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TWB Interview: Medical MJ Delivery Means Business


Every day we hear marijuana success and not so successful stories, of rallies and raids, good vs. evil. Besides the dispensary raids there are the people being convicted of transporting or even growing and for the most part there are no big shoot outs, no Waco Texas, it’s just people like you and me trying to make a living.

You hear of homes being invaded with quotes of millions of dollars worth of pot found but this can only be true if it was all high quality with a guaranteed buyer on the other end which for the most part is not true. People in the marijuana business take a gamble everyday as seen in The Green Rush or even the raids on Tommy Chong in 2003.

Marijuana is business and business is good as long as you’re persistent with a quality product. Not everyone is driving a Mercedes but with hard work it will eventually come to. Soon knowing a stoner will be like knowing a liquor store owner. So before that happens I met the mind behind a local start-up called Barkley’s Biscuit.

A home delivery service that is both conveniant and reliable. BB’s owner is not a thug, not a gangster but an average dude trying to pay a bill and take care of family.

Named after his 3 legged dog, Barkley’s Biscuits delivers in King County, Wa. From perma frost to fruity pebbles, sativa to indica – he knows quality over quantity. We sat for an interview in between deliveries and here’s how it went;

TWB: How long have you been in the marijuana business?

BB: I have been facilitating the procurement of cannabis (I prefer that name since marijuana is a mexican slang term that has been used to mislead both politicians and the public alike for decades) my entire adult life. At first it was for recreational use among myself, friends, and co-workers. Then in 2009 I became a legal patient for the chronic back pain I was left with after 10 years in the moving business. After that, going into business for myself just made sense. I have been servicing qualified patients only for 2 years now.

TWB: Got a favorite straind?

BB: After sampling over 100 strains my hands-down favorite is a pure indica called f**king incredible. Its by far the most Intellectual, thought-provoking high I have ever experienced.

TWB: Favorite smoker movie?

BB: I pretty much despise almost all stoner flicks because they’re mostly full of shit. They depict growers, dealers, users, and now even dispensaries in a completely inaccurate light because it’s an easy laugh or more entertaining. I highly doubt there are a lot of doctors that watch ER or Grey’s Anatomy for similar reasons. The only exception I can think of is “Dazed and Confused” but that was more like a high school movie with a lot of pot in it.

TWB:Why Barkley’s Biscuits?

BB; The name Barkley’s Biscuits started out as a joke and then we just couldn’t come up with anything better. We are a delivery service which means people who call need to feel safe having a stranger come to their home, especially a “drug dealer” I hate that moniker but I am aware of the stigma that comes with people in my line of work. Barkley’s Biscuits just sounds friendly and light-hearted, like Barkley himself.

TWB: What’s the farthest you travel?

BB: I deliver anywhere in King County. If you are farther north than Seattle or farther south than Kent I double the minimum delivery amount which is normally 1/4oz.

TWB: Any good delivery stories?

BB: I can’t think of any “good” stories. Unless you like sad ones. Opponents of legal medical cannabis really have zero clue when it comes to how many people out there are suffering and to what extent my products provide relief. Once I made a delivery to a first time patient who requested a particular strain which I didn’t have in stock at the time. When I said I could save him some when I came across it and bring it next time, he said, “Well, if I live that long” which he didn’t. I enjoy smoking pot. And I love my job too. But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that cannabis the most effective remedy for a variety of conditions that make people miserable. No one should be denied that just because they enjoy it too.

I have had a couple of deaf patients on different occasions. That process was interesting. One had someone talk for him, the other one had to use a special phone service to call me and then communicate by typing to each other on his laptop when I got there. In both cases I got this big thumbs up and an exaggerated overjoyed facial expression when they saw my selection. That was a different kind of cool.

TWB: What would you call yourself, caregiver?

BB: We are a delivery service. I will deliver anything you want, but I specialize in medical cannabis. I am trying to open a storefront dispensary and that answer would change then, but for now I’m just a delivery guy.

Best of luck to you Barkley and Barkley’s owner. So if you’re in the King County give ’em call, I’ve seen first hand nothing but quality product.


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  1. hi bb! please tell me the best way to get started in this business and the most reliable source on the internet. i live in texas and lost my job and hurting money wise. i would love to learn from you as a mentor/coach by phone, internet,etc. i would be willing to fly and learn in person once i have the money. i truly would love to be a part of this business since i know it really helps people. thanks, jerry. 972-854-4984

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