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Tokyo OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Tokyo OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The sample of Tokyo OG that I got was almost lime green and smelled like heaven. The Tokyo OG marijuana strain is covered in sparkling trichomes. The Tokyo OG nugs were dense, but not heavy, which is rare in my area. Usually you have to choose between the two. The Tokyo OG marijuana strain regularly tests at above 20% THC. Tokyo OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The inhale from Tokyo OG has some bite to it, but isn’t harsh and doesn’t take your lungs out. I was able to take several hits back to back before I had to back off. After the few hits set in, I was done doing stuff for a few hours and vegged out watching TV. This strain would be great for pain.

Check out the Tokyo OG marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Tokyo OG,  and how Tokyo OG affects various ailments.

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tokyo og marijuana strain


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  1. jessicahughs on

    love this strain and i got it from this guy Eduardo Luis. he is the best and he supplied as promise . if you are interested in the strain you can email him via eduardojoseluis2001@gmail .com ,contact number (234)-2051103,skyp eduardojoseluis

  2. in the shake…awwooo! awooooooo! lol
    oh wazee oh wazzup, oh pazonos
    lodo shuffle

    after careful inspection of the merchandise in select outlets here in this fine city of Denver, I have came to a conclusion of my own
    if it doesn’t have that skunky smell, then it just does not have that stone that i desire, so what ever they call the stuff, i am from now on going with my nose, that and deals on shake seems to be the best way to go at $10 a gram, unless you have a med card, then you could save half off on that alone, pre rolls are at $3.00 on craigslist, in the shops $6.00 joints are not uncommon, my .07 cents:-)

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