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Tour World’s Largest Medical Cannabis Dispensary With Founder Steve DeAngelo


harborside health center medical marijuana dispensary tourHave you ever been inside a marijuana (cannabis) dispensary? Ever wondered what a model medical cannabis facility looks like? Now’s your chance! Take an inside peek at the world’s largest and most reputable medical cannabis dispensary (with two locations in the San Francisco Bay area) serving as a model for the responsible distribution of cannabis medicine. Join Harborside Health Center co-founder and executive director, Steve DeAngelo, for an exciting and insightful tour of our world-class clinic…

Steve DeAngelo is an inspired leader who has contributed four decades of activism and advocacy to the cannabis reform movement. The media has described Steve’s landmark Harborside Health Center as a model facility combining safe access to a wide range of lab-tested cannabis medicines. In addition to offering the best quality medicine, Harborside also provides a full complement of free patient services, including a holistic healing clinic.

In December 2011, the California-based dispensary was featured in the internationally televised documentary series, “Weed Wars,” on the Discovery Channel. DeAngelo and Harborside have also led the way in resisting the U.S. attorneys’ crackdown on regulated medical cannabis providers in California, and currently are litigating two separate lawsuits against the federal government to halt federal efforts to close medical cannabis dispensaries.


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  3. Steve is a man on a mission. I hope to see many more dispensaries throughout the country with a similar kind of drive before the government or global big business types try to price the mom and pops out of the market. Unite and prosper. All others will be assimilated into the mmj/hemp lifestyles. :)

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