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Traverse City Town Hall For Michigan Marijuana Legalization A Success


michigan marijuana legalization traverse city town hallThe petition drive to legalize marijuana use for adults in Michigan received a grand sendoff in late June with a rally in the state capital, a fancy dinner for donors in Ann Arbor and a rollicking town hall meeting in Traverse City.

Residents from across the northern lower peninsula attended the presentation, held in the public library in the downtown area. A powerpoint presentation by MILegalize Director Josey Scoggin was followed by a question and answer session where area residents found out about the marijuana legalization proposal and how to gather signatures on petitions.

People from Gaylord, Cadillac and surrounding communities came out to hear Directors Scoggin, Jamie Lowell and myself explain the MILegalize plan for legalization of adult use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by adults 21 and over. The program duplicates for adults the authority given to Michigan’s medical marijuana patients to grow 12 plants, plus adds common-sense definitions of seedlings, secured personal growing space, hemp production and protected medical use.

MILegalize is the common name used for the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee.

Traverse City-area businesspersons contributed $1,000 after the town hall meeting, a total that will be doubled by a pledge for matching funds made during a June 26th fundraiser by an anonymous donor.

There are several locations where registered voters can sign the petition or get petitions they can circulate. Campaign manager Chris Silva offered this advice to TCC readers: “Go to the MILegalize webpage to sign up as a volunteer or to find out where petitions are available in your area.”

The MILegalize webpage is:


Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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