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Today Is National Medical Cannabis Lobbying Day


national medical marijuana lobbying dayRepresentatives Earl Blumenauer and Sam Farr recently introduced legislation that will end the federal conflict with state medical cannabis programs.  Blumenauer’s bill, titled the States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protections Act (HR 689), will move cannabis out of Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act and allow for medical research to be controlled by an agency other than the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Farr’s bill, the Truth in Trials Act (HR 710), will allow patients, caregivers and providers who are in compliance with state law to offer evidence of the medical necessity for their use of cannabis.

See ASA’s Press Release for more information on the new bills!

Please take a minute to urge your Representative in the House to cosponsor HR 689, the States’ Medical Cannabis Patient Protection Act, and HR 710, the Truth in Trials Act today!


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  1. I sent my Rep. this over the week-end.

    Cosponsor H.R. 689 and H.R. 784

    Medical Marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity and a violation of the religious precept – heal the sick.

    The endocannabinoid system is a major regulator in the body implicated in almost all diseases including cancer. There are patients who can’t wait. Please help.

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