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Two Medical Marijuana Bills Being Proposed In Kentucky


kentucky medical marijuana pollEvery state needs a medical marijuana program, as there are suffering patients in every state that could benefit from using medical marijuana. And by medical marijuana program, I mean one that doesn’t include CBD-only strains, doesn’t ban forms of consumption, doesn’t exclude certain ailments, doesn’t ban home cultivation, and allows safe access at medical marijuana dispensaries. Any type of program is better than no program at all obviously, but it’s my hope to see every state in America start a full medical marijuana program someday.

There are two medical marijuana bills being proposed in Kentucky. Per Whaxy:

Senator Perry Clark has already filed a medical marijuana bill for 2015. It is reportedly the same bill that the Louisville democrat has introduced each of the last three years. This proposal would allow for physicians to recommend medical marijuana to qualifying patients, as well as remove legal prosecution against qualifying patients caught in possession of marijuana. This bill also allows for home cultivation, and the development of caregiver programs. It does not establish a system for regulating medical marijuana dispensaries.

The second bill expected to be filed with the Kentucky state legislature in 2015, will be introduced by House Speaker Greg Stumbo. Stumbo explained in a released statement that he has been inspired to introduce this bill by the stories patients have shared with him about their medical marijuana use, and it is important that people share cannabis education.

The bill that Stumbo introduces is expected to be slightly different by allowing for the establishment and regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state. Dispensaries would be able to provide patients with safe, reliable access to the plant. This framework may also generate a good amount in tax revenue for the state, similar to what has been seen in Colorado.

Kentucky already passed a CBD-only bill, however, it hasn’t helped any patients due to the strict rules provided in the bill. Patients are suffering in Kentucky, and they deserve to use a medicine that is far safer than pharmaceuticals if they want to. If you live in Kentucky, contact your legislators.


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  1. I was medically retired after serving 8 years as a Combat Engineer (12B) in the U.S. Army. I was deployed to Both major theatres. After a number of highly productive days on deployment. I was rotated home and retired, due to a multitude of illnesses (Such as some broken vertebra, Bulging/ herniated discs, among other things). I spent 3 years after starting the army’s “treatment”. Army medical treatment is more closely related to trick or treating. Lots of opiates and aspirin. I also left the army with liver problems, making me unable to consume alcohol. I was being prescribed 14 different medications. 7 of those meds contained higher than 300mg of Aspirin per dose. I moved home to Louisville Kentucky, in 2012. Medical marijuana has saved my life. Regardless of its legality, I would not be alive today without it. In early 2013, I had trouble transitioning to civilian life. The loss of my brothers, and the pain I was experiencing daily became too much. I began having thoughts of suicide, had lack of sleep for days. I was also having nightmares, and flashbacks. A friend brought me to his house and convinced me to smoke a joint. Today, I am still in a lot of pain. But I can sleep. I eat regularly. Marijuana gave me my life back, in a way most people will not understand. I am living proof that marijuana is medicine. And a powerful medicine it is.

  2. darthhillbilly on

    When you look at the numbers, regulation makes sense. I just hope our lawmakers see the importance of taking marijuana off street corners and putting it behind store counters. I smoke marijuana due to chronic pain, anxiety disorder, and muscle spasms. Marijuana replaces three very addictive medications for me, without making me dependent. Hats off to Perry Clark, and Greg Stumbo….Free The Weed Kentucky!!!!!

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