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Tobacco Industry Thought About Getting Into Cannabis Industry Decades Ago


tobacco cigarettes marijuana cannabisCannabis reform activists and industry members have long suspected that the tobacco industry has wanted to get into the cannabis industry. It makes sense, since tobacco is grown and smoked, similarly to cannabis. However, whereas cannabis is grown and harvested and then consumed, tobacco has the addition step of adding all kinds of harmful chemicals. The tobacco industry has yet to invade the cannabis industry, which is a good thing, as there’s no place for harm and greed in the cannabis industry.

Newly released documents show that the tobacco industry tried to crack into the cannabis industry  in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. Per The L.A. Times:

Newly discovered documents from tobacco company archives at UC San Francisco show that major companies in the cigarette industry investigated joining the marijuana business in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The companies were driven then by the same shift in public attitudes that is now pushing legalization around the country.

One company even asked a federal counter-narcotics official to secretly secure marijuana from the government for research.

“We request that there be no publicity whatsoever,” a Philip Morris vice president wrote in late 1969 to Milton Joffee, drug sciences chief at the Justice Department’s narcotics bureau. “We will provide the results to you on a confidential basis, and request that you not identify in the form of any public announcement where the work has been done.”

Cannabis is safer than cigarettes. I hope that the tobacco industry never gets their finger in the cannabis pie. If someday they do, i hope consumers boycott their products. The tobacco industry is responsible for millions of deaths, all in the name of profit. There is no place for that mentality in the emerging cannabis industry.


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  1. Why didn’t they take the lead in getting it legal? Don’t you get tired of the assholes that hide while the fight is going on and want to jump up and join the winner and claim to have been on that side all along?

  2. Educated A Hole on

    What?!? I’m shocked, shocked to hear that this was the case!

    Man, if there are packs of pot on the shelf in my gas station it’ll be a proud day to say the least (when pot is so accepted that it’s treated like the socially acceptable drugs). Everyone has the choice to do what they want and as its so easy to grow I’m sure most will go that route, but as bad as the tabacco companies have been people generally know what’s up.

  3. If you can, then grow your own ! I believe that “most people” whom smoke Cannabis and have a place to grow cannabis will just grow their own. Why pay for cannabis you can grow, and know what was used “T.L.O.” or Chemical. What you’re tasting is non-flushed Cannabis .with “T.L.O.” you don’t have this problem even though you don’t flush.

  4. tobacco is a plant – just like cannabis. Not EVERY manufacturer adds chemicals(most do) what i find disgusting is after all the oppression cannabis users have suffered, the hypocrisy of demonizing what in reality is JUST ANOTHER PLANT!
    and if the makers of American Spirit apply their perique cure to some organic outdoor cannabis, I’ll be sure to buy LOTS of it and boycott these GREEDY CHEM PEDDLING DISPENSARIES here in San Fran.

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