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  1. I wonder when all this total stupid idiotic unnecessary BULL-SHIT time/money vast and what ever is going to END ? I am 58 and been eating and smoking sins I was 16 1/2 years old , I have also been drinking to much , but stopped 3 years ago the drinking , because I became so sick of alcohol , the older you get the sicker you get ! Last time I drank , it took me 10 days to recover , and now I only smoke weed and I never felt BETTER IN MY LIFE !!! I am a vegetarian sins 1976 , now I am a raw NO OIL NO BOIL , and I strongly recommend TO YOU ALL , MY LIFE RIGHT NOW IS JUST FANTASTIC , I FEEL GOOD ALL THE TIME ! You can cope with any kind of stress much much EASIER ! sO EVERYBODY go to web. gorawnow.com , and see , learn for YOUR OWN SAKE !

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