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UBC Chemo Medical Marijuana Strain Review


newmexicannUBC Chemo Medical Marijuana Strain

UBC Chemo

Indica Dominant ++++ (90%)

UBC Chemo — UBC2 — THC 20.042% / CBD 0.454%

UbCC2 – 10/24/11 by Spesh

Today was the day that I got to try a new harvest of “CHEMO” from New Mexicann. Again I must say that I
don’t care for the name, but I do care for the STRAIN! This time it was still a creeper but seemed to hit me
quite a bit faster than I remembered. It started in my head as before but stuck itself right between the
shoulders. It made my arms feel like a nice warm JELL-O, you know the one that tastes so good and makes
you numb. The smoke was a bit thicker than last time – be careful when you INGEST this MEDICATION it
does have a PUNCH to it. The punch is filled with a nice fruity glow to it. I LOVED the way it seemed to
MELT AWAY THE STRESS of the day. I would say that this one would do well for patients who suffer from
ANXIETY, PTSD, and BI-POLAT. As well as those of us who just can’t seem to relax enough. Cotton Mouth
was not that bad so I don’t believe that GLAUCOMA will be affected too much. This is a nice late
AFTERNOON TO EARLY EVENING MEDICATION. Live it folks, don’t be a prisoner. Be FRESH……..SPESH~

Taste: A spicy chocolate with floral notes. A nice smooth smoke.

UBC Chemo is a solid performing Indica, however is not too debilitating, though some may find it too heavy
for daytime use. It provided notable pain relief and excellent nausea reduction and appetite increase,
typical of the Indicas. A solid performer.

This Indica strain is straight and to the point… with a clean, smooth flavor and a down to earth
aroma — it is a dependable performer. This medical wonder is noted for its’ ‘body buzz’ –
alleviating pain and inflammation. It is also recommended for those with anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar
and nausea.

Known to carry a punch, some find UBC Chemo to be a ‘creeper’ and then linger… thus patience is a
virtue! Recommended for late afternoon/evening use… may you sleep like a baby! Good job NM

UBC Chemo is straight to the point. No fancy aroma or pretty colors, just good strong medicine that hit me
like a hammer. Very earthy taste when vaped. Big lung expansion when smoked had me taking smaller hits.
Got dumb dumb stoned fast and had to change my day around. I found myself standing in rooms not
knowing why I was in there, or looking in the fridge at the light bulb wondering if it could see in the dark!
The stuff messed me up. Very good example of an Indica strain. Got nothing done that day but had fun, and
was pain free. Also, slept like a baby that night with no hangover in the morning.

Well my friends, I don’t care for the name, but…..This CHEMO is PRIMO!! This is another strain from
NewMexiCann that only gives us higher expectations. The Smoke is very clean and smooth with a slight
citrus aftertaste. This is a very slow creeper, you will want to Medicate with more. Just take your time the
best is yet to come. As it hits you, you will feel the cerebral ooze glide down your body. It gives you a great
body buzz with a slight ear ringing. After you come to the point that you don’t want anymore, stand up
slowly. This is when you will feel a PEAK! It seems to be a rolling effect like a nice wave on the ocean. DOES
NOT MAKE YOU NAUSEAS! TSUNAMI WARNING: Now I’m not a tall man, but when I walked through the
door I had to duck down. This is an EVENING MEDICATION. It will help Pain, inflammation, anxiety, PTSD,
bi-polar, almost anything can see a benefit from this strain. Be safe and wise.

By NewMexiCann Natural Medicine


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