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Twelve Central Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Raided In 48 Hours


asset forfeiture marijuana arrestIn central Michigan at least a dozen medical marijuana distribution centers and many homes have been raided by various police agencies over the last 48 hours.

It began on Wednesday with police cars descending on a pair of centers where sick people certified by a physician and registered with the state obtain their medical marijuana. These centers, often called dispensaries, were located in Mio and Lewiston.

On Thursday the raids continued. Nine dispensaries in Gaylord and one in Vanderbilt were raided by police, resulting in two arrests for charges related to illegal distribution and possession of marijuana and THC products. The raided businesses are accused of having illegal forms of THC products, alleged independently by officers involved in both Wednesday and Thursday’s actions.

On Wednesday, STING raid teams, MSP troopers and Oscoda County Sheriff deputies seized “marijuana; growing equipment; other paraphernalia that is conducive for making edibles, which is illegal; THC wax; THC butter,” said Det. Sgt. Priest of STING.

Raid teams from SANE on Thursday confiscated more than 150 jars of marijuana, THC edibles, drinks, waxes, extracts and oils, automobiles, 143 marijuana plants, prescription opiates and over $17,000 cash.Participating in the raids were Michigan State Police troopers, Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement officials, deputies from the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department.

The communities involved are left shocked and surprised- not by the presence of medical marijuana, but by the actions of the police agents involved. Many of these centers had been in operation for years, and had been well-integrated into the daily life of rural Michiganders.

During the first series of raids on dispensaries in Gaylord the community reacted negatively to the police actions. The citizens protested, then they drafted a petition, they obtained the necessary signatures and successfully submitted their proposal. The Council adopted the proposal as an ordinance, one that specifically defines dispensaries and protects them from local police action.

Note the police agencies listed as participating in the raids were all county or state level agencies; no local cops were used. These communities support the existence of dispensaries.

Police that take their orders from local officials create a society that the citizens are comfortable with; police that take their orders from county seats or state capitals create societies that distrust government, distrust the police and detach from participation.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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"Rick Thompson was the Editor in Chief for the entire 2-year run of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine, was the spokesman for the Michigan Association of Compassion Centers and is the current Editor and Lead Blogger for The Compassion Chronicles. Rick has addressed committees in both the House and Senate, has authored over 200 articles on marijuana and is a professional photographer." Rick Thompson Is An Author At The Compassion Chronicles and focuses on all things Michigan.


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  2. Just scare tactics. Oppression to be something other than your true nature ends everytime we use marijuana. The consumer mindset is shut off and the unique individual awakens. That’s what they fear. The ending of consumerism. They will then try to get their claws into the industry. The great part is that it’s all part of the healing of nations.

  3. These drug enforcement officers are ex military from Iraq without a brain cell left anywhere. They are the atrack dogs of law enforcement. They are the lowest firm of humans.

  4. Civil forfeiture and politics. This is why they raid. The cops steel and lock up anyone in their way and let courts settle who is is innocent or guilty. I hate them with a passion.Then they tell you that you must buy your car back.

  5. I very much agree Jason. I found myself reading 50 pages of the book at a time and having to put it down to assess and contemplate the broader meaning of the revelations of this book. It should receive an award and maybe someday when we take back OUR government back it will be required reading for so many factors within factors within the broader scope of this epic tragedy.

  6. I too have read that book…it should be required reading for anyone calling themselves a drug policy reformer…

    I’d like to see that book get adapted into a screenplay..there are so many stories in it that SHOULD be seen by the public at large…

    especially the one about the poor lady getting cooked in a cage in the sun…that should be a national story!!

