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I find the recent postWhat is the Best Job for a Stoner is ironic to me because I wrote the following paragraphs days before hand. Isn’t this really what its all about: Adults wanting to work and smoke with the security of not losing our jobs or worse jail.

Personally I’m following the Joseph Casias plight very closely. If California does legalize it (and they should) than his case could set a huge precedent. What kills me though is what if he was prescribed percocet or vicodin for his pain? Than popped for that. Would he have been let go than? Answer is probably not.

You should give Mr. Casias a holler via Facebook, I did. Just to let him know he’s in the right. And don’t forget to write Marc Emery, send him some stamps if you can — I lost mine and now have to wait.

Now, for your reading pleasure. Some shit I started the other day.

Growing up sucks. I find myself on the precipice of what could be a smoking sabbatical. Rumor has it; the place I work at may be having layoffs soon. Soon in light of recent news I will have to A) clean my system to find another job or B) Start dealing. ‘Till than let me impart some real life on you.

Cleaning my system is no big deal. Not smoking is no big deal; but the fact I have to do it fucking sucks. If I find myself unemployed it’s not because I’m lazy or incompetent (all smoker stereotypes) but because the Big Dogs can’t balance a budget or took too many coke lines off a hookers ass at a company engagement (I’m just saying).

The second half of my dilemma is okay say I can’t find work, do I start dealing? The thing is you can’t make mortgage payments and pay hospital bills selling pot in dimebags or ounces.

This is the one thing I’ll never understand in the marijuana debate, if the pundits really knew what they were talking about they’d know there’s no money to be had by small time dealing. If you want to say the least pay your bills, to say the most start your own rap video — you’d have to be pushing pounds; and that’s the kind of shit that makes you someone’s girlfriend in the pen (I pray for your sanity Marc).

The fact is there is no guarantee in life kids but as long as people with money need ditches dug I’ll have a shovel. There’s always a way I believe. It’s just a matter of the choices to get there.

So here’s some advice for our readers young and not so.

To the youngins, do what you want to do. That don’t mean go on some sort of serial killer rampage, it means if your heart tells you there’s something you want to be than work towards it.

All my life I knew I wanted to write. As far as I can remember wanting to be something, it was a writer or a ninja assassin but the latter didn’t pan out. So I took life gradually and wrote only when inspired. Snippets of paper with one liners are all over the place. I would stop with disillusion or no focus and take up again, writing is my addiction — that thing I can’t do with out. You see those crazy homeless guys with sheets of paper with scribble on them, that could be me (laugh now or forever hold your peace). The point here is I only slightly did what I wanted to be. And sometimes you just gotta keep living life doing what you do ’till you bump into it.

Not everybody wants to be the lead singer or guitarist. Not everybody wants to be a writer. But if you find that thing you want to do (shoveling shit included), do it everyday.

I say this not cause I’m paying my bills with this but because I’m able to do the thing I love to do with other people that love one of the other things I love do (say that 5 fucking times). Thanks to NinjaSmoker and Johnny.

As I reread this the following seems bleak but I don’t intend it to be so. Its just that as I find myself in this real world situation I will have to take action accordingly and may not have the time to produce many more articles, all pending on the what happens next. And the only reason why I even bring this kind of shit up is because as a smoker and activist these are all issues somebody else has to deal with to. So in the interim here’s some advice to our readers young and not so.

To the younger people, live for love. You will be hungry occasionally but the things that you truly need and desire will fall into place.

To the not so young like me; Let us not forget where we came from. Let us not forget who we were.

Recently I had a friend (with his family) who I haven’t seen in awhile come by my house and hang out overnight. As I smoked my special goodness he cracked a joke “that’s so high school” that right there was a bummer but it also gave me some perspective.

He made me think that there are millions of people like this and now I know why. As we get older and take on responsibilities things change and we want the best for the children we’re raising. Which is why I’ve bumped up my activist voice. I don’t want my children growing up in a world where booze if okay but marijuana is demonized. Or you could take the alternate route and shun it because you know it’s not socially acceptable.

There’s a time and a place for everything. When you have to, you’ve got to quit smoking, shave that beard, take a shower, and tell some lies.

