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U.K. Proposal Announced To Legalize Marijuana


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A group of ministers in the Liberal Democrat party are introducing a proposal to drastically alter the U.K.’s drug policies by legalizing cannabis, in addition to other “club drugs” such as ecstasy, according to the Sunday Times. The move is planned as a means to fix the U.K.’s failing war on drugs, which has resulted in an increase in crime, and a heavy financial burden on taxpayers.

A review ordered by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, which is due to be published before Christmas, is expected to suggest that the U.K. should legalize cannabis in a way similar to Washington and Colorado in the United State.

The proposal is also expected to call for the introduction of heroin clinics where addicts can receive the drug through prescription in an attempt to reduce crime by dissuading individuals from purchasing from the black-market.

The proposal is expected to be released in December.

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  1. I stopped smoking weed for financial reasons overnight yet I continue to pay out £250 a month on cigarettes!!!
    Cigarettes are far more addictive than Cannabis
    And I’m not even going to talk about alcohol.

    It beats me how the government take a pride in taxing cigs and alcohol yet are against a soft drug just slightly mentally addictive.

    I can’t wait for someone to make a reasonable decision and legalise recreational cannabis

  2. Cannabis IS a drug, Heroin comes from a type of poppy, (you gunna say it’s a flower not a drug?) The point is it’s a relatively harmless drug, and if it isn’t hurting anybody else the government shouldn’t be aloud to tell me what i can and can’t do.

  3. harleythcalday on

    Fact no ones died from weed its self and to call it a drug is horrible because its a plant witch makes it a hurb. If the can say fags and alcohol is legal knowing more people die by fags and what they do when drunk then making weed legal should be easy as it had no long them problems no ones died by it. And think if people like snopp Dogg and even Leonardo da Vince smoked weed all day everyday and they have done amazing things in there life’s the why can we all try it.

  4. SuperBadLadMcLovin on

    In two American states the tax on legal weed is set to accumulate to £550,000,000, so I highly doubt that this or what ever the insane number would be if it became legal nation wide. Would add up to less than the money saved in the prison unions.

  5. MDMA & LSD are non-addictive & you can’t die from an overdose, they also help with treating a range of psychological issues.

  6. I’ve a condition where the discs in my spine are degenerating. The
    drugs I was prescribed turned me into little more than a zombie &
    have horrible long term side effects. Puff eases my pain & offers
    me more mobility that that prescription poison & without it I’d have topped myself by now.

  7. The Tobacco companies are far more powerful in America & they’re sorting legalization there. As for seizing possessions, that’s mainly from class A drug dealers who have much larger profit margins. The amount of money they will save on police, court, probation & prison costs, added to the tax revenue will be far higher.

  8. Caffine is one of the most deadly poisons on the planet. A top science studet committed suicide injecting pure caffeine. It killed him instantly, he hadn’t even managed to inject the full amount before it killed him.

  9. Far more money will be saved (police, court, probation & prison costs) than will be made through taxes.

  10. SuperBadLadMcLovin on

    This is a welcomed proposal if it ever materializes into anything. But don’t let it try and fool you into this being at all in anyway about cannabis being legalized on the basis of it being virtually harmless to the user when the fact that cigarettes and alcohol are legal is took into consideration. The government aren’t stupid they know that legalizing the use of marijuana by mimicking the approach of several states in the US. By allowing “dispensaries” to be put into circulation on the retail market, and in turn gaining tax from the cannabis being sold. The money going to government would sky rocket. You think America would of legalized weed if a global recession had never happened?

  11. well they the lib dems also ‘proposed’ that in thier previous manifesto before the election. Aint heard a nats ballbag about that!

  12. omfg if this is true, it will be the best thing to happen to UK. honest, it’s a FACT! everyone loves a bit of weed! makes EVERYTHING better..

  13. tennesseetuxedo59 on

    your self righteous pontificating silliness to a 2 month old thread shows you have major self esteem issueslolol myofb

  14. ihaveabongsofuckingwhat? on

    you speak rudely too people. that’s why people hate the pro-stealing your soul kind of anti pro-choice attitudes, bad vibes are signs of bad people in some peoples eyes.

  15. wow, they need to legalise weed. It’s proven to be less effective than alcohol, people get more judged smoking than drinking. ridiculous if you ask me

  16. bout time they ‘thought’ & ‘did’ something on the lines of this.. being a pot smoker my self i wud rather go toa official cafe or medical presciption shop to collect my gear as to waitin on street corners lookin dodgy to residents and causing nuisance for the police, wasting paperwork and valuable time on caanibas related crimes when they should be out catchin killers,rapist pedos etc. they can ban alcohol and class a drugs or control them in tougher ways but as for weed the ‘erb’ chill be laid bck on the matter legalise it but still av sum rules and order so people dont abuse the law as sum will do anyways!! rant over LEGALISE WEED TO WIN!!

