, but if you allow republicans to seize this as a wedge issue and merely have a contrarian knee-jerk response and pretend that the “weed heads” are just silly and Rand Paul is silly for supporting it, democrats will probably regret this decision. Because Rand Paul is a certain kind of crazy, but so are we all. You included. So when you write off people saying things like Drone kill lists are unconstitutional and marijuana should be decriminalized, just because the person has radical views otherwise, doesn’t do a bit of service to our country or our politics.

The 2016 presidential election is going to be a landslide referendum on marijuana. You might want to catch this wave.

I keep asking this question: “how do you ask the last person to die for the war on drugs?”

End the war on our medicine.

Update: Nancy Pelosi certainly has a better position on the marijuana issue than Rand Paul, but Elizabeth Warren could use some tips regarding this.

Contribute to the cause:

Americans For Safe Access

Marijuana Policy Project

Illinois NORML

Drug Policy Alliance

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  1. marijuana is not about democrates, republicans, libertarians, or any other political party. It is about our vote that was hijacked by (pursuant to health and safety code 138.57 thru 138.69) added by Hillery Clinton.

  2. badweatherrr on

    Open Source? I have probably been doing that before you heard of it. Technical stuff. IEC Fusion Technology is one of my recent open source projects. I helped with the World’s First BBS. – Open Source. Back in ’78.

    Wow, sure are full of yourself man, and crackpot as well…

    yeah, I’m sorry I let you waste my time on this,

    and you end up with a plug for this Rockford DC pot Rabbi, wow.

    yeah, last for sure.

  3. badweatherrr on

    yes, condescending and arrogant as well. You haven’t even made any arguments, just plugs for the DC Pot Rabbi coming to Rockford…

    Sorry, I call it how I see it. Tried to have a real conversation but you’re more interested in trolling I think.

    And these really funny things:

    I used to (when I was an AC) base my thinking on what I hoped and my own
    personality. I now base my thinking on what I actually see. It reduces
    disappointment and I focus on what I can actually accomplish vs what I
    hope for. i.e. I can clean the water – I can’t turn it directly into

    You’ve still continued to make the mistake of regarding me as an anarcho-communist when I’m more interested in a finer grained discussion of anarchism in general from a more anthropological view resulting in actual things learned and perhaps tool box enhanced, but instead, you continue to pretend that you’re light years beyond me and I’ll eventually get where you are… blah, blah, blah not useful at all…. condescending, jerk like behavior yes…

    and characterizing my “utopian” beliefs as again, hippie dippy starry eyed naivety… yeah, right, but you haven’t really raised anything but I’m older and wiser and you should just agree with me….. I’m so next century kid…

    lame… neo-liberal lame in fact…

    sorry, it is what it is dude…

  4. Open Source? I have probably been doing that before you heard of it. Technical stuff. IEC Fusion Technology is one of my recent open source projects. I helped with the World’s First BBS. – Open Source. Back in ’78.

    Now point to me an open source steel mill. Or refinery. That takes more capital than you can raise on Kickstarter. Sure you can do lots of small stuff open source. But once you get into big things you will need capital and that capital will want a return on investment. “Mine” kicks in. ROI keeps people focused.

    Well I’m already one beyond the end and I have paying work to do.

    Have an interesting life. If that is what you want. I have. And am.

    Here is something I’m currently doing:

    DC Pot Rabbi Comes To Rockford

  5. Jerk? (your arguments must be quite weak to resort to that sort of thing) OK. This is my last.

    You may have a less dim view. Fine. Now explain why the idiot box is more popular than self education? American Idol etc.

    The ‘net is full of educational material. You can learn fusion physics if you want to.

    IEC Fusion Technology

    People could learn things that might actually make what you want work. Gardening. Manufacturing. Robotics. etc. But they don’t. You have to ask your self why? My take is that slavery is not too uncomfortable for most.

    I used to (when I was an AC) base my thinking on what I hoped and my own personality. I now base my thinking on what I actually see. It reduces disappointment and I focus on what I can actually accomplish vs what I hope for. i.e. I can clean the water – I can’t turn it directly into wine.

    Good luck to you – and avoid getting busted. Or worse.