  7. I an somewhat intolerant of playing the semantics game when my meaning was obvious. My heros are probably your heros. I am reading a book called, “Chasing The Scream – The First And Last Days Of The Drug War”, by Johann Hari, which is a stunner. It is a painful revelation of the roots of this reefer madness and it also addresses exactly why incarceration and prohibition is ruthless and inhumane. I wish you would read it. I am furious that this country we call home has turned into an Oligarchy with theocratic intolerance built into this Oligarchy. The willingness of these Oligarchical citizens to have allowed themselves to be so dumbed down that they refuse to abandon the politics of Oligarchy and tolerate the lies and rhetoric of their politicians.
    I ask myself what do I do? Should I move to a legal state, which is almost impossible considering my dwindling finances and health problems, or should I go for it all and renounce my fellowship in this country and relocate more demonstrably.
    Fascism and a police state are facts when honestly assessing the majority of actions of our Congressional, our not so Supreme Court, and our Executive branches. We The People have been betrayed by our elected officials.
    In a nazi like atmosphere which is occurring in this country now genocide is being committed by a supreme agenda which is acting to eliminate the elderly, the poor, the disabled including our precious Veterans, and the least of our citizens.
    Mixed in with this is the refusal of allegedly intelligent people to fully admit that Marijuana is the exact opposite of alcohol and tobacco and has huge potential to aid in the relief and cure of innumerable illnesses. We are no longer just citizens, but due to our fear of our government and selfish ambivalence we are citizen slaves. The State (as in the Federal and State governments) has cordoned itself off from its electorate and has an incredible number of police and investigative beaurocracies surrounding and protecting it from the dissidents, like myself, who must exercise our fading freedom to express our opinions and our facts. We The People have been abandoned and are expendable because this Fascist Oligarchy is making the rules independent of Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and our representative form of government.
    The prohibition of Marijuana should NOT be a law or an issue. It exemplifies the inhumanity of the growing Fascism and gutless arrogance of our “elected” officials.
    I did not mean to impugn your intelligence. I simply no longer have patience to fact prove the obvious nature and future of the State as I defined it above.

  8. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I fully agree with ya, Jon Alan. My original point was simply to highlight the monumental task of proving (beyond this troubling story) how a fascist police state is rapidly taking over our lives, rather than just spelling “fascism.” Jack Herer meticulously compiled much of the evidence we need for proof in “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” a copy of which is never far from my desk. I wish Herer could still be fighting here with us today against this relentless and powerful anti-marihuana tyranny. He passed away on Tax Day, of all days, in 2010, and headed straight for High Heaven.

  9. saynotohypocrisy on

    Yeah, but it would be better if we could figure out how to jump down the throat of the people stepping on our freedom, and in the case of medical marijuana, stepping on people’s health and even their right to live.
    Fart, what good is it going to do a cannabis hating cop to move to Trudeau’s Canada? Maybe they should move to Russia, Putin and the Orthodox Church there hate cannabis, they’ll fit right in.

  10. Blake Beagelsmith on

    think he was doin the old sarcasm as well…. good to know most of us are pissed enough to jump down peoples throats over our freedom though !

  11. Blake Beagelsmith on

    ah; my bad. the idiot ratio is larger than i thought abroad; such levels of stupidity are currently being expressed unfortunately.. ( such as anybody voting for clinton )

  12. “We cops got good priorities” lol you are an illiterate, ignorant pile of shit. If you think busting marijuana dispensaries should be a priority in 2016, u should be stripped of your badge and demoted to working the carwash at shell. I say fuck your priorities. Seriously educate yourself on what the people of this country want. Marijuana will be legal nationwide in the next five years. Move to canada if your have a problem

  13. Plutocratarian on

    The COPs a.k.a. the Cartels On Patrol have nothing better to do than to disrupt local communities and engage in badged armed robbery. No wonder alot of communities have begun to distrust them.

  14. medcannabis1 on

    law enforcement have become the cartels as they refuse to move beyond prohibition … they must be disbanded

  15. This will speed up public opinion towards full legalization. Anything less is not enough, as we see here.

  16. Cops are losing a large part of they’re income, but far more troubling, their criminal pray. I look for more and more of these, brutal, over the top raids. As easy cash secures dry’s up. Look for Police departments nationally to start eating up the wealth, and the life times of hard work, of anyone and everyone they can get their hands on. All to feed underfunded, bloated budgets that have been subsidized by the war on drugs. Darn glad cops soon will no longer get too rip off stoners and screw us tax payers out of insane bucks for this BS

  17. Legalization in MI is happening in November so the pigs are stealing as much as they can, in anticipation of losing the ability to rob people whenever they want to.
    All the pigs that participated in these robberies should be fired and sent to prison.

  18. saynotohypocrisy on

    Murders to investigate, rapes to investigate? Don’t be silly we got medical marijuana sellers who need guns pointed at them. We cops can’t do everything, but we will do what’s most important, terrorizing good people selling a much needed product. We cops got good priorities, don’t you dare make fun of our priorities!

  19. Well, well, well. How about that, ridiculous raids by law enforcement on peaceful medical businesses instead of trying to stop the vast opiate, speed, alcohol problem in Michigan. The People will tire of this treatment and fight back. Do everything you can do short of violence to change this untenable situation. Times are changing and the law enforcement community had better pay attention. Yes LEO’s you are our hero’s, thank God for you, but to enforce unjust laws…………..?????

