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Two Different Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Planned In Maine


portland maine marijuana legalizationMaine has been on the marijuana legalization radar for awhile now. I think Maine has a great chance of being the first state to legalize marijuana via the legislature. But if that doesn’t happen before the next election, it sounds like there will be two efforts trying to get a marijuana legalization initiative on the 2016 ballot. Per WCSH6:

Legalize Maine held a press conference in Augusta Wednesday to introduce its plan. The group is focused on jobs, and said legalization would bring economic development opportunities to rural areas.Paul McCarrier of Legalize Maine said he is moving forward with his plan after talking with people in other states who have worked with the Marijuana Policy Project.

“We are not interested in being subjugated to MPP or the Washington D.C. policy,” McCarrier said. “These will be competing measures and we will win.”

I will have to review both campaigns’ initiatives before I pass judgement on either. I like that Legalize Maine is local, but it will still need national money in order to win. I can say that if Legalize Maine gets some traction, has an initiative that polls well, and can get a strong local network on the ground with some local money, a different national group will step up to help, aside from the Marijuana Policy Project. That’s what happened in Oregon, and we won handily, and that was in a midterm election. 2016 will be a favorable election year for Maine, I hope one or both campaigns can take advantage.


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  1. To get a legalization bill passed a state needs a Governor willing to sign the legislation into law. Maine’s re-elected “You kids get outta my yard” looking Governor doesn’t seem the type to allow legalization EVER. That the North East is electing so many anti-cannabis politicians I find odd. Maybe it’s best left to the more progressive thinking town mayors (such as Portland) who want to work on their citizens behalf, at least until state voters decide what they want.politically

  2. That nutty Governor the just re-elected doesn’t seem the type to not veto cannabis legislation hitting his desk. Like Arkansas voting in Asa Hutchison for their new Governor, Bush two’s Drug Czar. Then they turn around and float a legalization effort. I wish them the best of luck but seems kinda like shooting yourself in the face.

  3. Hope some enterprising Mainer develops a recipe for Marijuana Lobster. But I guess you’d only have to substitute marijuana butter for regular butter. At any rate, the concoction might well justify a trip to Maine.

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