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HOW TO SHIP WEED – Safety Delivered: An Insiders Guide

By: The Kush Guys

A Review Written by : Pot Snob

Have you ever wondered how to get away with shipping weed? You probably have. I definitely have. This new “How To Ship Weed” online e-book from HOWTOSHIPWEED.COM is very informative and geared specifically to those of you that have ever asked the question. The book is written by the Kush Guys who seem to want to remain unknown.

One of the most searched for and written about subjects in weed forums is the shipping of marijuana. The problem is there is so much misinformation out there that it is really hard to know what to believe. Everyone has an opinion, but very few have any hard facts. The writer’s main objective is to show with evidence and proof from the FBI as well as drug dog trainers, how to get away with shipping weed.

I was really surprised to learn that the most common ways we are told to ship weed (coffee grinds, peanut butter jar, U.P.S.) really are not the way to go. The FBI report clearly identifies what law enforcement and the United States Postals Service has set as the “what to flag” list. The report says that each piece by themselves is not a flag, but a few things like a heavy masking smell (perfume, dryer sheets or coffee) combined with another flag will start the investigation.

What was the most interesting part for me was reading about the actual legal process of how the FBI actually bust drug shippers, from the order of the warrants to how the raid is handled.

The second half of the book talks about smell and how drug dogs are trained which leads to exactly what equipment one needs and how to ship weed. The book overall was an easy read, short, to the point, and extremely informative. Mainly, it is nice to know for a fact, what the law says, what the FBI knows, what the USPS looks for as wells as how drug dogs are trained.

I would recommend this as a read to anyone seeking to be well informed on how to ship weed. Even if you do not plan on sending any weed through the mail, this is a great reference guide for any pot smoker.


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  1. Happen to know the inventor of the gonzo bag & his dog gonzo I live in humboldt where they prob wrote the boo before it was wrote. II’m very interested in this book but don’t use apple @ all. Anyone got a link.

  2. I read below in the comments about someone speaking of the Gonzo Bag. I can attest to the validity of this bag! I have used it for almost two years shipping through USPS successfully without a single incident. I put my product inside a heat sealed bag, place it in a Gonzo Bag, then inside a shipping box with packing material and WALAH! No worries! The company says the bags are reusable but I never take the chance when shipping through the mail. I do reuse them at home for my own convenience but never when shipping. The bags are sturdy and come in different sizes. Not very expensive either. Totally worth every penny! Their website is http://www.gonzobags.com.

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    I am completely legit been doin this for a few years now, so if you think your gunna try and scam me, think again!

  5. This is me here on

    yeah dogs will find it IF THEIR LOOKING FOR IT. they dont have a drug sniffing dog for every package that comes through.. unless they get word that something is being shipped they have the dogs out

  6. Trying to mask the odor is definitely not the way to go. Coffee, dryer sheets, etc, even when combined with Foodsaver bags in multiple layers will not fool a trained dog. Masking is an attempt to fool the dog by hiding the weed odor with other pungent smelling matter. However, dogs can easily sniff out the odor they are trained to find in a complex odor mix. Think of it this way: the dog’s world is a world of smells. It is their primary sensory organ, much like sight is to a human. If a person were asked to identify a blue card being held up next to a red card, would the presence of the red card make the job more difficult? Of course not. Dogs don’t go around sniffing each other’s butts and piles of poop because they like the smell of shit. They do it to build a map of their world, based on the scent of a pheromone that is excreted from glands above the dog’s anus. These pheromones are mixed with the poop in a dog pile. When a dog smells the pile, he can tell which dog laid it based on his memory of the anuses he has sniffed throughout his life time. He can smell tiny amounts of the pheromone mixed with huge amount of stinky shit. In the same way, he can smell your weed mixed with the smell of any other substance. Also, plastic bags do not make your stash dog proof – not Foodsaver, not Smelly Proof
    Bags – not even close. Dogs can smell EXTREMELY minute concentrations of odors,
    and PLENTY of pot smell goes right through vacuum sealed bags – no matter how
    many layers you put on there. Plastic merely retards (slows down) the migration
    of pot smell so that YOU can’t smell it very easily. If you don’t believe me,
    try this simple experiment: put an ounce or two of good weed in a vacuum bag.
    Seal it in your favorite vacuum bag. Put it in a new, air tight plastic box,
    like a tupperware container, for a week. Open the box. Unless you have a poor
    sense of smell, you will smell weed aplenty! So what to do if you want to
    transport something? Use the only bag that utilizes activated charcoal and a
    double-walled bag to completely absorb and trap the smell so it never makes it
    to the outer bag. It’s called the Gonzo Bag and it is made in Humboldt County
    by an environmental chemist, Gonzo Bags USA. They come in three sizes, S –
    about an ounce, MED, about a qp, L – 1.5 lb. Check them out. They are dog proof.

  7. If you are looking to ship any Marijuana threw mail, Without wanting your products sniffed out by any dogs. 
    Then you are going to want to visit GonzoBags.com these bags get the job DONE. I have just started using them myself & i would not settle for anything less now after seeing how great these bags work. If used properly no dog will be able to smell whats inside. Trust me I just got a nice QP of  Cali Flame yesterday in the mail(BestShitIveEverSmoked).  IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM.

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  9. Poopypoopypoop on

    I wish you gave some advice instead along with the review instead of hiding it behind the book

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