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U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer: Oregon Is Poised To Be A Leader In Industrial Hemp


Oregon has had a hemp law on the books since 2009, but hasn’t enacted it due to federal hemp prohibition. According to United States Representative Earl Blumenauer, a recent announcement by the feds has cleared the way for implementation. Earl Blumenauer is one of the greatest assets the hemp and marijuana movements have. He has been a hero of mine for a long, long time. Below is video footage and a summary from his recent hemp forum:

Representative Earl Blumenauer Oregon District 3, speaks about the need to develop industrial hemp as a cash crop for Oregon farmers at the University of Oregon White Stag Building in Portland, Oregon on November 9, 2013.

This video is the introduction to an Industrial Hemp panel featuring Eric Steenstra (Hemp Industries Association), Lindsay Eng (Oregon Dept of Agriculture), Rick Rutherford (Oregon Farmer), Errol Schweizer (Whole Foods Markets) and Russ Karow (Oregon State University).

Footage: Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH).


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  1. I would rather the lawyers contact me i wont awnser citazens emails but if it derails the law dont expect it to go threw

  2. I have been smoking pot 17 years i know the affects on me and i may say the bills wrote i would put more law into them and justifacations for medical perscription costs and the principle of full leglization costs so the medical community is protected i read bill 3371 it was bogus i saw at least 25 things wrong with it i could right a better inititve for leglization oregons just asking for problems with it i have never been so ashamed of low values of marijuana then bill 3371 washinton law out ways oregons spoof bill thats why it died becuase of shameful derailment of pride to distruction of the law i thank that is why i signed the potition to impeach obama i have never seen such a poor ecuse for bill sence obamacare you want an intuitive wrote to saticfactory conditions my email address is beckybuck70@hotmail.com this a sad excuse of any bill yes i know RCW AND MOST OF THE ORW to

  3. I say bull shit i live in oregon and the Senate can aprove it and send it to obama to sign it or fax it to him and oregon is could have leglized it this year from last year all i have to say a 6 to 3 vote to legalize marijuana and sit around with a stick up oregons ass to keep a persistent fuck you to the public i come from washington had a medical card aint no different than any other persription but i cant get my card becuase what medical company would drive me to porland so i can pay 120 to Camacho i have no ibs medication it put wait on i now whait 2 pounds less then i did for being under wait again i have so much pain in my stomach i learned to refuse to eat when i get stressed called stress induced anorexia this is the sadest fucking state i have seen it dont bother me to pay 140 for the doctor and the card but what medical company would drive you home with weed on you i refuse bio drugs but i dont want to be left in portland with my ptsd i may just freak out since i have been agoraphobic for the last 8 mounths

  4. Older Hempster on

    We’ve been wanting to benefit from this industry for a long time. That means not only from the plant’s many uses but also from the financial end of it. How can the average, poverty-level citizen get in on the ground floor of what promises to be a HUGE economic boon?

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