  20. Isolated, vindictive, desperate events from dubious LE of this ilk will continue until all federal restrictions are lifted. Even then, there will likely be state, and local municipalities that will continue to fight the demon weed on moral grounds, and of course to steal their constituents blind. However, the big stick of federal illegality, and the absurd penalties that accompany the draconian federal laws will have been taken from them. Vote, write letters, (Legible and to the point, using facts and reason) and eventually this behavior will not be profitable for these deceitful, narrow-minded, backwards, publicly funded thugs.

  21. your local tax dollar$ are $till the hand @ work at the county and state level,
    members of your local enforcement team are detached and placed on enforcement team but is paid for with money from detached city.

  22. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Did you mean to say illegal at the FEDERAL level,
    regardless of medical cannabis being legal in Michigan?

    That’s how the state governor is overriding the will of the Michigan voters and local law.
    (by using the feds as a bully!!!)

    On 04-November-2015,
    Bernie Sanders introduced Senate Bill 2237,
    the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015”,
    to remove cannabis from the federal CSA,
    (federal DE-scheduling).

    Contact your own state’s senators and ask them to support / co-sponsor SB 2237
    by going to NORML’s “Take Action” page and clicking on the link titled
    “Federal: Senator Sanders Introduces Bill To Remove Marijuana from Controlled Substances Act”

    [Would include the NORML TAKE ACTION link here
    EXCEPT that the post might not show up for 12 hours or more,
    waiting to be “approved” by moderation – So readers, just use a search engine to find it!].

  23. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks, Jack, but you’re preaching to a musician for the choir. Plenty of evidence exists to prove that “fascism” best describes modern political reality in the United States. There were corporate connections between powerful U.S. businessmen and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime during World War II, and the deplorable program subsequently approved by U.S. officials to help Nazi scientists, et al. escape prosecution by relocating to Latin American countries (many critics, including the renowned Noam Chomsky, argue that our modern National Security State was modeled on Nazi techniques). I’ve also studied the secret money dominating our political system, especially following passage of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, the 1914 Harrison Narcotics Act, the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act, and the 1970 Controlled Substances Act—the last of which fraudulently determines our entire national “marihuana” policy to this day.

  24. Lawrence Goodwen, Yes, the merger segways from political contributions and lobbying funds from businesses to politicians at all levels. Just follow the money paid by:

    Police and prison unions
    Private prisons
    Rehab centers
    Pharmicial companies
    Alcohol and tobacco companies

    Follow the time-line of prohibition laws regarding cannabis noting the historical “real” reason for the laws and you will find nearly all of the laws were written without consideration of the known facts at hand. The science is in. There is no rational reason for cannabis to be illegal.

  25. This is just another form of organized crime. The police are invading to seize cash and property that will go directly to their departments. This needs to stop and the civil forfeiture laws need to be revoked.

  26. They should investigate who poisoned the water. The money would be better spent.

  27. Bombertheceo on

    You forgot the 5 dispensaries on March 9th in Allegan county that got raided also by West Michgan Enforcement Team and state police. one shop owner car was taken this is getting serious

  28. Wow, I am surprised to read about this. How pathetic. There needs to be some penalties for the police involved in this raid. How did this even happen? Because marijuana is illegal at the state level (regardless of the fact medical marijuana is legal in Michigan) can they technically do this? Probably. But they shouldn’t. The fact that local law enforcement wasn’t used for this is really telling of how this is not appropriate or called for in any way. Local law, it sounds like, is actually a friend of the community, and would never harass the community needlessly, where as the state PD could care less.

  29. Do you feel better if we call it
    That is how you spell A POLICE STATE.
    You can play with definitions all you want but the Federal and State Governments have made a mockery of the Will of the People since Harry Anslinger converted his anti-alcohol beaurocracy (after alcohol prohobition was ended) into an anti-Marijuana Beaurocracy.
    Please don’t insult me with myopic interpretations of what is and has been happening to the United States of Oligarchy. If we do not defy fascism we deserve it, and I apologize to all the past Veterans of the US of O who fought, died, were maimed or suffer PTSD, to stave off the ugly jingoism of drooling, flag-waving hypocrites who tell a majority of the citizens of the US of O that they cannot even use a naturally occurring plant to treat their health problems.
    You enjoy some antics (semantics) but this is too frightening a time in the US of O to play games with the reality of our country and our times.

  30. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Proving “the merger of state and business leadership” (the dictionary definition of “fascism,” or the corporate state) is something else entirely.

  31. saynotohypocrisy on

    If these cops were worried about losing their job, they should worry more about that happening now. People aren’t going to forget this brazen attack on medical marijuana and on these communities. These cops need to either fight real crime or get a real job. We’ve sure got some really nasty people running around in uniform, bringing shame to their state and country.

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