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Top Medical Marijuana Attorney Joe Elford In San Diego Today To Argue Jovan Jackson Appeal


Americans For Safe AccessOral Arguments In People v. Jackson, A San Diego Dispensary Operator Convicted In 2010 After Being Denied A Defense

By: Terrie Best, San Diego Americans For Safe Access

San Diego’s star medical cannabis defendant, Jovan Jackson will have his day in court to determine if Judge Howard Shore erred in denying Jovan his medical marijuana defense in a San Diego Superior Court trial Jovan endured late summer of 2010.

Jovan had been previously tried and exonerated in the fall of 2009 by a jury of twelve in front of Judge Cynthia Bashant where he was able to use the defense he’s entitled to. But, in a vicious and vindictive move District Attorney and failed Mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis re-filed charges against Jovan hoping for a better outcome for her office.

In the second trial, Judge Howard Shore denied Jovan’s defense, saying all of the collective members of Answerdam Collective, of which Jovan was the president, would have had to till the soil and participate in the gardening in order for Answerdam to have been a true collective.

Jovan lost this case and his attorney, Lance Rogers, along with Americans for Safe Access Chief Counsel, Joe Elford, immediately filed an appeal in the 4th District California Court of Appeal.

This case is very important as it seeks to answer the “Group Farm Fallacy,” question. California prosecutors have often successfully swayed judges to accept the idea that all patients must garden in order for defendants to use their medical marijuana defense.

Across California, patients who grow medical cannabis on behalf of those too sick to grow for themselves have been victimized by this fallacy.  Today’s hearing seeks to clarify the law.

To read the press release from Americans for Safe Access please follow this link:


What: Oral arguments in People v. Jackson, a San Diego dispensary operator convicted in 2010 after being denied a defense
When: Thursday, October 11th at 1:30pm
Where: Fourth District Court of Appeal, 750 B Street, Suite 300, San Diego

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  1. I’m so happy for Jovan Jackson :)
    Joe Elford saved him and is a great guy!!
    His former lawyer Lance Rogers really messed things up for Jovan!!!
    I had to fire Lance Rogers in the courtroom with the jury in the hallway!!
    Never hire Lance Rogers of San Diego he takes your money and runs :(

  2. What in the WORLD HAPPENED WITH THIS ON THURS? I have not been able to find any news on what happened.

  3. It’s too bad that people are still being prosecuted for using this substance that has been shown to have such positive clinical use. I just did an interview with Dr. Sexton for my blog the ndupdate. It’s time to stop prosecuting people and start doing the needed research as to why so many people find relief from this drug. http://www.ndupdate.com/medical-cannabis

  4. J Jackson is a Veteran , This is his reward.for service! .
    The preying Mantis Bonnie has treated him as a criminal for years.
    Every town has a Drug Warrior ,
    Vote them out !
    Jackson is not a criminal , the persecution of cannabis suppliers is criminal
    malicious prosecution , double jeopardy and no charges will be filed against the real criminals here!
    My support goes to Jackson , fight them all the way! they dont seem to care how much money they waste on frivolous laws.
    Laying off teachers , firefigthers, city employees will not cover the cost of cannabis prohibition.

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