  6. badweatherrr on

    Look at herd animals. Most animals in the herd prefer to be on the
    inside with their noses in the posteriors of others in the middle. Those
    who want the danger and the free air of the edge are not the commonest.
    Humans are herd animals. Which is why anarcho dreams do not last. I
    suggest a study of herd animals.

    The idea of resistance is quite romantic.

    You are such a jerk.

    I actually have a less dim view of people. Which you attribute to my naivety.

    In actuality it is my deeper study of the human condition and reading the right people who are not by their own admission “optimistic” yet they retain “hope”

    Which is really not naivety at all.

    So you can certainly learn something from me, I certainly could from you, but that would require a willingness on both our parts to actually engage in a discussion. Which if you continue to refuse by claiming anarchism and resistance as dead and being unwilling to actually develop speech and frames based upon reality and reclaiming that space.

    Which is all going on around us as we speak in the 3D printing / maker bot maker space decentralized manufacturing revolution and there’s no stopping this either, there’s just grabbing a hold and going for the ride, or you can keep observing your defeatist propaganda based “teaching”, your “mine” gene thinking, which is just a eugenicists thinking, masters thinking where by we politicize our supposed biologic differences, basically when you try and get me to be agreeable based upon the idea that I’m in the narrow 1% of humanity, playing upon my ego, which is certainly a thing that neo-libs and neo-conservatives both do. It’s a tactic of fascists as well.

    Hierarchical arrangements are not natural and I do disagree with you, but it isn’t starry eyed anarchist thinking. It’s fresh, new, decentralized, and light footed, and nimble.

    I refuse to work in a corporation ever. I’m a freelancer and I do everything by donation.

    Musicians are being forced into the new world you say can’t exist. It already does.

    Here’s a way forward for artists in the open source / crowd source economy:

    Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

  7. badweatherrr on

    Graeber has been calling for a biblical style debt jubilee for some time. So have I, long before I heard of or read Graeber.

    So he totally covered the Jewish people in Debt.

    You’ve obviously not read it or you would know that.

    I can summarize: It helps with the conspiracy theorists as well, because the Jewish law that allowed for the financial rape of foreigners, is what made them the bankers of Europe. More specifically the bankers of kings and when the king didn’t want to pay his debt, he’d sometimes drum up a pogrom and the narrative that Jewish people ate babies, which then would lead to pitchforked frenzies of ethnic cleansing in the kingdom, and then the king could forget those lost monies…. thus the Jewish banker stories people tell, probably grounded in the kings lies from past ill advised ventures of a usually violent nature. I could go on…

    Listen, I make all sorts of common cause too. I think it’s annoying that you’ve made lots of assumptions along the way here and are mostly kind of trolling really while attempting to be “above the fray” of the conversation.

    Your suggestion that something ails me is so completely obnoxious and you don’t even understand why I’ll bet.

    You’re attempting to psycho-pathologize my non-conformity. Which is again, condescending as hell.

    Don’t try and fix me. That’s the annoying thing that radicals like me don’t like. I don’t need fixing.

    My view is not based upon a narrow world view but rather the decades of studying post industrial man in the field as a freelance anthropologist and studying the differing ideologies that are generally believed to be the dominant narratives but which are draped over our anarchistic and communistic roots. Which is why I say that underneath it all, we’re all communists and anarchists.

    Liberals are against identifying with groups and classes of people and therefore all they can do is suggest I remove the speck in my eye and then I might be able to see…. confronting power is not possible when liberals can only suggest that I not identify with these groups… But see, Karl Marx was right about that, it’s classes of people, not individuals that change power, so without that essential observation of Marx in the mix, you will end up just serving the Neo-liberal overlards in the end.

    So you claim to have left liberalism behind but you’re doing it… in the way you’re using patriarchy yourself and trying to psycho-pathologize my non-conformity and suggesting Buddhism for what ails me…

    You go ahead and teach, I’ll teach fighting, because someone has to actually do it.

  8. I don’t know what to do with a malcontent? There is nothing to do. So I do nothing. It avoids wasting energy. So why do I discuss with you? Not for you. For lurkers.

    If slavery bothers you there is an easy way out. Don’t be a slave.

