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UFC Punishes Fighters For Marijuana, Not Testosterone


dana white ufc marijuana peds testosteroneIt looks like Ultimate Fighting Championship and the New Jersey Athletic Control Board have not caught on to the changes in marijuana testing thresholds proposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Fighter Pat Healy has been fined, suspended, and his win changed to a “no contest” after testing positive for marijuana after his victory over Jim Miller two weeks ago.

According to UFC president Dana White, his organization will continue to abide by the standards set by various state athletic commissions when it comes to drugs. He does not, however, seem overly concerned with testosterone replacement therapy, which, while legal, can significantly increase the performance of athletes. This means that it is up to state athletic commissions to heed the advice of WADA.

Healy apologized for the incident, saying he made a “very poor choice” and promised to “make a conscious effort to be a better role model within the [mixed martial arts]community.”

He shouldn’t have to apologize. Not for using a substance that is safer than alcohol and does not overtly enhance performance.

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  1. Cyrus Palmer on

    Is it right for someone to lose 120K for smoking a joint? No. THATS the point, and we should all keep smoking and get the mma commissions to change their hypocritical rules.

  2. randomguy2789 on

    Testosterone and HGH can be lethal to a human, but so can too much oxygen. TRT is what they are allowing, which is bringing up Testosterone levels to normal ranges amongst athletes who lack it for one reason or another. Steroid abuse is actually one of the reason someone might need TRT in the future, however this is aside the point. The manner in which TRT is used is not lethal and therefor has no real bearing in arguing the point. The point is that THC should not be a banned substance, not that it should be legal because TRT is legal. It should be legal because it isn’t a performance enhancer and that’s the only reason, not because it comparatively stacks up better against something currently allowable. And again, the UFC doesn’t have any say in the testing process that happens within the US, only in areas where they act as the athletic commission because the area lacks one. So, James was correct in his assessment.

  3. Pat Healy lost 120K$ for smoking a joint – I would recommend that in the future if he wants to pay his bills, ‘keep smokin!’ is pretty terrible advice.

  4. They do test for TRT, in fact in the last month or two DANA WHITE has come out and said that every fight on TRT will be HEAVILIY tested, randomly, fight week, and post fight. Pot is a banned substance in MMA, TRT is allowed to be used within legal limits. That is the difference. It doesn’t matter how the drugs compare, what matters is what the rules say. And currently? The rules state that marijuana is illegal, and that you can have a T:E ratio of up to 5:1 in some commissions. It’s not the UFC making these decisions – it is the NSAC, and the NJAC etc etc

  5. I believe you’re ENTIRELY missing the POINT of the article. To me, the point of the article is the fact that they’ll test you for a “NON-lethal”, “NON-Performance enhancing” drugs and DISQUALIFY the fighter for SAID drugs, yet they DON’T test for the “Testosterone/HGH” that CAN be lethal to a human, but also ENHANCES the HELL outta their performance. TRUST ME! This is FIRST HAND knowledge.

  6. The writer obviously has no clue how rules and regulations work in mma. The athletic commissions regulate this not the ufc. Please learn up on things before publishing articles.

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