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True OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


True OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The True OG marijuana strain is an indica strain. The True OG marijuana strain originated in Southern California, and is very popular down there. I don’t see it very often up here in Oregon. The True OG marijuana strain is a variation of the original OG strain, or ‘ocean grown.’ Like most indica strains, the body high from True OG is fantastic, and is great for pain relief and for help sleeping. The head high is mellow, allowing you to get some tasks done around the house, but I wouldn’t recommend starting any complex chores, because you won’t finish them.

Check out the True OG marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about True OG,  and how True OG affects various ailments.

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true og marijuana strain


true og marijuana strain


true og marijuana strain


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  1. I’ve heard that it was ORIGINAL GENETICS kush cuz HELLA ppl made so many phenos and other similar strains secretly doctored up. At least my neighbor who is very reputable as a farmer and he said real OG kush is ORIGINAL GENETICS kush and his story had me convinced tht its a bit of an argument amongst growers etc…cuz the guy who made the 1st ever OG kushstarted hearing tht ppl were stealing his genetics and changn em. So real OG kush stands for ORIGINAL GENETICS kush and the 1st farmer who made it did this so wen he smokes OG kushes from elsewhere, he can tell if its real

  2. I, being from Southern California, have never herd of it being called “ocean grown”, the only thing I have herd the “OG” stand for is “original gangster”. It is a very awesome strain, I have had the pleasure to grow it and can’t say anything negative about it:-)

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