    What you will find generally is that the enticements of slavery are too much for most people to resist. Most folks prefer an easy life to a hard one. And in today’s world as in ages past slavery offered the easiest life. No thinking required. Food and shelter will be provided. Just do the work assigned. You have nothing to offer those people. For those who do not wish to be slaves there is nothing you need offer. They will find a way. Or make one.

    Look at herd animals. Most animals in the herd prefer to be on the inside with their noses in the posteriors of others in the middle. Those who want the danger and the free air of the edge are not the commonest. Humans are herd animals. Which is why anarcho dreams do not last. I suggest a study of herd animals.

    Here roughly are the facts of life: About 90% want to be slaves. About 9% want to be masters. About 1% want to be free.

    The idea of resistance is quite romantic. I was romanced by it at one time myself. Here is what I learned: resistance is futile. But you can educate. As to your idea of sharing – you run up against the two year old mind in most humans. Mine, mine, mine, mine.

    You claim anthropology. I claim human nature as evidenced. You can’t beat the “mine” gene. You might as well figure out how to work with it.

  9. I make common cause with all groups. “Them” as well as “us”.

    As to debt. Graeber from what I can see makes no mention of the Jewish system which I have studied extensively and which is rather old. The word “jubilee” comes from the Jewish system of debt. And also the Jewish system of slavery. You might want to study it some time. It is very interesting. The Egyptian system of property as well.

    You might also try “The Mystery of Capital” by deSoto. There used to be a very good essay on the subject by deSoto online. Look around. deSoto proposes Capitalism without debt based on some very ancient systems. Egypt among others.

    The key to escaping the system is to be free of fear.

    I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain.

    Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear.

    To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. Sun Tzu

    I suggest Buddhism for what ails you.


    As to breaking prohibition. My tactic is to make “endocannabinoid” a household word. I don’t fight. I teach.

  10. badweatherrr on

    You said:

    Re: slavery. You have a problem. The vast majority of humanity want to
    be slaves. Regular food. A nice warm hut. No violence. Free men are far
    too few.

    This is no different than the neo-Hobbesian view that we’re all small minded, mean spirited and nasty and coldly calculating each others worth looking for the first opportunity to slit each others throats and steal our stuff…. in short elitist thinking if you ask me… and condescending and arrogant too.

    this is your problem mostly, and the romance of anarchism is a bucket of shit, I live in reality because I prefer it over the fantasy. You can pretend all you like that I’m this starry eyed young thing, but it’s BS dude, I’m clearly wasting my time.

  11. badweatherrr on

    In 20 or 30 years I’ll be dead gramps…

    Stop with the patriarchy dude, I don’t care when you were born, why does your age make your wrongness any more right?

    Graebers perspectives are new, mine also, so stop with the patriarchy.

    How old do you think I am?

    Have you read Debt the first 5000 years.

    It isn’t naivety that you’re running up against here. So please stop with the condescending attitude and answer those two questions please?

    His question to everyone is “Why can’t we think big anymore?”

    Why are we all relegated to tinkering at the margins while our planet burns?

  12. You are confusing “resistance is futile” with “change is not possible”. So let me be clearer.

    Resistance is futile. Change IS possible.

    Fresh perspective? I was into anarcho communism before you were born. For me your perspective is rather old.

    Changing minds works better than resistance. I don’t expect you to see it at your age. Give it 20 or 30 years.

  13. badweatherrr on

    this is classic liberal thought, i have to change myself and stop identifying with oppressed groups in order to “change” things.

    Liberals find my making common cause with a specific group distasteful and in fact they accuse me of dehumanizing myself saying I’m an anarchist…

    Classic difference of opinion between radicals and liberals. Lierre Keith explains it very well.

    So for liberals, it’s about fixing yourself, but that becomes just the cult of happiness…

    And I’m this malcontent, that you don’t know what to do with…. So the ideas that I have are much maligned, and rejected but what I have said is powerful stuff… the current form of slavery is draped over how we humans already do everything which is by communistic and anarchistic behavior where we just share things. That’s what anthropologists can offer to the discussion. That for the most part, people didn’t bother themselves with calculating each others worth, that was a terrible Roman law internalized. The idea we could sell ourselves as slaves for a period of time. And this is the basis of our current enslavement.

