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Tommy Chong Cancer Update


Tommy Chong’s Cancer Update Is Encouraging

Tommy Chong sent out the following tweets recently, which are very encouraging:

“Got my blood test results back…the hemp oil is working! PSA down to 2…..yes!”

“Did I mention I am 99% cancer free? Thanks to my “medication”. Hemp oil works but you have to believe…..I believe….tc”

Go get ’em Tommy! Your fans and supporters have been rooting for you and will continue to do so! Below is Tommy Chong’s interview on CNN in which he originally announced he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer:


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  1. Kenneth Reckart Jr on

    way to go tommy… you have always been one of my hero’s.. one day I would give anything to shake your hand and smoke a fatty… ive been seizure free for over 3 years just from getting of the pills and switching to just marijuana… just wish it was legal here so I could feel like I didn’t have to hide… ive recently quit though to find new employment times are hard but we stay strong… ill always trust a plant I could grow over man made…

  2. Norman Halverson on

    What is needed is a well organized mock trial, on the efficacy of marijuana prohibition, Bring to a courtroom all the experts both pro, and con film it as a documentary, bring to the attention of the world the real costs”human and monetary”. of these assinine Marijuana laws, it is 100 times worse than the alcohol prohibition. The prohibition is the only problem, with Marijuana, the plant itself is a godsend, Ray Charles and steavie Wonder can see that. Can the American people that believe otherwise be that stupid, or that lazy to not do some basic but real investgation

  3. I spent five years in the federal system doing time for growing. I lived in the very same dorm unit and floor at Taft as Tommy, but I transferred to a different prison and was out of the system before he went down for nine months. Jimmy Ray was my bunkie for the 17 months I spent there, and he was probably still there when Tommy was, finishing off his 24-year sentence.

    There are a lot of people needing accurate information about prostate cancer treatment. Tommy could do a lot better than to just make vague statements about his treatment. On his podcast of 1/30/13 he said his PSA was <2, but his Gleason score was a 6. I'd like to know what his PSA and Gleason scores were before he started taking RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), and I can't find that anywhere. As far as I can tell, a Gleason score of 6 indicates moderately aggressive cancer–not 99% cancer free.

    Sorry to rain on the parade, but activists are just setting themselves up to be dismissed as very fuzzy thinking stoners if they don't show a little more interest and attention to the science. And the other side will use this to ridicule and reject medical claims, sowing confusion, and talking people out of MMJ treatment and into conventional chemo. If Tommy's going to hold himself up as an example on this very serious issue, he should do his best to be a great example, not a lame stoner who every once in a while throws out very poorly substantiated numbers.

    So let's get serious Tommy. Start a blog or hook up officially with someone else's, and post your prostate statistics and treatment regimen. Keep it updated, and do some real good for these suffering people who need as many facts as they can get a hold of.

  4. How about if you don’t have the resource to do so
    Making the oil I need to start take this oil for my healing to start I believe that this will work for me but I can’t get it I live in Philadelphia

  5. Eyes wide open in OR on

    Obviously 6 times didn’t put him into remission, and so he is trying something non-toxic for a change, that acts to balance and regulate almost every function in the body through the power of the endocannabinoid system.
    I swear some people are so invested in the last 100 years of “scientific” allopathic medicine, that they discount the other 10,000 years (99%) of medicine before synthetics existed. They cling to destroying patients bodies and immune systems, burning, cutting, and poisoning as the only viable treatments.
    Destroying patients and their quality of life, and willfully ignoring mountains of anectdotal evidence that is backed by decades of indicative research that points to high dose cannabinoid saturation therapy having wide ranging positive health effects for all sorts of conditions including directly killing cancer cells and improving immune function rather than destroying it.
    Seems the most highly educated are the least able to peer outside the box and find the truths that are not promoted or accepted by our current Medico/Pharma system… They have been indoctrinated with ideas and beliefs that are there for no other reason than to keep humanity dependent and their profit streams from disease managemt intact.
    Nothing but a baseball bat of truth to the head is going to make these people accept the facts. Even seeing this medicine heal in ways that they can only hope to, most doctors still keep their head in the sand…
    I guess I can’t blame them, as 90% of doctors, and 80% of pharma’s products will not be needed when this medicine is used to it’s full potential.

