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True Or False – Presidential Candidate Chris Christie Supports Medical Marijuana?


Anyone who has followed New Jersey Chris Christie knows that he is very much against marijuana reform. He has been very candid that if he is elected President of the United States he will crackdown on states that have legalized recreational marijuana. As New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie has allowed his state to run a medical marijuana program, but it’s one of the most strict programs in the nation, and is in dire need of improvement. In 2014 Chris Christie stated that medical marijuana is nothing more than a ‘front for legalization.’

So it surprised many people to see Chris Christie pretend that he is for medical marijuana. No one seemed to be more surprised than CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Dr. Gupta did an interview on CNN where he talked about how patients have to flee New Jersey in order to gain access to the forms of medical marijuana that they need because New Jersey’s program is so deficient. Below is video footage of that interview, which I was very happy to see on YouTube courtesy of the always hardworking Tom Angell:

So on one side you have Chris Christie, a career politician who tends to say things that are not always based in reality and logic. On the other side you have a respected doctor who has done a lot of research on the topic of medical marijuana, and specifically research pertaining to New Jersey’s medical marijuana program. Does Chris Christie truly support medical marijuana? I’ll let you decide, but I think that the answer is glaringly obvious.


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  1. Christy is a blow hard and obviously doesn’t realize he’s in the minority when it comes to legal Marijuana. But the good thing is the polls show him in the loser zone. Hopefully He will just go away soon. I have to hand it to him though, he does get publicity for his Neanderthal thinking however negative it is. That also has to be obvious to the other candidates. If you are talking about removing the will of the people after they have voted then your not going to lead our nation.

  2. CC thinks that talking out both sides of his mouth is a reasonable approach to elected office. on mmj, obviously he couldnt care less.

  3. Cris crusty ( Christie ) has a hidden agenda to stop all legalization including medical legalization. He doesn’t care or believe that Marijuana is helping millions of people live better lives. This include cancer, ptsd, epilepsy, and many other debilitating illnesses. Crisis christie is anti compassion, because even if you do not believe in Marijuana as a medical need and you are not willing to believe thousands of doctors and millions of people who know that Marijuana helps. What right do you have to make the choice for other people. Cris Christy has no right and he also has no medical degree .

  4. Christy got in only because john corzine was a horrible governor as well. A “teachable moment” is for a democrat to be pro-cannabis at all costs, and stick to their guns by supporting recreational marijuana, or at least decriminalization. (Medical marijuana (except california’s) is nothing more than a front for the government to pick and choose winners and losers). Stop supporting jokers like Biden, Hillary, etc. And start supporting true reformers like Bernie Sanders, only then will you stop seeing the citizens vote for people like chris kristy creme christy.

  5. Crispy cream christy is marijuana’s #1 enemy. His fat ass would do anything to slither his jabba da hutt lookin ass into congress.

  6. #cannabinoid deficiency at its finest
    Change diet, ingest cannabis and maybe he can run for the bus
    He actually believes people are better off drinking and doing prescription medications.
    If medical marijuana is a “joke”
    “Prohibition is the laughing stock of NJ”

  7. Christie’s chance of actually becoming President: 1% or less
    Christie’s chance of being in prison in a couple of years: at least 50/50

  8. If 41% of us males alive today will get cancer in our lives – then – yaah he’s got to be tripling those odds with his high stress job, his weight, oh and there’s that other contributing factor – he’s an asshole.

  9. He has never supported medical cannabis. Never. He has always said medical cannabis programs are a stepping stone to legalization of adult use marijuana. He is a liar. He has had nothing to do with implementation of NJ’s program which he inherited from the previous Guber, and has done EVERYTHING to make it unworkable. I have no clue how a mostly democratic state elected this baseless ass.

  10. What a jackass. What goes down comes around.
    cancer is so rampant in today’s environment.
    Cancer loves to start in fat cells. If you have a deficiencies in endocanabinoids and a surplus of toxins that like to be stored in the fat cells. Respectfully mr. Chrispy you are most probably going g to need this medication watch your mowf

  11. This guy. Deserves to be in prison himself for causing people to die from the BridgeGate scandal. He doesn’t support anything except feeding his fat face and ego.

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