We do what we gotta do to survive. Tell me lies, sweet little lies.

Marijuana is still illegal impart to the people that use to do it or tried it once than went on. They went on to say “Oh that it’s nothing” or “I tried it once and it didn’t do a thing for me” – So their biggest problem is that they’ve been unimpressed by this plant.

The fact that it is and can be “nothing” should enrage people, why is this illegal? Why are billions of dollars spent a year fighting something that in a worse case scenario makes you feel like not getting off the couch because once its legal paranoia won’t be an issue unless you’re under the proper age limit.

I started this piece off with Growing up sucks but it really isn’t that bad. It’s the ones that grew up and forgot what things are about, those are the grown ups that suck. Anyways, I will continually support and defend any pothead whether I’m smoking or not it’s just a matter of circumstance for me. ‘Till next article, I’m gonna barbecue, smoke what I got, drink some beer, and wonder how I’m gonna get some stamps.


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Johnny Green


  1. someday cannabis will be treated like a plant rather than a demon.

    When these citys get done bickering over city codes the industry will flourish.

    And growin is an art form , we know this . I have had crops wiped out by everything
    mold,gnats,spider mites , dogs

    growing is a full time job , teaching people to grow is a great job for stoners!
    bud tenders ,

    start your own cannabis cultivation school , how hard could that be if it can be done with a few people .

    really good article ,and sometimes losing a job is what it takes to get into a new field.
    we get caught up in the daily grind.

    Millions of Americans have foreclosed on the homes they live in and yet we have city shitheads crying “non profit”
    thousand of jobs created by this industry only to be shut down by the LA city council.
    washington ,colorodo,ore, CA all have a cannabis industry with plenty of jobs.

    Teaching people to grow is a great job , when these states pass the recreational hurdle
    the industry will flourish , hydro stores , worm farms , lights , bongs, etc…

    someday we will work in this industry without guv interference.

    right now im dealing with rain , my outdoor Blue dream is 12 ft tall and taking on water!
    so this is my job , go out and shake the water off the trees , i cant believe its october and it just stated flowering a few weeks ago!

    I went online yesterday and looked up Oakland U , though about taking classes , after reading the course material I realized I already know most of the stuff being taught.

    November is rolling in quick , prop 19 with all its flaws is looking like it will pass.

    Oregon has a similar ballot i believe.

    good luck to you and your job!

    1 door closes another opens … its what is done in the hallway that counts!

    johnny 1 eye

  2. After reading your post, it seems to me that you’re the kind of boss that humanity needs.

    Thank you for your kind commments.

  3. Herb Fellow on

    Excellent article and I hope your present employment works out for you unless there is a new door for you to enter. One of the great things of life is how our experiences build upon each other and make us who we are today and who we are to become.

    For years I had a high pressure job over seeing 18 stores in six states. I visited each of these stores each month and spent four or five nights a week in a motel. It was rough, but it allowed me to follow one of my passions – helping others succeed. I knew for me to be successful my managers had to be successful. I was an odd ball district manager, sharing my bonuses with managers and rewarding good employees with incentives out of my pocket. Helping others be successful is a lost art in most of corporate America today and has been replaced with greed and back stabbing.

    Living your passion may make you an odd ball in the eyes of friends, family and society. However, there is nothing more fulfilling than living your passion. Your passion may change over the years, but will continues to build past experiences. Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The greatest thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we’re moving.”

    I’m no longer on the road or doing seminars on leadership; I’m disabled. But, I haven’t lost my passion. I grow my own medicine now and am mentoring two other people on growing their meds. As I look back over the years and all the victories and disappointments, I can say with confidence and deep satisfaction that I have always followed my passion (even though at times it was misguided; damn, I used to believe some weird stuff).

    Growing old does suck; growing up doesn’t have to happen. Yes, we all have bills we have to pay and responsibilities that can sometimes overwhelm us, but we don’t have to lose the passion of our youth. Too many of my ol’ school mates have now become the establishment that they once railed against. That is why change is so slow. People allow that passion to fade. When you light your next bowl or joint, don’t forget to keep that passion lit also.


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