  6. As the founder of an all-volunteer cancer nonprofit whose focus has been natural cancer strategies, this is just great to see. We KNOW, and I know personally, that many things really work in the natural world. The firs thing everyone should do is eat MORE fruits and vegetables while walking away from soda, chips, deep-fried or sugary foods. Lots more to learn. Annie Appleseed Project.

  7. Main stream Medical Mafia do not want you to know it is multiple infections that share their genes in prion synergy that is the cause of cancers….
    Because they gave it to us in vaccines and now being carried in our vectors of disease to everyone.
    Even the 1 in 29 suffering lies of Autism.
    When the TRUTH is —the next infectious antigen introduced into the masses that are already sick could be man as we know it’s last. 35yrs. of lying about the real AIDS is too hard to stomach.

  8. see “Food Matters” as well. Rick Simpson Story documentary is called “run from the Cure”. Both can be found on youtube. All the best.

  9. Mr. Chong, It generally takes many years or decades for the first cancer clone cell to divide enough times to become a detectable tumor. Thus it is very unlikely that a year or two off of MJ, or living in a toxic area, is what got your cancer going. Yet it is possible this period allowed it to proliferate somewhat faster. I wish you well in your recovery.
    PS: I literally peed my pants as a 13 year-old listening to you and your partner’s 8-Track cassettes (~40 years ago). Either my bladder control has improved since then, or comedians just aren’t as funny.

  10. Rock on Tommy! I’ve been a fan of Rick Simpson now for about three years. Amazing man and amazing story. Had the pleasure of speaking with him via an Online Radio show called The Truther Girls…(i think). Enjoy the Holy Herb!

  11. Same condition for me Tommy. Prostrate cancer and I’ve been using Phoenix tears as a treatment. I must say I went through 6 chemo treatments and that wa enough to almost kill me. I feel much better using the oil and have a checkup coming on the 20th of Sept. I am sure that my cancer will be 90% gone as yours is. Wishing you all the best brother.

  12. Keep taking Oil For aWhile Even After Clears Up Let All Other Bad cells Eat Each Other…Bad Cells Get Munchies Eat Each Other hehe Funny But That is What Happens….Peace Brother ….Rizone.

  13. I have lung cancer in which they said I will live another year. How does one get their hands on hemp oil?

  14. Just another fan here hoping for only happy news Mr. Chong. Thank you for all you’ve done for the millions of American ‘felons’ out there who prefer pot over alcohol. You’re a saint!

  15. Great news Tommy!!! We look forward to seeing you next time you come around detroit…im torchin one now for ya!

  16. I love that someone so famous and inspirational is using RSO for the masses to see and realize its benefit.

  17. You Go Tommy,NO GOVERNMENT FRANCHISING,TAXING OR REGULATING! Medical marijuana should be decriminalized in ALL 52 states! This from a Sistah who suffers from a severe form of fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease and refuses surgery,I KNOW marijuana helps alleviate stiffness,pain and allows the muscles relax. Not the 6 pain meds prescribed for me! I’m 100% behind you ,Brother!!

  18. FloridaBadger on

    Totally AWEsome results to give a MORE positive outlook on just a plant we ALL benefit from!!

  19. So glad to hear that Tommy Chongf is doing so well. I am glad to see him sticking to his beliefs in medical marijuana . He proves that you dont have to smoke it to get benifits that it offers. Go get em Tommy

  20. i have a rare type of lukemia i was diagnosed 8 years ago…its mind over matter …i dont mind so it dont matter…the power of positive thinking…

  21. Rebecca Forbes on

    Cannabis extract works… and I want to thank you Tommy for taking the issue mainstream!!!!

  22. Great News ! and I just want to say…….Thank you for the laughs over the years. I love your movies and the fact that you stand for what you believe in !

  23. I am happy for you and your family….joyous news…..doing it public – priceless….lost the dates, what five weeks!!!! And, you look so healthy, for someone just going through cancer treatment

  24. Much love Tommy!!! I’ve been a huge fan for as long as I’ve known your name, so fight hard, don’t give up and keep on smokin’!!!

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