    But I say; “It takes more than 16 hours of freedom to recover from 8 hours of slavery”

    If you read David Graeber, you might think differently too…

  14. badweatherrr on

    whatever dude, for moment I was taking this discussion seriously, but the whole “resistance is futile” thing just has me rolling on the floor right now…

    Thanks for the laugh tho…

    You’re not even listening to me… read the material I’ve given you…

    Stop with the over 65 analysis of communism and how much fear you assume I have…

    See, there you go, trying to harness something…

    When you want to have a real discussion let me know, until then know that you don’t know….

    I don’t care how long you’ve been thinking about things… try a fresh new perspective, and stop with the discounting out of hand the material I’ve suggested you read.

    It really is the best stuff for you.

    And then watch these videos explaining the differences between liberals and radicals:


    I’ll bet you’re a liberal, and I’m a radical

    we’re going to disagree ultimately but you’re guilty of not understanding class consciousness and the one thing Marx did get right which is it’s classes of people that subjugate other classes of people.

    Now you’re going to pigeon hole me where ever you like. But it will be wrong unless you actually have a conversation with me. In order to do that, you’ll have to watch the videos in the playlist where Lierre Keith explains the difference between liberals and radicals.

    Lets just start there. Try it. Watch, then discuss.

  15. “We need to build a culture of resistance.”

    Resistance is futile. Really. If you want to do something useful – join the Masters – they will let you be as free as you want to be, mostly. As long as you are useful. And you need not oppress your fellow man to be useful. They need people who can run power plants. Even more people who can design them. And once you are inside teach them something.

    Their problem is the same as yours. Fear. Free yourself from fear and then teach them that.

    Communism? It is to laugh. The incentives are wrong. Think about the drug war. People will do extraordinary things for profit. Communism doesn’t harness that part of human nature.

  16. You don’t get it: They will raise an army and subjugate you. Anarchists don’t do the army thing well.

    The slavery you fear is a thing of the mind.

    What ever you fear will be used against you. Free yourself from fear. It is the only way to be free.

    And I am quite familiar with fractional reserve banking and debt slavery. A devil’s bargain.

    I’m 68 – I was probably thinking about these issues well before you were born. If you want a how to manual on how to accomplish your goals the best I know is B. H. L Hart’s “Strategy”

    You don’t oppose “them” – you change their minds. The indirect approach. “Their” problem is that they do not think clearly. Help them. Teach them the limits of control. Teach them that no matter how robust the control system there is always a probability of events outside the limits of what can be controlled. Better is an adaptable system. Not too rigid – not too loose. Judgment is required. Teach that. Hayek.

    Re: slavery. You have a problem. The vast majority of humanity want to be slaves. Regular food. A nice warm hut. No violence. Free men are far too few.

    The Bible explains it in Exodus. Slavery is hard. But the people crave a regular life. The fleshpots of Egypt. And most people will pay an extraordinary price for the fleshpots.

    You think “they” are your enemy. When your real enemy is human nature. If you can change that “they” cease to be an issue.

    The romance of anarchism is over rated. Buddhism is better. Even better is my religion. Which has no name and no followers but me.

    And finally: create wealth. And give it away. I do that here: http://spacetimepro.blogspot.com/

  17. badweatherrr on

    Sorry, as much as I love Eric Blair’s writing he was a bit off in some of his predictions. Huxley was more accurate. Just because the ideas of anarchists were double crossed more than half a century ago, doesn’t mean that anarchism is a “failed philosophy”. Anarchists are still functioning from the only legitimate working philosophy based upon reality and outside most accepted ideologies such as the current neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism both of which are fatally flawed. Flawed to the point that if anyone thinks those people are going to stop bickering about money long enough to save the world, they will find themselves fighting for the survival of the machine instead of the survival of life.