  17. It is pure and simply illegal because the government can take the possessions ( cars,homes..ect ) of people that are know to the drug game. They make millions every year this way. Also the police get more money for the more arrest they make. With over 40% of people possessing marijuana at some point, its very easy for them to do so. So instead of money going towards catching murderers they invest there money in catching drug users and small dealers because there are so many. Which in turn gets them a nice big budget to spend next year. Marijuana was originally banned as it apparently cause people to become homosexual and pass aids, and also it apparently cause white women to sleep with black men, which at the time it was criminalised was a big no no. These were obviously just scare tactics that were used, but managed to work.

    Another reason it hasn’t been made legal is because all of the legal drug company’s ( tobacco, alcohol….ect ) have massive investments from the government. Tobacco is mega cheep to prudce and is heaverly addictive.
    The government make billions a year from tobacco and then millions more from stop smoking campains .
    If they legalize weed then the sales of tobacco and alcohol will fall.

    If you feel like educating yourself about the criminalisation of weed then watch a film called “him to make money selling drugs”.

    It is not a war on drugs, its a war on money.


    the other day i smoked super bio lemon haze we got 0.8 for each bag, usually weighing an 0z of it as 28.3g, so we made a profit and had a PHAT SMOKE. BASICALLY BEWARE OF BIO LEMON HAZE, my mates head exploded right in front of my eyes, and because the krow is stolen from aliens they came and blew up his house! The effect is very sudden, literally 3 seconds, all it will you do is jump out of a window, or see how many times you can stab yourself before overdosing on bread, but sometimes it can go very bad and the trip doesnt stop and your head just explodes like what happened with my mate tim! if a man or woman, or anyone! even your cats!! offer you this, street slang ‘BUSH’ then dont take it.

  19. I’m 17 and I’ve smoked weed for about a year now. I did my research before I even tried it and looked up the facts. Cannabis is not a bad thing, It has helped me in many ways which I can’t describe. I’t helped me with my depression and anxiety and my stress from college. The Government really needs to take a long hard look and think about this. Legalize cannabis and focus tackling the real drugs like cocaine, heroin. Weed doesn’t make me paranoid the Police do. When I’m smoking I have to constantly keep a look out because I’ve been arrested for Cannabis before and if I do again I get jail time. All i’m saying is cannabis has helped me and I hope it gets legalized soon, It will probably make this country a better place to live for once.

  20. Just being honest on

    I have smoked weed for over 25 years never in my life sold any I always had enough for myself and myself only, I work I pay tax I don’t touch alcohol or any other drugs they don’t interest me one bit, at the end of the day it’s the people who just don’t want to work and they blame it on weed, its called just plain lazyness. I have had no problems with my brain and I have never been paranoid or scared or whatever people say about it, funny thing is that weed hasn’t killed anyone but still you can drink booze go out maybe start a fight down town and spend a night in jail like most whoppers do in the uk, I’ve never had a copper come up to me and said I’m arresting you for being stoned and disordley. I think the only bad thing about it is the smell but that goes away in about ten mins, and the only reason it is illegal in the uk is because the government can’t really tax it cos they know that people can grow it simply saving the people money and not giving them any money which makes them upset , I just don’t see why it’s illegal for those who work pay tax and just get on with there lives they should somehow make a way in what is fair because its no way near as bad comparing it to booze

  21. Its helps my Bipolar 1 Rapid cycling a lot more than the prescription drugs which so far have had nasty effects on my body.
    David Cameron talks shite, he needs educating but on just think of all the legal drug companies that would loose money.
    – that is all our PM cares about. he has no interest in the likes of people like me who uses it because its actually helps. Also there has been many deaths, injuries caused by alcohol and other drugs and NONE that I am aware of caused by smoking bud. Bud is the wonder drug for many things in this centaury and its about time our PM and other MPS, manned the f**k up and earnt there wages by doing the right thing.

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  23. would be a huge boost for the economy. estimated that it could earn the country up to a billion pound. It would cut crime, help fight disease and depression.

  24. don't spoil it for others on

    Ecstasy is fine, people have only died because it raises your bodies temperature. When you’re dancing and getting hot, in a hot club and your temperature goes up you’re going to suffer. Some people who have taken it have reported no changes, only color seems brighter.

    Criminals actually want drugs illegal because they make so muhc money from them, also alcohol is the drug that causes most harm to yourself and others.

    There’s an array of reasons why most drugs should be legal, maybe excluding methamphetamine and heroin.

