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TWB Interview – Legalize Louisiana


louisiana marijuanaLegalize Louisiana Interview

This week’s interview is with Donnie Griffith & Tashia Monaghan from ‘Legalize Louisiana.’ This is the transcript from our e-mail conversation:

Q: What is the official name of your organization?

A: Legalize Louisiana

Q: What is the primary goal of your organization?

A: To legalize medical marijuana in the state of Louisiana

Q: How many members do you have?

A: That’s a little hard to tell. Online, as of today, we have about 80 members on our Facebook and on our website we have 47 active members and there are countless others on the ground in all parts of the state.

Q: What is the biggest issue facing your state today, in regards to cannabis?

A: Re-educating the citizens of Louisiana on the medical use of cannabis.

Q: What are you doing to tackle this issue?

A: We have already started holding informative meetings in our home base, Monroe, and soon we plan to hold more of these meetings across the state. We have an online meeting every Friday at 5pm CST on the Legalize Louisiana website to discuss with our members what business was accomplished the week before, what our plans for the upcoming week are, and take suggestions and ideas from everyone who participates.

Q: If marijuana were legalized in your state, what is the projected tax revenue?

A: According to research in October 2009 by Jon Gettman, the projected tax revenue for the state of Louisiana is about 13 Million.

Q: How close is your state to legalizing marijuana?

A: If medical marijuana isn’t legalized yet, it isn’t as close as we’d like it to be.

Q: What would be the benefits of having marijuana legalized?

A: Our state would save funding on marijuana arrests and the efforts of the police would be focused more on violent crimes. The state would no longer have to pay almost $23,000 a year per marijuana arrest to house the inmate. The projected state funding saved on those two benefits alone would be around $208.41 million. That money could go back into state funding for education. An entire new job field would be available. In an already highly agricultural state, growing medical marijuana would provide another option for the state’s farmers. Small business owners would be able to open shops, therefore employing five to eight people. A person that suffers from chronic pain or post traumatic stress syndrome would be able to function as a productive member of society while taking medicinal marijuana.

Q: What would the drawbacks be if marijuana were legalized?

A: The only people who are destined to lose with marijuana legalized are the pharmaceutical companies, with no use for some of their pills they would stand to lose money.

Q: If marijuana were legalized, how would that affect your organization?

A: There would definitely be a celebration on our part, but I don’t think the fight would stop there.

Q: Is there ANYTHING readers can do to help your organization?

If you want to know more about us or want to help our cause, please visit http://www.legalizelouisiana.com. That is where you can get our most up-to-date information on our movement.


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  1. Dirtjoe1957 on

    I suffer from chronic back pain. I have undergone 3 back surgeries and have bulging discs at the disc above and below where I had 3 vertabra’s fused together. On 10/17/2012 I went under the knife again to have one of the fusions repaired which failed thoughout the years. I live every day in excruciating pain and fight with dr.s trying to get pain medication and you always have some butthead that thinks you are there just to get drugs for your enjoyment. Dr.’s now are under the spotlight because of the dope heads that seem to have no problems getting drugs if you are a good actor. I am not a good actor and can’t walk without the help of pain medication. I would like to at least try marijuana to see if it would help and I bet if they did legalize it and it helped a lot of people the cost of drugs would go down because the demand would not be there any longer. Right now people have no other choice but to use what they have to offer so you are bound to them. The drug I was taking cost me $175 for 10 pills without insurance, who can afford that? 10 pills last me 2 days. My prescriptions called for 100 and insurance would only cover 90 and I wanted to know what it cost  for the other 10 that was 10 years ago I can’t imagine what it would cost now. I work 10 to 13 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week too and it won’t be long I will be on disability so I have paid my price to society and deserve to be on disability. I am not looking for a free ride because I am 56 and have been working for 40 years paying my taxes not like some of these other people that are on welfare and weigh 400 lbs from eating all the junk food welfare will let them have and say they can’t work. Our government hates the idea that the drug companies the politicians are getting their pockets padded from are no longer going to be able to make them rich. Politicians get insider trade information on these drug companies so they don’t want to legalize marijuana no matter what kind of pain you are they don’t care until it is one of them and then it is poor poor pitiful me, I am in so much pain. Who do they think they are? Theirs hurts more than yours because he is a politcian. When they hurt it makes the headlines. I am all for legalizing it and by the way I have a very green thumb if I just had the seeds!

  2. I am a paying member of NORMAL MMP and other non profit organizations I have Genreral Anxiety Disorder and sever depression. Every month I have to see a doctor to get Zoloft, Xanax . All Rx. Lilly sucking every bit of my money when all problems can be eliminated by planting a seed the bears positive fruit. We need to fight war on drugs is war on me so fight back… It’s the only way

  3. Louisiana is getting close. We have a statewide march on march 2nd of 2011 in your city. Get involved. Legalize Louisiana!

  4. Hello, my name is Jeremy I live in the south east part of the state and I think that a medical cannabis law would help keep drugs out of the hands of miners and irresponsible adults who sell the drug to the miners.I know that if adults can legally posses the drug for medicinal purposes there will be little to no black market demand, therefore taking the money and the power away from the dealers who prey on Louisiana’s youth.I recall being able to easily obtain the drug in high school and know it was harder to obtain alcohol or tobacco because these substances are legal and regulated.Once we decriminalize it we can create a revenue tax for it.We can benefit greatly from a medical cannabis law;conservative Louisiana just needs to look at the big picture.

  5. We also had an interview air tonight on NBC 33/Fox 44 Baton Rouge.
    Which can be viewed here: http://tinyurl.com/legalizela
    Also, our online meeting time has changed from Friday at 5pm to Sunday at 3pm CST.

    Thank you for posting!

    Tashia Monaghan
    Deputy Director
    Legalize Louisiana

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