    You should read two things perhaps three. Rebecca Solnit’s book “A Paradise Built In Hell” (to give you hope), but first read David Graebers book “Debt: The First 5000 years” where he debunks the fantasies of economists and the myth that we bartered before there was money, (we actually just shared stuff before that) and then his nice little thought provoking pamphlet entitled: “Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology” where he points out the affinity of anarchists and anthropologists and how an “applied anthropology” might actually be a nice tool box of things we might have to use in order to bring about the world that we know could be if we could leave behind the slavery that capitalism actually is. Indentured servitude, or debt peonage, which ever lens you prefer. But no, this is not done, it is evolving.

    I have taken to using a couple points in this discussion and to much controversy, I’ve said this: “Like atheism is the lack of religion, a skepticism if you will, anarchism is the lack of ideology”, having the need to study all ideologies, because of its affinity to anthropology which requires it, because solidarity with anarchists and our widely varied views requires a deeper understanding of what solidarity is. Solidarity doesn’t require you agree, just that you value these other peoples rights. I don’t have to know, or understand, to know that my brother or my sisters needs are important.

    So the basis of all human activity is communistic, and anarchistic… corporations, and capitalism are the current forms of slavery the master class uses to control us. But it is ultimately draped over the already existing state of anarchic communistic behavior. Not barter… an important point.

    From David Graebers book “Debt: The First 5000 Years”

    The best response to anyone who wants to take seriously Nietzsche’s fantasies about savage hunters chopping pieces off each other’s bodies for failure to remit are the words of an actual hunter-gatherer an Inuit from Greenland made famous in the Danish writer Peter Freuchen’s Book of the Eskimo. Freuchen tells how one day, after coming home hungry from an unsuccessful walrus-hunting expedition, he found one of the successful hunters dropping off several hundred pounds of meat. He thanked him profusely. The man objected indignantly:

    “Up in our country we are human!” said the hunter. “And since we are human we help each other. We don’t like to hear anybody say thanks for that. What I get today you may get tomorrow. Up here we say that by gifts one makes slaves and by whips one makes dogs.”


    from page 90 of Rebecca Solnit’s book “A Paradise Built In Hell”

    Anarchists are idealists, believing human beings do not need authorities and the threat of violence to govern them but are instead capable of governing themselves by cooperation, negotiation, and mutual aid. They stand on one side of a profound debate about human nature and human possibility. On the other side, the authoritarian pessimists believe that order comes only at the point of a gun or a society stacked with prisons, guards, judges, and punishments. They believe that somehow despite the claimed vileness of the many, the few whom they wish to endow with power will use it justly and prudently, though the evidence for this could most politely be called uneven. The cases drawn from disaster largely contradict this belief. It is often the few in power rather than the many without who behave viciously in disaster, and those few do so often exactly because they subscribe to the fearful beliefs of Huxley, Le Bon, and others.

    If you accept the existence of the state, then you accept the structural violence that invariably comes with it. And the grumbling of the dissidents something for the police to handle. That’s where you end up. Invariably. I know you’re not there though. You agree with me on principle so perhaps there is some wiggle room for us to converse? We can proceed down visible lines of simple philosophy.

    Mesh networks do not depend upon corporations and they are starting to spring up all over the place. Arduino is open source and we can build anything we need out of prototyping boards they’ve built, there is a long list of emerging technologies that lend themselves to open source distributed networks, etc. maker spaces, hacker spaces, 3D printing, makerbots, we could be building flying makerbots that like a bit torrent would just build stuff in our neighborhoods and backyards using a distributed, shared system where everyone needed to maintain a few landing pads and charging systems for everyones makerbots, we can move to a peer to peer credit system which puts the wealth in our communities instead of wealthy, controlling, banksters,

    I wouldn’t write the anarchists off yet. We built a pretty cool hydroponic (I actually invented my own hybrid hydroponic / soil method with the wick system that was very nice) and created a whole industry in domestic pot growing in America for decades. That is anarchism in action.

    I started reading things like Black Elk Speaks and Lame Deer Seeker of Visions when I was 13 or so… I was growing pot by 14 but I knew I was going to jail by the time I was 12… the idea that we might “roll back the world of the white man like a carpet and reveal the world of the native” are perhaps the soil from which the primitivist roots grow… which give us the idea: “You can’t tell another person what to do” the sole edict of the anarchist philosophy.

    We need to build a culture of resistance.

