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  1. I’d say YES to freeing Mark Emery. And the Natural form of a drug should be Legalized. The real problem is refinement. Absolutely pure is absolutely deadly!

  2. It was a heated debate about pot and Tommy was absolutely right in my opinion too. What this country needs is more citizen voting on the subject instead of one man deciding what happens to 300 million of us! Why should one man be in charge of all of our happiness. I have stated on other websites that we should have a minority passage of bills in congress, say 33% yeah 67% neigh would pass the bill! WE SHOULD RUN THIS COUNTRY INSTEAD OF IT RUNNING US LIKE IT DOES!

  3. Unfortunately, if the President were to just re-schedule Cannabis as Schedule II…there is nothing to say the pharmaceutical industry would take over, GM strains, etc. Whereas if this bill were to go through (which it won’t any time soon, just hypothetically at this point unfortunately) then all the work the current patients and caregivers, who grow this plant for what it does for them and/or others, would be allowed to thrive and flourish and the genetic diversity would be incredible.

  4. Tommy is right, that asshole Paul is a F****in lair; would like him to have medical problems and of course our own President is another ass; he can change the classification of it but you know. a ass is a ass……………at least I did not vote for him…………….

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