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Today: Vermont House To Debate Marijuana Legalization After Delay

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The Vermont House was originally supposed to debate a marijuana legalization bill yesterday. However, that debate was delayed until today. The Vermont Senate already passed a marijuana legalization bill earlier this session, but the bill has hit snags in the House. The Senate version would create a marijuana retail industry in Vermont. The House appears to be unwilling to keep that provision, and instead is offering some compromises. Per WPTZ:

The bill had been on the House calendar for debate Monday, but lawmakers decided to delay action until Tuesday.

Compromise language is expected to be offered to double the amount considered decriminalized from 1 ounce to 2. However, key legislative leaders said they can’t muster enough support in the House for the Senate-passed bill.

The bill would not legalize retail sales of marijuana, as the Senate agreed to do. Instead, the proposed compromise decriminalized growing up to two marijuana plants at home.

The proposals coming out of the Vermont House are interesting, because it’s the first time there has been such an approach to marijuana legalization in America that has gained any traction. Marijuana legalization bills almost always involve a heavy focus on a taxed and regulated market, often with very large start up costs and fees for those that wish to open an industrial cultivation and/or retail business. The Vermont House is proposing something that keeps people out of jail, and allows personal possession, consumption, and cultivation of marijuana. Project SAM members won’t be able to use their favorite ‘commercialized THC’ rhetoric if these proposals become law in Vermont. It will be interesting to see how the debate goes today, and if the House version is passed, how the Vermont Senate will react.


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  1. saynotohypocrisy on

    it’s like pulling teeth to get these pols to do the right thing. They’ll get around to it one of these years.

  2. I knew about DuPont making a fortune from urine (which is hilarious when you think about it), but I was unaware of his other industry ties. Thanks!

  3. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Funny you mention Robert DuPont, from the same ultra-wealthy corporate family that has played such a large role imposing the anti-“marihuana” fraud on our country since the 1930s. Let us not forget how the DuPonts also inundated our society (and landfills) with virtually all synthetic plastics and nylon, fearing direct competition from all-natural cannabis hemp crops. From the late 80s onward, Robert DuPont himself, according to Jack Herer in “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” has been heavily invested in the national explosion of urine drug testing (apparently out of loyalty to the vision of “Just Say No” Nancy Reagan).

  4. michael_ellis on

    Sadly, the Vermont House has just killed the legalization bill AND a proposal to put a non-binding referendum on legalization before the voters.

  5. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    “The right to home growing is more important…”

    The District of Columbia’s, (Washington D.C’s), implementation
    of Initiative 71, (home grow permitted, retail system NOT established),
    is the closest model to Vermont’s House bill version of legalization,
    (and I am also hoping that this is the form that ultimately passes in Vermont).

  6. Kevin Sabet is far more than a tool — he’s a fraud. Project SAM purchased his supposed faculty position at the University of Florida. He has no students, he teaches no classes, he conducts no research, and the only thing he publishes are editorials, none of which are peer-reviewed. The proof is that he’s paid from a separate budget from the rest of UF’s faculty. Kevin’s pay comes from the budget into which private organizations grant/gift money to the university. And his pay, per semester, was only $3,600 (last time I checked). His PhD is in Public Policy, which is not even remotely a scientific discipline. The very notion that Kevin Sabet is a respected scientist and full-fledged member of the faculty is a complete and utter sham.

    He once did an AMA on Reddit in which he only fielded softball question asked by accounts that were less than a day old. Anytime he does a “debate” in a public forum, the moderator is generally a media puppet contractually obligated to ask loaded questions, such as “How has marijuana legalization hurt our children?” and other such nonsense.

    What’s funny is that, despite his efforts, he’s not very good at his job. He sputters propaganda from the Reagan years, but only when the conversation is one-sided. Other prohibitionists like Robert DuPont have lamented the fact that the cannabis law reform movement has “a bench of 1000” educated, motivated, and dedicated scientists and activists batting for our team, while all their side has is Kevin Sabet *pretending* to be a scientist. Eventually, the moneyed interests who fund Project SAM will tire of throwing good money after bad, they’ll realize Kevin and his cohorts aren’t even slowing cannabis reform, and stop funding their traveling circus. They’ll cut his strings once they’ve read the writing on the wall, I guarantee it. And afterwards, federal reform of our cannabis laws will occur within two years of Kevin’s inevitable unemployment.

  7. When will you address the fact that Kevin Sabet was on the payroll of the child-abusing torturers known as the Semblers, lied about his associations with them, and that Project SAM was created by the Semblers? Shameful.


  8. The right to home growing is more important than highly restricted retail sales controlled by a few hand-picked entities, without any right to home growing. If one of the two versions were to pass, I hope it is the House version. A regulated retail market can be added in later once they see how successful the models in Oregon and Colorado have been. At that point, they can work towards more sensible regulations that are not crafted by and for prohibitionists and big money.

  9. When it comes to marijuana laws done at the government level, Kevin Sabet decides everything, NORML/MPP decides nothing.

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