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Two Marijuana Competitions – Two Different Results


There are two states trying to find the best medical marijuana in their area, yet only one will succeed (see stories below). Colorado’s First Annual Western Slope Cannabis Crown is scheduled for April 17-18. Organizers say the event is open to the public, however only Colorado patients will be able to purchase samples and puff down. Denver-based ‘Full Spectrum Laboratories’ will analyze THC levels of each strain and declare a winner. ***If you want to know why it’s only open to Colorado patients, look at my article on January 25th***

Michigan organizers were not so lucky. The Michigan Marijuana Chamber of Commerce in Ypsilanti was trying to organize a similar event, but decided to cancel after a public outcry. Anthony Freed, Executive Director, cancelled the contest after Washtenaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Steve Hiller called the event ‘illegal.’ The sticking point is there is no way to legally distribute medical marijuana under Michigan law. Caretakers can only provide medicine to five patients, and therefore, an ‘open to the public’ event is impractical. Law enforcement said that the educational component of the event is protected free speech; however the rest of the event was not.

Currently, www.theweedblog.com is trying to organize a similar event in Oregon. Rest assured all of you Oregon medical patients, we know EVERY law that pertains to medical marijuana in Oregon, and this event WILL happen. There won’t be purchasing booths like in Colorado due to legal limits, but glass vendors, free samples, educational materials, etc. will certainly be in the house for medical marijuana card holders!!!!



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  1. Like we say on the ‘About’ page, all views are welcomed. But if you are an idiot, you will be called out! Considering you have been called out time after time, you might want to take a look in the mirror…..

  2. I am pretty sure that anybody can attend the annual OMCA awards. They have a hemp fashion show and a dinner and a “main” hall area that is free that has some vendors. High Times covers them.They are held in Portland every year for the last seven years. http://hightimes.com/legal/ht_admin/4992 – always the second Saturday in December.

  3. Good lookin’ out Terry! What is ironic, is I contacted Oregon NORML to see if they would be interested in teaming up for an event, and they said it would be illegal and they are not interested!!!! Looks like they have some explaining to do…..!

  4. Ya I didn’t hear about it but thats because I’m not medical. Gotta find a way non-medical users could at least attend, even if I can’t smoke any. Prolly just dreamin…

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