  18. There is one problem with anarchy. It leads to some form of fascism. Read Orwell’s “Homage to Catalonia” to find out how the anarchists were double crossed. It is better IMO to have a state where citizens have some control.

    Peer to peer operates over commercial networks. And unless you propose running a civilization by sending messages on mopeds some one with more money/power than you will be controlling the networks. That is a fact of life.

    I agree with your ideals. I question your proposed methods of getting from here to there.

    BTW I was involved in the very early days of computers. I designed the I/O board that went into the world’s first BBS. I do not believe you can beat money and power. I do believe you can bend them some. About one issue a year. If you can get everyone screaming together.

  19. badweatherrr on

    I think you’re talking about the slamming of Rand Paul I did a little bit of?

    Sorry, I don’t think Rand Paul is a credible person in general on most things. Occasionally he says things that are right, kind of like a clock is right twice a day even if it’s broken. I tend not to use his opinions usually to back anything up. But I still try to have reasonable conversations with libertarians that do support him. Still, I think the whole political process is corrupt and virtually unsaveable. But I really do welcome the participation by people on whatever side of the aisle you may come from.

    That being said:

    I think it’s great that he’s said what he’s said, if it makes it a little easier for people to dip their toes into the waters of legalization on that side of the political spectrum great, but there are args to the contrary on that as well. I’m saying that the marijuana issue could and should be non-partisan, and that there are lots of things about the issue that should attract both republicans and democrats. It is essentially a place where real conversations could be had that lead into many other places and that these conversations could lead to many changes that are positive for everyone.

    In short, potentially ending some of the gridlock due to partisan polarization currently the model of (mis)behavior in DC these days.

    As for the typical “stoner” ideology, I’ve been a marijuana evangelist for many years and my claims are all coming true, that it is the safest medicine ever discovered is going main stream finally.

    Like I’ve said, aspirin, Tylenol, and coffee, kill more people individually in a year and cannabis has killed exactly zero people in 10,000 years.

  20. badweatherrr on


    I’m a green libertarian, I don’t believe the state is legitimate period. It’s the main problem. Like MLK said; “My own government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” Sadly still true today.

    Ballot initiatives matter more than electoral politics though. So I involve myself based upon the issue as it relates to anarchists and libertarians.

    I have a strategy I call it the “all of the above strategy” where I build outside the system, peer to peer credit systems, maker spaces, decentralized production, barter arrangements, by donation projects, and still work on specific projects like the legalization movement which is smoking hot right now and the nexus of people like me, green libertarians, or green anarchists, and what I consider to be right wing libertarians and we are making common cause which is a far more exciting conversation than you usually find in politics.

    It all goes towards the idea of defanging the beast, as well as building the peer to peer maker spaces and credit systems that will bring this beast down brick by brick just like file sharing destroyed the ultra centralized music parasite we know as SONY, peer to peer will kill this central control of the debt peonage system we call banking.

    Kids understand this. Gamers and people working in IT know this. The revolution goes on right underneath the skin of the dying beast. There will be some dis-assembly required.

  21. Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn will be coming to Rockford, Illinois on April 12th and 13th to discuss Medical Marijuana. He is opening a dispensary in DC. If you would like to attend there is more information here:


    If you can’t attend give it some publicity.

    Johnny – I have contacted Illinois NORML. If you have any more ideas for publicity have at it. If you want to bring a Chicago contingent out – contact me. Leave a comment at the above “Classical Values”.

    Also check this out: http://www.rrstar.com/news/x711940779/Revised-medical-marijuana-bill-picks-up-speed-in-Illinois-House

  22. I agree 100% that prohibition does not work. And I, myself, am a gun owner. I’m also in favor of a fair and efficient government. In a lot of important ways, I’m quite conservative; mostly concerning responsible fiscal matters (responsible being the keyword), ie, cutting wasteful defense spending before going after important programs like veterans benefits, education, and social security.

    That being said, I’m as socially liberal as a person can get. So as long as the GOP pushes anti-abortion legislation… So long as the GOP shills almost exclusively for big business, going so far as to deny the reality of global warming… So long as the GOP overwhelmingly opposes LGBT equality, a-la Prop 8 and Chick-fil-A… So long as the GOP encourages and embraces the RAGE of their overly obstreperous “base” of bigots and morons… So long as the GOP abuses the filibuster and blocks even the most pedestrian staff appointments *just cuz*………..

