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Two Medical Marijuana Bills Filed In Texas


texas marijuana legislatureMost medical marijuana programs in America came about as the result of a citizen initiative. More and more states are legalizing medical marijuana via their legislatures, but all of the first medical marijuana programs in America were started by initiatives because politicians wouldn’t step up and do what was right. Some states don’t have a citizen initiative process, meaning that the only way to legalize medical marijuana is via a legislative action. Texas is one of those states.

There are people on the ground in Texas that are fighting very hard to make medical marijuana a reality in Texas. And not just a CBD-only model. Activists are fighting for a much more comprehensive program. Those activists made progress late last week when not one, but two medical marijuana bills were introduced into the Texas Legislature. Per My Fox Austin:

On Friday, State Representative Marisa Marquez from El Paso and Senator Jose Menendez filed bills in the House and Senate that would provide safe and legal access to medical marijuana for those who need it.

“Texas actually leads the nation in innovative medical research. And so it needs to take the scientific and reasoned approach to the known benefits of medical marijuana. Texas needs to be at the table of this conversation,” said Representative Marisa Marquez from El Paso.

According to Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, 23 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territory of Guam have passed laws that allow people with qualifying conditions to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it.

Patients are suffering right now in Texas. They deserve to access a plant that has proven to be a better and safer form of medicine than a lot of pharmaceutical medications that are currently available. Medical marijuana is not about profit, or about people getting high for recreation, it’s about compassion. If you live in Texas, make sure to contact your Representatives and Senators and urge them to support both of these bills.


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  1. Ptsdnchrncpain on

    Don’t you see what legislators are doing? While some (few) have good intentions,several Reps and Sens are promoting or submitting these bills as a delaying tactic. With so many bills submitted support can be positioned so that no specific bill will have sufficient support to pass. Discussion can go on and on about the merits of that bill instead of this bill, possible be assigned to committee and from there will never see the light of day again, the media can say, “Oh He or She tried but the other party blocked the bill”, and it just goes on… That way they all have an opportunity to go back to their constituents and say, “I supported certain legislation for marijuana, but to bad… it didn’t pass.” They can also go back to their Pharmaceutical company supporters and say “Ok, I didn’t pass anything, keep giving me money.”

    We each need to contact our Senators and Representatives and remind them that it is our votes that put them in office and if nothing gets passed, a different person may be occupying their seat next session… We also need to contact Gov. Abbott’s office and advise them of the same.

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