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Toronto Police Crack Down On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

project claudia toronto medical marijuana raids

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Yesterday was a sad day in Toronto as Toronto Police cracked down on several medical marijuana dispensaries as part of ‘Project Claudia.’ While it is unknown how many dispensaries were raided, I saw many reports on social media that put the number as high as 40. Those reports are from social media, so take the number for what you will, but the fact of the matter is that a very large number of dispensaries were raided, which is a huge waste of law enforcement resources. Per the Toronto Sun:

Giant bags of weed locked in police cruisers, young people in handcuffs inside dispensaries, signs that say “Closed” or “Closing.”

This was the very public face Thursday of Project Claudia — an effort by Toronto Police to crack down on stores selling medical marijuana over the counter.

Police wouldn’t say how many marijuana dispensaries were raided across the city over the lunch hour, how many people were arrested or the charges.

Police are planning a press conference today to release details as to how many dispensaries were raided, how many people were arrested, and the charges that they will be facing. Below is a press release from the Toronto Police in regards to the proposed press conference:

On Friday, May 27, 2016, at 10:30 a.m., in the Media Gallery of Headquarters, Chief of Police Mark Saunders will provide an update on Project Claudia.

He will be joined by Mr. Mark Sraga, Director of Investigation Services, Municipal Licensing and Standards for the City of Toronto.

An update on the number of search warrants, locations, charges laid, and products seized during the search warrants will be on display.

The news conference will be available on the Bell TOC and livestreamed on You Tube.

Please download the Toronto Police Service Mobile App for iOS or Android.

For more news, visit TPSnews.ca.

Recreational marijuana legalization is on the horizon in Canada, so why these raid occurred is beyond me. Clearly it’s a huge waste or resources, and it’s something that is already drawing a tremendous amount of criticism from patients and supporters. A protest is planned for today, and will take place at the same time and location as the Toronto PD press conference. If you are in the area, I suggest that you come out and show support.


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  1. How about AG Cristie sending in the military to CA, CO, OR, etc. to demand what you forsee Clinton asking.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    Just a bunch of little dick pissed of cops who knows what’s comin’, legalization, that’s what. They’re losing the war so they’re lashing out w/little battles but to no avail. Trudeaux is shakin things up and Toronto is supposed to be the new Colorado above border. Haven’t been for a long time but it’s great. These cops are wasting resources and man hours. If I was their daddy, I would have rolled over and shot them out the window!!!

  3. 100% on your side Michel. My thoughts exactly. Lazy ass SOB’s, cops, the mayor, and the bureaucratic ass clowns who thought up this stupid stratagem. Jesus wept.

  4. WOW, who would have guessed, another lying sack of sh*t politician. I give you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Free People of Canada, rise up, shake off the chains of an unjust law and government. Do that and show the way for the rest of the world. You have brothers and sisters to your south that are in the same sad uncalled-for situation. Free the Cannabis!

  5. Similar Crackdown Coming to Amerika too?

    ATTN: The following announcement is intended to be a humorous and perfectly untrue news flash to stir debate and critical thinking only.

    NEWSWIRE February 24, 2017

    HEADLINE: Marijuana Re-Scheduled – All Medical and Recreational Dispensaries Given 72 Hours to Close Doors

    This morning, Friday February 24, 2017 at 0800 President Hillary Clinton re-classified cannabis as a Schedule II drug thus making it illegal to be sold in any form throughout the United States for Medical or Recreational purposes.

    President Clinton has assigned marijuana in all forms and for all compounds within the plant to be considered for pharmaceutical uses only and has awarded six exclusive licenses to 3M Pharma, Abbott Labs, Bayer Schering Pharma (AKA soon to be Monsanto), Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Pfizer.

    All current medical marijuana patients and recreational users must immediately cease use of any and all forms of cannabis and all current stockpiles of raw material and finished goods must be turned into Homeland Security within 72 hours.

    Think this can’t happen? Probably… but what if?

  6. Michael Miller on

    All across the land, at any given moment, people are getting raped. People are getting murdered. People are getting robbed. People are getting physically bludgeoned. There are victims of robbery and burglary. And there are people consuming plants. Yes folks… there are people actually sitting at home, relaxing, and smoking joints. We must address this problem ASAP. We absolutely cannot allow this to happen. We must lock these people up so that you can feel safer. By the way, you’ll pay for the costs of arrests, bookings, incarcerations, and future welfare costs when they can’t get jobs. Have a nice day.

  7. With all the murderers, rapists, thieves, child molesters, pimps, hoaxers, gangs, hate groups and other assorted villains out there, why are the police cracking down on grass shops? True, it is safer to arrest a pot shop owner than a killer or a thief, but would that not serve the public interest better?

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