    …………I cannot in good conscience vote Republican, even if they do somehow manage to overcome their campaign-contribution-dependent obligations to the private prison, pharmeceutical, and alcohol lobbies to spear-head cannabis law reform. Not even if they plow forward for full, nationwide cannabis legalization. I’m not a one-issue voter. Although I have no delusions that mainstream Republicans will ever let the drug war end; at least three red states would turn blue by 2016 if all those jailed minorities were given back their right to vote and Karl Rove would never allow that.

    Paul Broun, for example, once voted positively on cannabis legislation right after he started his first term in 2007. But that was a long time ago and the conservative political climate has changed dramatically. He, an educated & licensed medical doctor, disengenuously denies science and sneers at healthcare reform to showboat for the Tea Party. I proudly wrote in Charles Darwin last November, and I’ll vote for whoever runs against him if he wins the primary for Saxby Chambliss’ Senate seat.

    I will, however, admit that Rand Paul (though he and I do not see eye to eye on most issues) has some integrity. His public stance that no one should go to jail for cannabis tells me, at the very least, he’s no one’s puppet. He and I disagree a lot, but I can see those are *his* opinions; they weren’t handed down to him by “worthy investors” at a private fundraiser last election cycle. Honest people are, at least, open to an honest conversation and perhaps even a sound argument. If he dropped his abortion crusade and supported LGBT rights, I would seriously entertain supporting him. But not before. Anything short of that is a non-starter.

  23. The Right is with you on gun control. Very much so. They just believe the supreme law is sufficient. “Congress shall make no law”. But if you don’t like that do it the right way. Get an amendment passed.

    Guns And Weed – The Road To Freedom

    You might also like this:


    Richard is a friend.

    BTW you seem like a reasonably smart guy. Haven’t you figured out yet that prohibition doesn’t work? At least not in America.

  24. Martin Luther King was a Republican.

    BTW being an old guy most of the Rs I see and hear from are trogs. But as you point out they are a dying breed. The new kids are libertarians and are giving their parents fits. My kids are libertarians. I’m right at home with them. And you are correct. Libertarians are the new swing voters.

    A big clue is that legalization in Colorado got more votes than Obama did.

    Where I blog I’m working to destroy the trogs and encourage the kids. And others.

  25. As much as I advocate for cannabis law reform, I care more about gun control, gay rights, climate change, and a woman’s right to choose.

    Sorry, but as long as those issues are still antithetical to the Republican party, I’m not shifting my vote to Rand Paul, winner of the CPAC straw poll.
    I don’t vote for theocrats.

  26. It seems rather counterproductive to slap the face of those, regardless of political party leanings, who are offering positive alternatives for creating a more realistic legal mindset on the use and benefits of medical marijuana. This has been a divisive issue for decades, but is finally making its way into the limelight in a more plausible manner while concurrently attempting to shed the typical “stoner” ideology. Welcome those who are willing to speak out and offer active, meaningful support for re-writing the federal law for reclassification into a category that’s somewhat comparable to OTC medications.

  27. Conservatives4Legalization on

    To all my liberal friends, I understand your worry. 2014 elections are coming up soon. I’m not going to try to change your views, but consider this. Their is a new republican party in the mix. Republicans are welcoming libertarians with open arms. Senator Rand Paul and Senate minority Leeder Mitch McConnel have been fighting for the legalization of hemp. Yes to top Republicans have joined the fight. Rand Paul is looking more and more to be the republican canidate in 2016. He himself spoke out on the failed war on drugs, while our deomcrat president laughs the question off. The the republican party has long defended the drug war, but this is a new party. The old guard was out of touch, was not lock step even with the young conservatives and libertarians of this country. But the new republican party is more than ever. I won’t ask you to change your views. All I ask is you is to seriously think on this. Who will finally stop the drug war? The ones that pass laws so the government can tell you how much soda you can drink? Or the ones who believe in personal liberty with less government inerference?

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