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Tumbling Weeds – The Story Of Marijuana Activists In The State Of Texas


Tumbling Weeds is the story of marijuana activists in the state of Texas, specifically focusing on the Dallas / Fort Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (DFW NORML). The short film follows Shaun McAlister, Executive Director of DFW NORML and activists from around the state such as State Representatives David Simpson (R – Longview) and Joe Moody (D – El Paso) as they work to change marijuana policy both from the grassroots of the Global Marijuana March to the Capitol in Austin for legislative hearings and meetings. Created as a student film by Director Juan Angulo, Tumbling Weeds is a story of hope for the parents, patients and activists fighting for sensible marijuana policy in the Lone Star State.

This film is dedicated to the video’s editor, Storm Speller. R.I.P.


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Johnny Green


  1. Great video Thanks for all hard work and time spent on this and trying to end prohibition, countless people need this to be legal so they have the medicine they need.

  2. The bill proposed last year by State Representative David Simpson was one of the best in the country. Simpson (Republican) supported FULL legalization. Unfortunately our State Reps are not going to back anything controversial without being absolutely positive that their constituents are in favor of it. All Texas citizens that want an end to prohibition need to email their State Reps and voice their opinions. Without that support, nothing will ever change.

  3. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Sincerely grateful to The Weed Blog for sharing this 17 minute video. It inspires as much as it breaks the heart, considering that last sentence at the end: “The Texas Legislature meets every two years.” The Lone Star is burning out fast. Not sure if it’s possible, but members of Dallas-Fort Worth NORML, its supporters and many thousands of Texans who qualify for medical cannabis should immediately file a class-action lawsuit against the Texas Legislature for its blatant dereliction of duty in the 2015 session. Lawmakers had 45 YEARS of due process to finally abandon the fraudulent legal term “marihuana,” imposed by the feds, with a new Texas cannabis law. It’s wretched and deplorable when any lawmakers, dwelling in pure anti-cannabis psychosis, so callously leave millions of constituents in the lurch. Sue them! Justice is long overdue, in Texas and every state of the union.

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