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Toronto Police Department’s Official Statement About ‘Project Claudia’

project claudia toronto medical marijuana raids

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Last week the Toronto Police Department raided dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries as part of ‘Project Claudia.’ The raids were a huge waste of money. I saw one activist post that it cost as much as 2.5 million dollars to carry out the raids. This of course coming at a time when support for medical marijuana in Canada is overwhelming, and the country is in discussions to legalize cannabis for adults for all uses. Below is the official press release from the Toronto Police Department which lists the exact locations raided. You can find out how to contact the Toronto Police Department at this link here to tell them how you feel about it:

On Thursday, May 26, 2016, at noon, the Toronto Police Service executed 43 search warrants throughout the city of Toronto under the name “Project Claudia.”

Members of the Toronto Police Service Drug Squad conducted an investigation into a number of locations known as “storefront cannabis distributors.”

It is alleged that:

– the investigation revealed cannabis marijuana, cannabis resin, cannabis oil and various “substance edibles” were being advertised and sold

– a total of 270 kg of dried marijuana, 30 kg of resin, 25 kg of hash, 27 kg of pills, 73 kg of chocolate, 142 kg of cookies, 129 kg of candies, 101 kg of bars, 135 e-cigarettes, 457 drinks, 127 kg of oils and spreads, and 121 kg of other by-products were seized

During the search warrants, 90 people were arrested and 186 Possession for the Purpose Trafficking charges and 71 Proceeds of Crime charges were laid.

The following locations were the subject of a search warrant under Project Claudia:

1. Cana Boss Dispensary – 1684 Queen Street West
2. Canna Bank Dispensary – 3505 Dundas Street West
3. Weeds Glass and Gifts – 1332 Queen Street West
4. Weeds Glass and Gifts – 2452 Bloor Street West
5. Green Cross Club – 699A Lawrence Avenue West
6. Kanbi The Dispensary – 1715 St Clair Avenue West
7. Medical Club – 377 Marlee Avenue
8. Natures Touch Dispensary – 1346 St. Clair Avenue West
9. Up Dispensaries – 1792 Eglinton Avenue West
10. Weed the North – 1532 Eglinton Avenue West
11. Weemedical Dispensary Society – 568 St. Clair Avenue West
12. Weemedical Dispensary Society – 1602 Eglinton Avenue West
13. York Dispensary – 1478 Eglinton Avenue West
14. 416 Medicinal Health – 850 King Street West
15. Cannawide Dispensary – 34 Kensington Avenue
16. Cannawide Dispensary – Top Shelf – 160 Baldwin Street, Unit 3
17. Eden Medicinal Society – 760 Queen Street West
18. The Green Room Society – 402 Spadina Avenue
19. Cannabis Dispensary – 66 Nassau Street,
20. Holistic Cannabinoids – 179 Baldwin Street
21. Weeds Glass and Gifts – 611 College Street
22. WeLeaf Dispensary – 5 Bruyers Mews
23. Maricare – 3808 Bloor Street West
24. SoCo (Social Collective) – 1874 Wilson Avenue
25. Hempsterz Hemp Shop and Lounge – 65 Martin Ross Avenue, Unit 9
26. GW Weed Emporium – 2226 Kingston Road
27. Scarborough Dispensary – 1260 Kennedy Road
28. SoCo (Social Collective) – 2347 Eglinton Avenue East
29. The Rolling Bud – 4234 Lawrence Avenue East, #5
30. Buddha Pharm – 399 Yonge Street
31. CALM – 600 Church Street
32. Medical Compassion Clinic – 125 Church Street
33. Rainbow Medicinal Cannabis – 69 Queen Street East, Unit #201
34. CALM – Canadian As Living Medicine – 7 Breadalbane Street
35. Calm on the Avenue – 538 Eglinton Ave West
36. Weeds Glass and Gifts – 92 Avenue Road
37. S.W.E.D. – 1898 Danforth Avenue
38. BC Cannamed – 2116 Queen Street East, Unit C
39. Green Rhino – 393 Danforth Avenue
40. Medical Club – 337 Danforth Avenue
41. S.W.E.D – 333 Danforth Avenue
42. Weeds Glass & Gifts – 341 Danforth Avenue
43. GW Weed Emporium – 2226 Kingston Road

Click here for a map of the locations.

To watch the news conference, click here.

For information about the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations from Health Canada, click here.

For a statement regarding dispensaries from the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, click here.


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  1. kcaruso47@yahoo.com on

    Marijuana is legal in approx- I believe 20 states here in the United States. I just went 2 a dispensary in Salem, Massachusetts 2day. It’s very well regulated…High security- No one gets in without a medical marijuana card. Not just 1 BUT TWO security guards!!! Lol locked doors. You take a number like at the deli at the grocery store. It’s a bit more expensive for some for the bud I found than on the street. But you are now paying the taxes.

  2. God did not make a mistake when He made cannabis that the government needs to fix. “Texas state representative David Simpson” Republican from Longview, Tx.

  3. Andrew Sweeney on

    The problem is , none of these dispensaries were licensed. As much as i hate the government… evading taxes and opening up shop regardless is pretty ballsy move. They say they are in it to help the patients……. but really only there pockets are getting heavy. Patients need to start growing them selves and/or start a sharing program. I try to hand out free seeds and much as i can, that’s the best way to help someone in need, show them how to care for one self. My vote goes towards FULL legalization.

  4. Stephanie Lane on

    We are Praying for this terrible prohibition to be done away with on our entire continent.

  5. Hopefully our brothers and sisters from Canada will complain about the stupidity of this stunt

  6. David Yoseph Schreiber on

    Fire the police chief, the cops that made the busts, everybody in between, and all of the prohibitionists for good measure. A clean sweep with an iron broom is in order.

  7. Cannabis plant was already on the earth to have the free right to use it in any way. Who are these prohibitionists think they can do what ever to something that was free in the beginning. Good vibes will come back around from this. Vibes are real energy. Hopefully the pm of Canada will see this as waisting money and the loss of revenue for the city. Justice will served, fire them all.

  8. Really! In this day and age these authoritarian, jack booted thugs bust calm and quite cannabis dispensaries. No other crime in Toronto, no rape, no murder, no robbery. The only thing they have to do is round up peaceful cannabis workers and screw up their lives. Good work TPD, all is well in Canada, just a few malcontents out in the open peacefully working to help others. Better crush this crime wave before the munchies take over. Damn hippies, the police have to show them whos boss. Screw these non-violent providers of a harmless plant, they deserve prison and more. Crush them flat…….Jesus wept.

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