  25. Marijuana, fine… Ecstasy and other A class? Are you kidding me? Almost like they’re trying to sabotage this lol

  26. tennesseetuxedo59 on

    you need to cite yer sources before you make blanket statements like “thats plain wrong” were all waiting pal !grammar nazi graduates only belittle themselves .no name calling was aimed at you but you assumed it was lolol

  27. Well, If grammar indicates anything, you certainly do not seem up to par to have a legitimate conversation. Where is YOUR scientific information? You made the claim, and I challenged it. I love weed as much as the next guy, but saying it helps wean any drug addiction is a little over-the-top. My uncle was addicted to pain killers and he tried smoking weed and it did not help. I’m all about having a legitimate conversation but you seem to just resort to name calling. Cheers.

  28. I personally used it to get clean of an oxycontin addiction after my doctor prescribed it for a serious motorcycle accident. Whether the “scientific evidence” is there or not, it work for me.

  29. tennesseetuxedo59 on

    as far as ive researched it works for hard drugs cocaine and heroin and alcohol and tobacco enlighten us Grasshopper with your researched viewpoint lolol lol let me guess whos too chickensiht and pathetic enuf to open an account and make only 1 comment just to criticise my opinion. i won

  30. tennesseetuxedo59 on

    as far as ive researched it works for hard drugs cocaine and heroin and alcohol and tobacco enlighten us Grasshopper with your researched viewpoint lolol lol let me guess whos too chickensiht and pathetic enuf to open an account and make only 1 comment just to criticise my opinion. i won

  31. I don’t claim to be a doctor or a scientist. But I have done my research. I don’t claim to understand it all, but it gives me a good overall view. You may think that there is enough science, but I don’t think so. Impasse…

  32. Treatments for chronic pain include a number of choices that can be used alone or together. I would think that the treatments for detoxing from heroin would work like that. Just because it worked for you, doesn’t mean it will work for someone else. Sometimes, people find what works right away. Sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error.

  33. Bayer and big pharma are rushing to get ahead of legalization. What will happen if cannabis is made into a corporate commodity? I can’t imagine it would be a good thing, except… I think there will always be some people who would prefer getting their medicine in a pill from an FDA-approved source (thinking that offers some protections).
    Now I’m gonna argue with you about ingested cannabis oil being one of the most effective pain killers. I don’t think we know that yet. Anecdotal information is great, but ultimately, inconclusive. It will take some time for the scientific literature to catch up. (And for enough people to switch from prescription pain medicine to cannabis. This will happen a lot quicker than waiting for the science to back it up.)

  34. Too much common sense
    Cannabis oil can replace heroin
    Addiction or opiates in general
    Cannabis oil ingested is also one of the most effective pain killers
    With minimal side .
    I wonder if Sativex Co. had something to do with this to justify producing cannabis extracts while the rest of us get arrested

  35. Glad you took me seriously. Lord knows I have no knowledge of detoxing off heroin and never will. I’ve never been dumb enough to try it.

  36. You need typically need methadone followed by soboxin to ween off of heroin, other opiates, not weed to help deal with the withdrawls. I understand what you’re trying to say, but weed won’t do it as a substitute to get clean off heroin.

  37. Think they took a look at Portugal and though maybe we could help our citizens?? Doubtful but I am sure the UK will take it–and perhaps the US should consider following suit–OR better yet, LEAD and set a good policy standard for a change! http://www.cpninstitute.org

  38. It all sounds feasable from an economic prospective but it would merely advance the criminal or “black-market ” to a different. If not. Increase criminal minds to raqueter

  39. It all sounds feasable from an economic prospective but it would merely advance the criminal or “black-market ” to a different. If not. Increase criminal minds to raqueter

  40. You are absolute right. No one want to smoke pot while detoxing. It just makes the Turkey very bad. I can tell out of my own experience. The best way to detox from Heroin, is Methadon or Polamidone . ( Both basically the same, one turns right and the other turns left don’t ask me, what that means, ask your Doc) Polamidone is better and much more expensive then Metha.

  41. I wasn’t able to read the full article since I hit the pay wall… I was wondering if this was the first time such a bill had been proposed in the U.K. If it’s the first time, then Yippee! If it’s the second or third time, well then I will keep my fingers crossed. Should we attribute this move forward to Sir Richard?

  42. The Truth,have you ever smoke MJ when detoxing off heroin?…No I didn’t think so.Please educate yourself before posting dumbass comments.Back to the subject,this would be in the Governments best interests,imagine the TAX they will bang on it?

  43. I have never wished more to be completely wrong on an issue in my life than I do on this one. I cant see it happening this quickly or easily. fingers crossed that someone sees sense but I doubt it they will have to be pushed into it.

  44. This is HUGE news. If the mother ship wisely legalizes all drugs and cuts the throat of the cartels, then it will make it easier for us to do it as well. Time to treat drug addiction as an illness, not a crime. AND Herion addicts will have MJ as an option to help them ween themselves off of Herion.

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